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Bad Company: Corporatism Is a Satanic Cult!

Over the past couple years, I've posted Bad Company- and Spanner-related entries on what I call "political horror":
However, one element evaded me — until today. If, as the political-horror subgenre premise states, corporations have become the god-bodies of demons, then what kind of "fanatic cult" is corporatism, anyway? The answer is:

Corporatism is a satanic cult!

Let's explore the politics of this horror a bit further. This politics is the infamous neoconservatism. This cult, which still controls the US government and corporatist system even after its messiah George W. Bush was term-limited out of the White House, aims at establishing the dictatorship of the American corporations, especially Big Oil, through world conquest. The Republican Party's ferocious defense of British Petroleum's destruction of the Gulf of Mexico cannot be understood any other way. The Gang Of Plunderers are not the populists they pretend to be, but corporatists.

Ultimately, since in the US corporations are "legal persons" with rights superior to those of us mere humans, sooner or later the corporations will steal all the rights of citizenship from the puny humans and squeeze humans out of citizenship altogether. Corporatism is all about the sovereign freedom of the corporation to violate the personal freedom of the human individual. That's why corporatist government aims at abolishing the free market: for the free market subjects corporations to the harsh discipline of market forces, which allow individuals to prosper and destroy giant dinosaurs. So the dinosaurs take over the government, shackle the market with protectionist restrictions, and establish corporatism, the socialism of giant corporations. Then, like BP, they arrogate to themselves the police powers of government and use them to build themselves up into all-powerful gods.

And now the "satanic cult" aspect: this is where Bad Company says bye-bye to, say, John Le Carré and hello to Dan Brown. In the previous posts I've linked to, I described the corporations' inadvertent revival of the precivilized animist world in which supernatural beings had absolute control over humans. To the new savages, omnipotent market forces have entirely replaced the formerly omnipotent forces of nature. In my next post on the sequel, Black Science, I'll get into the related "bicameral mind" theory. But enough of that. Let's get into conspiracy theory.

According to the conspiracy theorists, who established the new corporatist oligarchy and made it even more oppressive than the old feudal aristocracy? The "Illuminati", that's who. I'll deconstruct the particular theology of Illuminism in a later post. The important point comes from the anti-Masonic books and has its roots in the ancient Gnostic distinction between Yahweh ("Creator" or Demiurge in Hebrew) the false God and El Elyon ("God in the Highest") the true Father of Light. Masonic and Rosicrucian secret books are said to reveal that the True God is not Yahweh/Adonai but "Lucifer". The conspiracy theorists identify "Lucifer" with Satan and call him the true god of the Illuminati.

Every conspiracy theorist today knows about the fanatically oligarchic political system of the Illuminati, called Synarchism. The United Corporations cartel (a.k.a. Spanner's "Corporate Empire") is intended to act as a "synarchy" (i.e. junta) consisting of giant corporations. Corporatists, like other elitists, conflate democracy with "anarchy"; they are encouraged in this error not just by their typically elitist terror and hatred of the "threat from below" (i.e. the people), but by the Christian doctrine of Original Sin, the "Vulgar Calvinist" conclusion from it that wealth can purge sin, and the Social Darwinist delusion that the rich are "evolutionarily superior". It was power-mad, democracy-hating corporatists who inflicted Fascism, Nazism, and other horrors on the world. It is well known that Nazism is a Satanic cult, the predominant sect of Black Odinism, which worships the German war god Wotan (or Odin) as Satan. If so many corporatists were so infatuated with the Nazi cult, how could they not be satanists?

So what makes corporatism a satanic cult? Now we get to the idea that inspired political horror in the first place. To recap: I learned some years ago from a New Age book on psychic vampires that those Catholic and Evangelical exorcists are fighting petty demons. Demons worth their evil don't bother to possess puny humans anymore. They can possess masses of puny humans by hijacking their institutions: governments, religious institutions, criminal gangs, and of course business enterprises (the four kinds of "corporations" in the broader sense used in Spanner) By possessing these institutions, ambitious demons can build up their power so that they can make themselves the equals of the dread Ancient Ones themselves. And so the deep dark secret of Dictel Corporation, the mercenary corporation that invades America in Bad Compamy, is that it is the avatar or god-body of the "Great Old One" Wotan, established by American and German Nazi cultists to succeed where Wotan's previous human host, Adolf Hitler, failed so miserably. And Dictel's corporate culture is exactly like one of the cults of Lovecraft's evil gods — and originated in the same area.

Screw conspiracy theory. My goal here is to convince you that we now live in a Lovecraftian world. Orwell + Lovecraft = political horror. You could even consider Spanner and the whole Dictel Saga beginning with Bad Company to be a novel extension of the Cthulhu Mythos.

The Parallax View + "The Call of Cthulhu" = Bad Company: A Corporate Terror Story: Dictel Corporation, the mercenary corporation founded in 1947 by Nazi sympathizers and SS agents, is the god-body of the evil god Wotan, worshipped by the Nazis as Satan, embedded within a Cthulhu-type cult founded by evil Boston banker and crime lord Robert Putney Drake (of Illuminatus! fame) and his son-in-law Roger Steele Becket. The cult is, in turn, embedded inside a corporation, a noncapitalist corporation entirely shielded from market forces because its sole purpose is to do the US government's dirty work.

Fast-forward to 2007. Under the dictatorship of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, the corporations take over the government in the name of the "free market". Bush and Cheney remade the American economy in the image of Dictel. Now America, which was once the celebrated Land of the Free, is a corporatist empire dedicated, like the Soviet Union before it, to one and only one thing: Total World Domination. The giant corporations are the all-powerful gods of the American Empire, and neoconservatism is its cult.

Skip forward one year. "Some black guy" is running for President, and he stands a good chance of winning. This cannot be allowed to happen, or America will collapse back into a republic — even worse, it could end up democratic! And so Dictel must conquer America and make itself the Empire's all-powerful god-emperor.

Corporatism is a satanic cult? Once you know the occult nature of its gods, the corporations, one cannot avoid this inevitable conclusion.

Now I possess the key that will allow me to finish Bad Company this month! Now to start writing it...

Back to Spanner’s World...

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