Sunday, April 15, 2012

Script Frenzy 2012: The Halfway Point

Script Frenzy is now half over; despite my week or so of procrastination earlier this month, I've zoomed all the way to 75 pages, which is 3/4 the number required to win. And this time I'm confident I'm going to win it. In fact, I might just do it tonight!

Chapter 4 is mostly adapted; as a bonus, the novel version's final revision is now pretty much complete. I've started adapting all the completed scenes in Chapters 5 through 8; I expect to finish those during the upcoming week. Getting 100 pages will be easier than ever before, and I may even beat my all-time Script Frenzy record of 171 pages from 2008, when I wrote the original Spanner comics script. And it even turns out my current burst of poetry writing is not hurting my scriptwriting productivity one bit; in fact, exactly the opposite: writing poems has given me new inspiration to write, both editing the novel and writing the script.

It's starting to actually get fun...

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