Sunday, May 6, 2012

Poem: Under the Devil Cross (Untergang)

(A Surrealist poet's take on Downfall. Or something like that. It grew out of the movie's German title, Der Untergang. Memetic mutation: I bet some people will mutate this poem to parody popular memes the same way they do Downfall. Note: The ethnic slurs are there simply for irony, not to mock tribalism and gangster movies like in Spanner; the apostrophes are missing because I read Cormac McCarthy.)

It used to be Hindu
It used to be Buddhist
It used to be Hermetic
It used to be Zoroastrian
It used to be theosophical
It used to be good luck
Till the evil prophet with the devil in his eyes
Consecrated it to Satan with the blood of six million Jews
And now its name is devil cross
Under the devil cross
He went wild hunting

The kikes are always to blame for everything said the evil kraut
Who killed six million of them
But couldnt shut them up they only got louder
Speaking in voices of artillery that split his bunker
With exploding words of Marx Mises Maimonides thou art the man
Accused six million voices he tried to silence with overdose
Of amphetamine and arsenic he chomped like candy fed to him by
His fat personal quack no kike science for this kraut but
Six million voices refusing to shut up only got louder
Under the devil cross
He went plumb insane

Driven by demons he tried to drag his nation down with him to hell
Grandpa what was Germany
Cub it was once a nation of poets and philosophers
Till Prussian aristocracy Dada economics world war drove them mad
And they made an evil Austrian with the devil in his eyes their god
Who fed them a subsistence diet of lies and six million Jews
And stabbed his nation to death with the devil cross
Stabbed it in the back dragged it down with him straight to hell
So now theres a black hole in the middle of Europe
Grandpa I dont see a black hole there
Well cub he killed all the poets and philosophers leaving only cynics
Under the devil cross
He wrecked his nation

Six million dead Jews wouldnt shut up kept getting louder
Voices of dead poets and philosophers the voice of reason
He hated reason kept rattling his rotting brains split his bunker
His head crammed with amphetamines arsenic hate lies occult piosity
Thought he could abolish reality by feeding the devil six million Jews
Reality laughed in his face got its revenge
His glorious millennium sacred empire of a thousand years lasted twelve
His apostles followed the example of the Dada poets by committing suicide
Or saved their now worthless lives by betraying him
Leaving him alone with the six million voices in his head
Six million dead Jews who refused to shut up but only got louder
Till he shut them up by putting a bullet in his head
Under the devil cross
He went under

Copyright © 2012 Dennis Jernberg. Some rights reserved.
Creative Commons License
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