Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Now that four months of writer's block has finally come to an end...

I haven't posted here for a full four months. Last time I did, I was just starting AugNoWriMo when I burned out. Since then, I managed to score my third consecutive come-from-behind NaNoWriMo victory with the most spectacular comeback I've ever been able to pull off: 30,000 words in just three days! Now I've started NaNoFiMo (National Novel Finishing Month) for the second time, but this time I'm going to finish a NaNo novel. My 2007 novel, the same one that has both obsessed and stymied me for 13 months now. Bad Company. But...

This time around, I think I can actually finish BadCo! First of all, I now have a new structure for both BadCo and Black Science: an "intro", the body of the novel in three parts, and the "outro". (There is a lot of rock & roll in the Dictel trilogy, hence the terms "intro" and "outro".) In the case of BadCo, the three parts are called "Bad Religion" (meaning Drusilla's cult), "Bad Girls" (Desiree, Charlie, and Drusilla on trial for their lives), and "Bad Company" (the actual corporate invasion of America that fails to keep Barack Obama from becoming US president). I realized that BadCo neatly falls into three parts rather than two when I finished plotting the middle section, the long trial sequence.

Now that Bad Company has a workable structure, I finally get the feeling that I can finish the it! I'm taking the name "National Novel Finishing Month" at face value: I'm not merely going to write the recommended 30,000 words; I intend to finish the first draft of Bad Company, once and for all, period.

Also, I'm going to revise the script for Spanner. I'll keep you posted here on my progress from now on.

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