Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mission for NaNoEdMo 2012: The Final Draft of Spanner Book 1

It's that time of the year again — NaNoEdMo — and this year I'm working on a fresh new draft for Spanner Book 1. With the help of yWriter5, which divides your novel into individual scenes you can rearrange and even put into different chapters just by dragging them, I've completely transformed my editing method. The result is that the fourth draft is looking much, much better than the third, much less the first or second. I've added new scenes and an intricate new scene weave that makes Spanner read less like your regular comic-book adventure novel and more like the new breed of television shows with their complex multithreaded narratives.

So far I've completed Chapter 1 and am heavily reworking Chapters 2 and 3. I'm definitely impressed with how Chapter 1 turned out: in it I succeeded in incorporating into the plot itself Shira's own strategy of misdirection. So far, Chapters 2 and 3 are looking impressive in their new versions that I've just printed out for manual editing with the red pen. Also, I'll be adding more scenes to Chapter 4, which right now is shorter than the others, and better connecting Chapters 2-4 to Chapter 1 before it, the School Arc after it, and the later events of Chapters 15-23.

That, of course, is only the beginning. I have a month and 20 chapters left to go, so who knows...

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