Monday, November 8, 2010

Spanner Preview: Slice

Here’s a scenario I’ve taken from my early-’00s Project Notebooks for Spanner Book 2 as a NaNoWriMo preview, featuring main character Shira Thomas and her gorgeous Irish girlfriend Leila Shelley, with mention of Shira’s Buddhist cousin Karen Kubota and Team Spanner’s “tagalong kid/token loli” Aira Izumi. I added the surf rock soundtrack just today in a fit of sudden inspiration. I hope you like it!

Spanner Book 2 NaNoWriMo Preview: “Slice”


As Dick Dale wails on surf guitar on the stereo in the background, the giant yakuza Slice charges Shira with katana held high to slice her in half, screaming “KIRU YUUUUUUU!” Shira stands in his way, like the matador waits for the bull. The sword comes down, Shira slips away, the sword lodges in a wooden cabinet. Shira slips out the rec room door into the kitchen and slams it shut. Slice wrests his blade out of the wood and speeds toward the kitchen door, heedless of anything standing in his way.


Slice smashes through the door and trips over Shira’s outstretched leg, falling hard onto his face and rock-hard belly, katana stretched out before him. When he looks in front of him, he sees a pair of beautiful bare legs in blue tennis shoes. Leila stands above him in her blue sailor-girl school uniform.

The huge hitman bounces to his feet and raises his sword over Leila. “KIRU YUUUUUU!” She does not move; her violet eyes bore deep into his. He brings the sword down as hard as he can.

Leila catches the sword in a naked blade capture.

She holds the blade motionless between her hands and continues to stare hard into his eyes. He struggles to free his katana from her hands, but she does not budge and neither does the sword. With ever greater force he tries to force the sword out of her hands.

She breaks the blade off at the hilt and runs him through with it.

Slice looks down in shock at the katana blade sticking out of his gut, and then at the beauty who broke it. “K’sohhhhh...” he moans. He falls over onto his back, dead.

Leila rushes over to Shira and kisses her deeply on the lips. “Are you all right, love?”

Shira sighs. “There goes our big bounty...”

“I”d rather lose a lot of money than risk losing you, love. Let's go.” Leila kisses her gently.

Shira looks down at the dead yakuza. “Let’s just hope Ai-chan’s safe.” She sets her Droid Mega to send a GPS signal to Karen as Leila leads her by the hand toward the front door. Soon they will resume their search for Aira in hopes of finding her alive.

Go to the Spanner Page for the rest of the story so far!

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