Thursday, January 6, 2011

JanNoWriMo: 21 Down, 2 To Go (Spanner Book 1)

So far I've completed 21 out of the 23 chapters of Spanner Book 1. I had to take a couple days' rest so I could recover from the intensity of the snowballing climax. I put a lot of passion into Chapters 18 through 21. Now I'm ready to get it finished.

Only two chapters to go.

The last six months have been quite a ride for me. Actually, I'm the one being ridden, by my muse, driven to write the story that's been obsessing me since 1992. I am not about to stop until I get the whole series finished, edited, and published, not even for such distractions as FAWM, NaNoEdMo, and Script Frenzy.

I'm not going to start editing and writing Book 2 until I get past Chapter 23. After all, I'm getting ready to post them right here, and soon. Those first seven chapters (24-30) will get pretty complicated, before I get back into the unwritten stuff. My goal for Book 2: get the whole thing written before EdMo begins.

Once again, it continues...

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