Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spanner R4 Update: Chapter 1 Final Revision Is Almost Ready to Publish!

Now that I've gotten over my Script Frenzy victory (and yes, it took me two whole weeks to get over it, I'm back to editing the Spanner final revision. Today I made a breakthrough: I now have a final text for the Intro, Chapter 1, and Interlude 1! I updated the ebook HTML pages with a modified version of the custom stylesheet I've been using, and they look good! Under my current plan, I'll be selling one 15-20,000-word installment on a regular schedule (biweekly? weekly?) for 99¢ each, though I bet the slick style I chose to create for the publication version may make it worth $2.99.

Of course, I'm not finished yet. There's still the dedication, foreword, and "Caveat Lector" page that remains incomplete, the cover and the title page that I haven't even started yet, and the e-reader table of contents that requires hand modifying the content.opf and toc.ncx files.

The important thing is, I now have a final text for the first installment of Spanner, which I'm calling "Episode 1: Spanner in the Works". As my project has evolved from an aborted manga to the novelization of a hypothetical TV show, I might actually call Book 1 "Series 1".

I'm likely to finish up Chapters 2 and 3 and Interlude 2 very soon, possibly tomorrow or Monday. After that, there's the still incompletely novelized Episode 4 and its still very rough Interlude 3. Right now, though, there's still 22 chapters and 10 Interludes to go...

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