Thursday, February 17, 2011

NaNoEdMo: The Second Draft of Spanner Book 1

I look back at the 21 chapters of Spanner to see how it's turned out so far, and I can't help but notice that certain plotlines should be foregrounded and certain characters are more major than I've written them. I even left out a few characters (Minty Fresh, I'm looking at you).

Maybe that's why I burned out in the middle of JanNoWriMo. I didn't reach the finish line (i.e., the end of Chapter 23) before the dreaded Inner Editor overtook me.

As good as I've written it, the Spanner I've written so far is still just a first draft.

Now NaNoEdMo is coming next month, and my muse has come to life at last. Now I have a small but fast-growing stack of revision notes I'm calling the "Spanner RePlanner". Already I'm directing myself to change "Dorian" to "Charmian" in the bus scene (Dorian/Charmian's first appearance), and relocating Minty's one scene in the first draft to an earlier chapter. There will be new scenes to clarify and/or motivate important scenes and plotlines. At least one character will have a jailbroken iPhone Nano running MeeGo. (Would that be Willa or J.T.? I haven't decided.)

So far I've spent enough time on the Spanner RePlanner notes for EdMo that it's been cutting into my FAWM songwriting time. But I think I have enough notes written by now, including those RePlanner notes I wrote before last year's JulNoWriMo and NaNoWriMo, that I can rely on those, get back to songwriting while there's still time during FAWM, and then return to them once FAWM ends and EdMo begins.

Judging just from what I've written so far, including the incomplete parts of Chapters 22 and 23, it looks like it'll end up being awesome. And that's just Book 1...

Note: I have a new release schedule for Chapters 22 and 23. I'll post them the week of February 28: Chapter 22 ("There Is No Law") on the Monday the 28th, and Chapter 23 ("Black Panic in the Suites") on Friday, March 4.

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