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Spanner Chapter 18: White Riot in the Streets

The reckoning is getting closer. Hope and Karen take their proper place in the heart of the action. (Requiring, of course, that I retcon them back into earlier chapters. But not now...) The villains show their power, yet pull their punches; right now they intend to intimidate, not exterminate. And at last, Bart Green and his Valiant Team throw their Team Challenge out to Team Bremelo.

The time is coming closer. The day of reckoning approaches for Governor Brinkman, Admiral Fleer, Mayor Everson, and Police Chief Becket. They control all the guns, thanks to the Neo-Confederate police of gun control. But the amorphous opposition have weapons of their own, weapons that do not kill, yet destroy. Weapons like popular discontent and the Law of Plausible Deniability. And, as Shira and Jennifer explain, the Old Confederacy was a lost cause because of the ruling slavelord élite’s contempt for the masses led them to lose it to the capitalist-led North. If there’s any ideal that’s pie-in-the-sky, it’s Synarchy.

Scenarios from the Project Notebooks of the early ’00s: the redneck gang attack, Shira’s Go-Yo, the Team Challenge (now in its final form), Shira's duel with Bart, her continuing chess game with Dr. Becket, and the Moravec Plan.

The disaster is snowballing. The horror unfolds, but you can’t avert your eyes...

...from previous

Chaos Angel Spanner — Book 1: Rock City Blues
Chapter 18: White Riot in the Streets

Insurrection is an art,
and like all arts has its own laws.

Leon Trotsky

10 October 2014
first period.
Mr. Smith’s boring lecture lulls Shira, Jennifer, and most of the class nearly to sleep. Then the terror alert siren sounds. The voice of a female assistant principal warns, “This is a terror alert. All students and faculty evacuate through the back doors. Avoid the front doors. Everybody please evacuate the building through the back.”

Shira and Jennifer, of course, run to the front. Team Bremelo assemble in the cafeteria, then walk into the lobby. Guards try to push them back. “You were ordered to evacuate the building, students. We cannot let you pass.”

Shira gets into the face plate of the head guard and says, “We handle situations like this all the time. You can’t. If you try to take these guys on, you’re doomed, just like the last batch. You evacuate.” She gestures the Bremeloes to pass by the guards. The guards look at them stupidly, then leave the gangsters to them. Shira takes her Go-Yo out and starts playing with it.

Outside the front door, they see several Jeeps and Hummers painted camo, all filled with armed men in camo and body armour, all pointing AR-15s at them. Except for one. He is Colonel Braddock “the Golem” Green, rogue former Special Forces commander, and this is his militia. The Imperial flags betray that this militia is a Klan — a terrorist crime syndicate. Some of the Honkies are obviously cops.

“Looks like the Honky elite have come out in force,” says Shira to the Bremeloes. She gestures them to back up. The walks up to face these Honkies alone. Leila walks up behind her. “I said, go back.”

“You need me, Shira. More than you realize.”

Shira stares back at her. Leila nods. Shira lets her stand next to her. They walk together till they reach the Thirteenth Street sidewalk. Shira fixes her intense gaze on Colonel Green and remains utterly calm. Leila alternately looks nervously at Shira and stares threateningly at the Colonel and his men.

“Colonel! Long time no see.”

Colonel Green’s West Texas drawl is so thick it’s almost unintelligible. “You been causin’ plenty trouble for us, Rebel Styles. We gotta put an end to it right now.”

“Your boost biz run into problems, Colonel? I so feel sorry for you.”

“That’s man essence, you mudblood infidel!”

“I thought God made enough ‘man essence’ already. You eat bulls’ balls and steroid pills like candy. You trying to turn yourselves into giant monsters? I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if you guys went Godzilla.”

Leila tries to get in front of Shira, but Shira puts her arm out in front of her to stop her. Shira spins her Go-Yo around.

Green fires his pistol at Shira. Time seems to slow down: Shira can see the bullet coming toward her and spins the Go-Yo on a collision course with it. She hits the bullet; it ricochets away. The Honkies gasp in disbelief. Green spits out his cigar. Shira swings the Go-Yo high, then lets it fall into her hand. At no time does she break her stare.

“Styles, what the devil are you?”

Shira grins. “A trained bullet catcher, for one thing. I catch knives, too.”

Green’s Honkies seem more afraid of Leila than Shira. One of his men points at Leila and shouts, “That’s that woman Styles has been living in sin with!”

“Jesus America save us,” cries another, “don’t mess with that one! That’s Ariel Shield’s niece, and she’s bad news!”

Sirens approach. “Rival faction,” Shira tells Leila. The Honkies lower their weapons, get into their transports, and hurry away.

Shira’s apartment. Hope calls her daughter by vidphone. “I heard there was another incident at school.”

“I suspect Stan Green chickened out and called his daddy, the colonel,” says Shira. “Daddy Green and his goons apparently got as spooked by me and Leila as Stan and his goons.”

“I hope you’re not about to get yourself killed, Shira. I don’t want to have to go through the hell of losing another child.”

“Don’t worry about me, Mom. Just make sure you’re safe, too. They’re not just after me, you know.”

cafeteria. The morning and afternoon tutors sit together at the same table for lunch. Bart comes by, grabs Shira’s shoulder, and pinches as hard as she can, making her shriek in pain. She takes his wrist and puts painful pressure on it till his hand comes loose, then pries it backwards till he grimaces as she stands up slowly. She puts her knee into his groin, then sends a roundhouse kick into his jaw, making him stagger back until he falls.

Furiously, Shira yells, “You psychopath! Are you trying to rape me, in front of everybody?” She puts her hands to her mouth to amplify her voice and shouts at the top of her lungs, “Bart Green’s now fighting for Team Narco Klan!”

Debbie runs over to Bart, holds her hand out rigidly in the infamous legionary salute, and gleefully shrieks, “Sieg heil!” Jennifer leads the Team Bremelo fighters (except Shira) over to him; they surround him, throw their arms out, and yell, “Sieg HEIL!”

stadium. The entire school day is suspended for the Team Challenge. Valiant Team have thrown a Challenge at Team Bremelo, and the Bremeloes accepted. The students form a circle around the fighting arena and take sides. To the south, nearest the school: Pretty Team, the Student Council, and the Valiant Team support crew. To the north, facing the school: the Team Bremelo irregulars and support crew, the non-Tournament fight clubs, and those Bremeloes not fighting. The Bremeloes have their own band, with vuvuzelas, berimbas, and several kinds of drums: snare, tom-tom, bass, jembe, doumbek, taiko. The boys don’t have to change out of their school uniforms except to remove their hats. The girls wear the athletic tights and shirts they use for kickboxing.

Fighting for Valiant Team:
  1. Barton Green
  2. Beck Skeever
  3. Vince Corson
  4. Scotty Waters
  5. John Paine
  6. Lance Walker
For Team Bremelo:
  1. Shira Thomas
  2. Jennifer Richter-Thomas
  3. Leila Renata Shelley
  4. Robert Shelley
  5. Cory Belmont
  6. Kio Marques
Shira chose Rob specifically to take on Bart. He points at the Head Boy, winks and smiles at him to taunt him. Shira fastens her open-fingertipped fighting gloves and tests out the knuckle guards by punching with one hand into the other and then vice versa.

The crowd’s cheers become so loud no one can be heard when the teams take their positions facing each other. The Bremeloes’ vuvuzelas blow; the drummers settle into a cadence in 8/11 time. The wrestling coach serves as referee; everybody thinks he’s paid to cheat, so they expect him to get knocked out by someone on the sidelines. The fighters stick their mouthpieces in. The Bremelo side sound a long “Wohhhhhh...” The ref raises the starting gun and fires.

Bart attacks Rob; Rob rolls between his legs, reverse kicks his tailbone, and laughs. Shira takes on Lance; she dodges, he flails, she hides under his nose, he spins and gets dizzy, she roundhouses him in the temple and knocks him out. The wohs turn to cheers; the drummers pound their drums rapidly. Valiant support drag Lance off; the wohs and the cadence resume.

Cory takes on Johnny and Scotty and holds them off. Leila pummels Beck, then takes on Vince when he comes to save his teammate. Bart and Beck gang up on the bigger and stronger but slower Kio and send him limping out of the arena. Even again.

Jennifer parries Johnny’s kick and sweeps him onto the ground. Cory does a mid-air somersault and lands his feet on Johnny’s head. Valiant support drag him off and wake him back up with Epsom salts, then kick him back in. Shira whirls a spin kick into his jaw, and he flies unconscious into the Valiant side.

While Bart fights his ferocious duel with Rob, Shira and Leila attack him from behind, kicking both his kidneys at once, the run away to fight Vince and Scotty. Cory cartwheels so that he spears Bart in the back with his feet, and Rob throws Bart and lands him hard.

Five on three: the Shelley twins take Beck, Cory and Shira take Vince, Jennifer takes Scotty alone. Rob feints an eye jab to make Beck close his eyes; in that split second, Leila punches his nose to break it, then Rob throws him. Cory and Shira flit around Vince and land blows; Leila and Cory trade off, and Cory leaps onto his hands and thrusts a rising double kick into Beck’s back as he falls. Beck writhes in pain and tries not to scream. Jennifer blocks Scotty’s kick and catches a jab and converts it into a backwards throw. Shira leaps onto his stomach; Scotty grabs it, curls up, and howls in pain.

Two Valiants left: Bart and Vince. Jennifer tags out, leaving four Bremeloes. Shira and Cory take Vince; the Shelley twins take Bart. Rob continues to taunt the Head Boy; Leila glares at him with open hatred. Shira gestures Cory to join Jennifer, then laughs at Vince. He rushes her; she dodges and parries, brings her head up into his nose and breaks it, hits him from random directions, somersaults to catch his neck in her thighs and throw him.

Bart rushes Rob again; Leila kicks Bart’s temple, he swats her away, she attacks from the back as the two boys block each other. Rob jabs his eyes and elbow smashes his nose. Leila attacks his kidneys and spine. Bart lands an uppercut on Rob’s jaw, and he stumbles back; he back-kicks Leila away. Then Bart tries to jump Shira; she rolls away so that he lands on Vince’s head. When Bart gets up, Vince is now out. The Bremelo side bang their drums and cheer. One Valiant remaining.

Bart Green, son of a supervillain, seemingly invincible, remains standing. The Shelley twins shake their heads clear and leap back up, but Shira waves them away so she can take Bart on alone. The Bremelo side resume their low howl; the drummers pick up the cadence. The two duellists take their positions and face off. Bart takes defense stance, hardens his muscles, draws on the energy of his team, and emits a low growl. Shira dances around, focuses her intensity to laser sharpness, and almost visibly projects her energy out so that her aura ripples like a mirage. The referee gets between them, holds up the starting gun again, then shoots.

Bart unleashes a lightning jab that would stun or knock out any other fighter. Shira dodges inside and hits his jaw with a rising elbow smash. He hits her with a left hook; she spins around and slams him with a roundhouse kick. They both fall. They roll over, face each other, then quickly get up and rest for a few seconds.

He punches, kicks, jabs, and grabs air. Shira flits around him like a mad pixie, hammering his head with elbow smashes and quick punches, driving him to greater fury. He throws harder blows, trying to knock her out in one blow. She flits in front of him, dodging and parrying, till she seems to disappear before everybody. A rising back kick sends him stumbling backwards. He does not see her till she’s in his face and flips backwards and unleashes a double kick that knocks him flying into the air. Time seems to slow down as the two hover in mid-air, until Bart lands on his back with a thud and Shira lands on her feet.

The Bremelo side go wild. Jennifer and Cory run in to drag Shira back into their crows. The Valiant side rush in and try to start a fight with the opposing crowd, but the entire Team Bremelo get in their way, take a karate stance, and kiai at the top of their lungs. Charmian calls for her side to fall back. The arena crowd disperses, and the Challenge is over.

coffee shop. Team Bremelo’s victory over Bremerton High’s official Tournament fight club is the talk of the entire town.

To avoid Admiral Fleer’s ever paranoid spies, J.T. takes Shira, Jennifer, and Karen out to a clandestine espresso bar in one of the shanty areas on the far Westside. The coffee bar is called Beit al-Qahwah, “coffee house” in Arabic; its owner is a devout Orthodox Christian who fled the killing fields of Iraq.

Jennifer asks, “So, J.T., what do you want to know?”

“I’d like to know what’s on the ballot that everybody’s getting so uptight about.”

“You don’t know?”

“Cops don’t keep track of elections, they suppress ’em.”


Shira holds up her fingers to count. “One, we’re trying to get an elected mayor again. Two, we want to elect the police chief. The reason’s accountability. Appointed officials just aren’t accountable to the people, and elected ones are. When they’re unaccountable, they can commit any crime, even become crime lords, and there’s nobody to stop ’em. But if they’re elected, we’ve got recall elections so we can throw ’em out as soon as we find out they’ve been bought.”

“But what about the bureaucracy? Everybody knows the bureaucracy’s always in charge, and they never get elected or unelected, and then they take over and there’s no elections, period.”

“That leads us to three, a return to direct democracy. Cascadia was formed out of two states that had Populist-era constitutions which allowed the voters to make the laws themselves, something you’ll never see in the feudal duchies of Old Dixie. Right now Duke Wally’s suspended it, but we intend to overrule him. Furthermore, the Metropolitan District hasn’t had direct democracy yet, so we’re putting it in place. Four, we’re legalizing drugs in this state.”

“Isn’t that illegal?”

“It’s the old Union’s principle of State Nullification, something neither the Old nor New Confederacy ever allowed because it was always monarchist in principle. When the state nullifies a law, it’s repealed within that state. One of the reasons for the Confederate coup was to put an end to it before the states could nullify Drug War and Terror War laws.”

“You know we’ll invade you for your defiance, don’t you?”

“That means we’ll have to distract ’em somewhere else. If they’re at war with the Caliphate, they can’t stop us without diluting their forces and effectively ceding Africa and its minerals to that other crusader empire.”

Karen says, “Five, we’re adding a Peace Amendment to the state constitution.”

“To nullify the War Covenant?”

“That’s right!”

“That’s tantamount to secession.”

Shira says, “Don’t you realize? Secession created the Old Confederacy. Back in the 1850s, it was New England that threatened to secede.”

“Cascadia can’t secede by itself, of course,” adds Jennifer. “We have to do it together with California, New England, Canada, Québec, Hawaii-Oceania, Australia, and New Zealand, all at once.”

“While the Imperial Confederate forces are bogged down in Africa fighting the Caliphate and trying to steal its oil.”

“So how do you plan to get the Confederacy fighting the Caliphate?” asks J.T.

“Both empires are ruled by honor killers. Just feed ’em just enough disinfo that Becket and Bin Laden come to believe each is dissing the other, so they’ll challenge each other to a duel to the death, with their homicidal hordes as their weapons. Barbarian versus barbarian. We, the civilized nations of the Western Hemisphere, can then leave the Empire together and take our rightful place in the civilized world.”

“That’s pretty ambitious. And I see why His Majesty wouldn’t stand for it. But I can also see his weakness. I’ll see what I can do. I’ve got friends inside who are no friends of the Beckets.”

Shira starts counting on her fingers again. “Six and seven, two more nullifications. First, those sexcrime laws the Cons borrowed from the Caliphate. Premarital sex is treated like treason, and people are getting sick of it. They’re willing to allow consensual incest and teenage sex if it’ll put an end to Sharia. Another is legalization of public nudity, a preemptive strike against the coming burqa decrees. Last but not least is the Anti-Sharia Initiative, which prevents religious groups from enacting any laws that restrict civil rights.”

“I’m afraid that won’t fly in America. This is a religious country.”

“Cascadia ain’t. If it passes, then religious people won’t be able to force their taboos on us anymore. Christians, Muslims, and Americanists will be banned from enacting sexcrime, drugcrime, and dress-code laws; pacifists, Corporatists, and Americanists can no longer restrict our gun rights.”

J.T.’s head spins. “You’d better find some way to get the Beckets and Bin Ladens killing each other pretty fast if you don’t want the Empire turning your state into a desert before election day.”

11 October 2014
As the weekend tourists try to enjoy the cities, they’re attacked by marauding gangs of steroid-boosted young white men. These gangsters beat them up and don’t bother to steal anything. Before long, they’re joined by Minuteman militias hunting mudbloods, beating them up to “punish” them for “polluting America’s blood,” sometimes leaving them to die. Soon they are joined by the cops. In Seattle, the terrorist Police Chief, “One-Eye Jack” Becket, takes command.

They riot throughout the city. They riot out of hatred of the city. They smash everything the can. They stone the concrete and steel demons that spawn supernatural horrors; they try and fail to slay the impassive colossi. The Corporate propaganda networks cheer on the rioters, praise them and egg them on.

The white people of small Confederate towns come out in huge crowds in support of the rioters, waving the Stars and Bars, led by demagogue Shepherds and Prophets who lead them on white-sheeted terrorist raids on the colored sections of their towns. In some towns, the black and immigrant residents repulse them with illegal weapons of their own, weapons that were legal before the victorious coup plotters replaced the Second Amendment to the old Union Constitution with gun control and a loyalty oath. In other towns, the Honky terrorists find themselves facing equally vicious Spic terror.

Before the sun goes down on the big cities, the Honky terror finds itself confronted with Spic, Chink, Russky, Wog, and Nigger terror. The Church of America’s attempt to purge its Holy Land of the “Babylons” “polluting” the sacred territory has degenerated into a huge gang war. Maddened by steroids and blind faith, every single gang is hellbent on racial purge; each fights its own version of “RaHoWa,” the Honkies’ “racial holy war.”

Underground City. Oddly, the decadent underworld beneath Pioneer Square, the playground of gangsters, is left relatively untouched. It’s just as loud and crowded in the TechnoGothic as ever. The dancers still jerk around to the unpleasant industrial disco; the robot whores still have no shortage of paying customers; five representatives of Team Spanner still meet in the secure booth behind it all. This time, Shira, J.T., and Deth Pussy are joined by Alex Plus and Nick Cyphers.

“How are you guys gonna spin this?” wonders J.T.

“As a complete disaster for America, of course,” Alex answers.

“But the lamestream’s already declared it a victory for the home team.”

“Like Pharaoh Ramses did after losing a big battle against the Hittites up in Palestine. You don’t believe all the crap they spew if you’re not already a zombie.”

Shira adds, “We’ve got a weapon they can’t use. It’s the Law of Plausible Deniability. All we have to do is make the lamestream newsbots deny something, and hopefully some government spokesbots too. Whatever they deny is by definition true.”

“If we do that, they’ll fall right into our trap.”

J.T. shakes his head. “They have the guns to force their lies on us. I know, I’ve used some of ’em myself.”

Shira grins. “But the second they use their guns, we’ve won.”

“You don’t get it, Shira. When they use their guns, they win, ’cuz we’re dead. Got it?”

“What’s the principle? Moral Event Horizon. Once they cross it, they lose all their moral standing. They just proved today they’re no different from Al-Qaeda or the Manson Family.”

Alex sighs. “Ah, old Charlie Manson, our future Confederate President.”

“Jim, how’d the Old Confederacy die?”

“They got beat by superior forces in the Civil War,” J.T. answers.

“They could have held out and stayed independent if it weren’t for one thing. Namely, only fifteen percent of the Southern population were Confederate citizens.”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“Thirty percent were slaves, and most of them defected to the Union. Think of it: one-third of the population were guaranteed traitors! Now, that fifteen percent’s one-quarter today. Sure, it means more police and bigger armies than Old Dixie. But a third of the population are nonwhite, meaning they’ve already turned against the New Cons. Another third are liberals, or being driven liberal. They’ve already lost the cities. The only question is, when’ll this Cause be lost too? Not if. When.”

“The real question is, how long can we hold out before they start throwing nukes around and destroy everything?”

12 October 2014
When the new day dawns, just one week after King Patriot’s humiliation at the hands of the rioting robots, the white rioters turn against each other. Shira has planted rumors that inflame personal ambitions and spark personal vendettas. Several Honky terror leaders are slain by ambitious rivals in the feuds that ensue. By afternoon, the klans of Minuteman are licking their wounds.

All this time, the three kings of Cascadia sit serenely above the fray. Governor Brinkman, Mayor Everson, and Admiral Fleer watch the chaos from the thrones of their safely exurban palaces in Salem, Snoqualmie, and Bangor. They watch the fringe factions of Minuteman destroy each other and prepare to pick up the pieces and regain complete control.

Shira’s house. Hope sits in her recliner with Aira resting blissfully on her lap when the phone signals an extremely important video call. “Please go to my room and read a book. This is an extremely dangerous man, and I need to talk to him alone.”

Aira falls limp into her arms. “Aww...” Hope kisses Aira, and she slinks off to Hope’s room. Hope puts on a robe, goes to the phone, and switches it on. The face on the screen belongs to Richard Becket.

“Good evening, Miss Reston,” says the Chairman. “We have heard that your little election thing is going on, and we insist you people cease.”

“What? You’re firing the shareholders?”

“It is a well-known fact that one enlightened professional can manage far better than an infinite number of amateurs.”

“Tell your butt buddy Kenny Boy Lay that next time you see him in Hell. Fact is, your nephew’s running Cascadia like a looter, and he’s driving the state into the ground. Its shareholders are revolting for a reason.”

“Our most advanced management theories make shareholders unnecessary anymore. Management is sufficient.”

“Get out of your castle in the clouds, Mr. Becket. Down here in the real world, I don’t see your advanced management theories working too well. In fact, when a corporation gets above a certain size, they break down completely, and the company with it. Here in Cascadia, each citizen gets one share in the government, and every shareholder gets one vote. There’s a chairman, the governor, and a board of directors, the legislature, but we also have shareholder democracy. That’s the most important part, because it means accountability.

“Miss Reston, I’m afraid your free-market illusions are as pie-in-the-sky as your socialist ones. They are over.”

My illusions? What about yours? Your corporatist cartel is already bankrupt, and you’ll keep denying it till the repo man comes for you. Goodbye, Mr. Chairman.”

13 October 2014
before school.
“You’ll never get away with it,” warns Charmian.

“With what?” mocks Shira. “Beating your team and making you mean girls look like the damn fools you are? There’s nothing to get away with.”

Debbie storms up and tries to confront Shira. Charmian turns to her and snarls, “Go away. You’re not one of us anymore.”

Debbie punches Charmian and knocks her to the floor.

Shira takes Debbie into her arms and says, “You’re more right than you know. Debbie’s one of us now. She’s on my team. Your loss.”

Scotty and Johnny, newly fired from the shattered Valiant Team, slink around and spy on Shira and Debbie. Shira shoots a nasty look at them, and they slink away.

first period. “As you know,” scolds Mr. Smith, “the strength of America rested entirely on slavery. After the War of Northern Aggression, America went morally downhill.”

Shira laughs at him. “Why, you mean America’s strength rested entirely on turning an entire third of the population into traitors who defected the moment the armies in blue invaded? Only fifteen percent of the entire Confederate population could defend Old Dixie, while twice that number of people defected to the enemy? Some strength! And guess what? We’re enjoying the same strengths today! One quarter of all the people in the Homeland are citizens, half are disenfranchised and turning traitor. Have a nice time saving your Empire, bubba!”

lunch. “Our Empire will rule for a thousand years because the American race is God’s Chosen People!” spits Bart. “Are you so stupid as to deny God’s Truth?”

Shira looks up and sideways, and holds out her hand to count on her fingers. “Let’s see... The Jews are God’s Chosen People, and so are the Arabs, and Russians, and New Africans, and that one tribe over in the Congo, and that other tribe out in Malaysia, and that one sect down in Waco, and that other one that’s trying to take over Montana... Which Chosen People were you guys? There’s so many Chosen Peoples anymore, it’s too hard to count.”

Bart stares at her with her mouth half-open. “You’re crazy.” He storms off.

principal’s office. Falconer is screaming at Ken when Shira enters. “What are you doing, Thomas? Defending that evil terrorist?”

“Sorry, Major, but that’s my list now. I stole it. Nobody’s about to get killed, not unless they kill each other or do something even more stupid.”

Falconer looks at the hit list written in Ken’s handwriting with notes by Shira, then back at Shira.

Ken gets behind Shira, puts his arms around her, and sobs. Shira says, “See those notes I wrote? When I picked that list out of the trash and took a good look at it, I realized that every single one of the mean kids on it has a weakness. By exploiting their weaknesses, I can either scare them straight or make them destroy themselves. You can cross Debbie off the list, by the way. She’s out of the closet now, thanks to dear old mom.”

“I’m going to shred this now.”

Shira grins. “No problem, Major. I already made copies for everybody.”


Shira’s apartment. Shira moves the rook on her chessboard. “I hope you’re not about to make these weekly white riot things a regular occurrence, Doc. There’s only so much the city and its local business community can tolerate before they start calling their lawyers.”

“Not even an infinite number of lawyers can withstand our superior firepower,” says Henry Becket grimly.

“Not till you run out of ammo. Checkmate.”

Dr. Becket punches his videophone and breaks the signal.

downtown. Enraged and irrational, Bart smashes the windows of any car unfortunate enough to be in range. He attacks parked cars and vehicles stopped at stop signs and traffic lights. When he reaches the downtown core, he smashes every window he can reach on every building. When he spots the big statue of the fisherman caught by a fish, he runs over there screaming in all-consuming rage and smashes it with his bare hands, screaming “Faggot! Faggot! Faggot!” repeatedly, as if he were trying to murder Rob Shelley.

Shira’s apartment. Leila flees Shira’s bedroom, chased by Aira. “Help! Get her away from me!”

Aira sobs, “Please, Leila-chan, please!”

Shira sweeps Aira up in her arms, spins her around, and kisses her passionately before setting her down. “You wanna make love, Ai-chan?” Aira nods.

“She attacked me!”

Shira sighs. “I guess you can say you just had your first real encounter with a loli.”

Leila stares at her open mouthed. “That little freak’s a loli?!

“Haven’t you heard? Lolis aren’t normal little girls. They have unusually strong sexual desires for their young age. I was exactly like that when I was her age. I was a loli, too. You saw the Rebel Rebel vids, didn’t you? There’s only one thing you can do with a girl like that, and that’s make love to her as hard as you can. C’mon, Ai-chan, let’s go make love.” Shira takes Aira by the hand and leads the skipping girl to the bedroom.

Shira’s bed. Leila looks on in shock as she watches her fifteen-year-old girlfriend make love to a ten-year-old girl. Shira laid Aira perpendicular to the edge of the bed so she can mount her and rub the girl’s smooth cunt with her own.

“Yes,” Shira sighs. “Beautiful. You’re doing great.”

“I love you,” Aira gasps. “I love you!”

Watching them, Leila remembers Shira’s Rebel Rebel videos. The dark-skinned beauty now making love to her beloved loli was once a loli herself, seducing men through the camera and luring them to their degradation and death. She had seduced a pedophile, and they lived like a married couple till she reached puberty. She finds herself wondering how Shira is still any different from Aira. Something clicks in her mind.

When Shira is done making love to Aira, Leila shakes Shira’s shoulder. Shira turns to look at her girlfriend and says, “Hmm?”

“Can I make love to her now?”

“Please?” begs Aira.

Shira gets off her and winks at Leila. “Have at, lover.”

Aira squeals, “Thank you! I love you!” Leila gets on top of Aira and kisses her as hard as she can.

Holy City. The three Becket brothers sit before the face of their father on the big vidscreen. Roger Steele Becket is nearly a century old, but he looks younger than his elderly sons. Henry asks, “Father, what shall we do about these rebellious Cascadians?”

“We must destroy them,” says the giant face of King Patriot.

“That’s much easier said than done, Father,” says Richard. “My expert systems have not yet calculated all the potential financial and political consequences, but obliterating one of the world’s largest economies will spell certain financial ruin. This goes double for California. Without them, we’re bankrupt, and a bankrupt empire cannot stand.”

“God hath gifted us with infinite resources. You must silence your reason and put your faith in God. He will provide.”

Tom, chairman of Dictel, speaks from his wheelchair. “Father, we are overstretching our forces overseas, and our domestic enemies are taking advantage. We cannot sustain this kind of situation forever. Faith is not enough. We need resources, and we need men to secure them.”

“Take them. God gifted them to you, and to you alone. Destroy the infidel and the hordes of darkness. It is your duty. The war must continue till Jesus America hath achieved world dominion and established the Millennium.”

Henry says, “The thing to remember is that if one colony goes, the others will rebel as well. We cannot destroy them all without destroying the planet.”

“And we cannot have an empire if we don’t have a planet left to conquer,” Richard adds. “There are no other planets prepared for life in this or any other known solar system.”

Tom says, “Who said this planet had to be fit for carbon-based life? The future is in not perishable flesh, but durable steel and silicon.”

“You mean the Moravec Plan?”


King Patriot says, “The new flesh shall prevail. But first, we must take dominion over the old flesh. This is God’s commandment to the true Chosen Race. My sons, you must stop the rebellion by any means possible. But above all, you must call their Corporations to the new flesh. They are the future.”

Shira’s apartment. Most flats in American cities have security doors these days. The door to the Reston condo is secure enough that a power-armoured assailant must smash through the walls. The windows are locked. But Hope Reston is out on business, and Shira Thomas is out on a date with her girlfriend and not getting arrested for it. Aira has the place to herself. She lies unselfconsciously naked on her stomach on Shira’s bed and reads one of the Lisi Harrison books Shira has loaned her.

Gangsterish Vince Corson and thuggish Beck Skeever scale the 400 Condos building as if it were an enemy castle. They are geared in camo and Kevlar. They make sure not to be noticed by anyone still awake this night.

When they reach the top level, they swing into view and smash through the windows with their sonic disruptors. They storm into Shira’s bedroom and start beating up screaming Aira. Vince throws off his ski mask, grabs Aira by the neck, and slams her against the wall. She struggles to free herself, but Vince has the strength of a madman. Beck strips off his commando gear.

“Well, well, this must be Rebel Rebel’s little loli,” Vince snarls. “That fucking dyke bitch Shira must be having loads of fun with you, eh? Well, I’m gonna have my fun, and then I’m gonna rip you to shreds!” He bodyslams her with one hand. Beck gets on top of her and punches her face several times. Vince strips naked as fast as he can shred his clothes. Then he throws Beck off Aira and begins to rape her.

Suddenly there is a blinding flash. Shira has sneaked in through the broken window and is now taking pictures with her Droid. “Smile, boys! You’re on Candid Camera!”

Leila throws open the bedroom door and points a 9mm semiauto at Vince. “Get the fuck off her!”

John Peck, Martin Lansky, and Lars Ulquiorra climb through the windows; Brandi Quinn and Arisa Saionji burst through the door. The Slasher Hunters take out their own pistols and hold them on the intvaders. While Vince and Beck put their hands up and struggle to stand up, Shira swipes their sonic disruptors and throws one to Leila. Leila throws her pistol aside to catch it.

“Up against the wall!” Peck orders. The naked killers, now terrified, back themselves against the nearest wall. Arisa takes sobbing Aira’s hand, lifts her up, and leads her quickly out of the room. Shira and Leila take their positions in front of them and hold the sonic disruptors at their vulnerable naked genitals. Shira smirks in triumph; Leila snarls with hatred.

“Should we?” asks Leila.

Shira nods and chuckles. “Why the hell not? They’re sex criminals now.”

They fire the disruptors and shred Vince and Beck’s genitals into bloody pulp. The two bullyboys scream and scream and scream.

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