Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WriMo Burnout Strikes Again

You may be wondering why Spanner chapters 22 and 23 never came out. I can sum up the reason in two words:

WriMo Burnout.

I've experienced this malady before. Back in 2008, starting on the first day of AugNoWriMo, I suffered it so long that I nearly failed to even start NaNoWriMo. Fortunately, this time it only lasted two weeks. What brought me back was this little keyboard I just got at Goodwill. That got me back into FAWM after skipping the first week.

I'm now recovered from my latest bout of WriMo Burnout. However, it hit me in the middle of JanNoWriMo and robbed me of the victory, even keeping me from finishing the last two chapters of Spanner Book 1 and the first draft of Book 2. I'll get that done this month and during NaNoEdMo next month.

Now to pick up where I left off last month...

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