Thursday, April 3, 2008

My Goals for April

I've begun writing the script to Spanner. But getting at least the first 100 pages of script written is just one of my goals for this month. Here's the complete list.
  1. Writing at least 100 pages of the production Spanner script for Script Frenzy.
  2. Continuing to edit Bad Company until I finish the second draft. I intend to finish it this month.
  3. Finalizing the plot for the sequel, Black Science, so I can get back to writing it in May.
  4. Finally learning how to draw the human figure competently, to prepare for NaNoMangO, coming up in June.
  5. Learning how to play my guitar, and learning some music theory, to prepare myself for the upcoming "50 Songs in 90 Days" starting in July. This will make up for my being totally unprepared for FAWM last February. I want to be able to play an instrument and write songs.
  6. Learning more about how to set up and run a blog, and learning HTML and web design so I can create my own sites beyond the blogosphere. Also, I may want to find a host for Spanner once I finish the first few issues, or I may want to put the comics on my own domain.
  7. Exercising more. Obligatory. I need the stamina to be able to handle all my projects.
  8. Learning German, just because.
I'll keep posting updates on my work. Soon, I'll start posting pictures again: I'll start by scanning some of my old sketches, then I'll add some of my new character designs as I finish them. When I put up my homepage (still in the works, since my original one died in 1999 due to lack of interest from me or anybody else; I simply wasn't interesting then), I'll add a gallery of my comics art and a direct link to it here.

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