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Spanner 17.5: The Sexcrime Videos

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 17: Power, Corruption, and Lies
Part 5: The Sexcrime Videos (Final Revision)

campus. The girl with the violet eyes insists on walking Shira all the way back to the main building, openly acting as her girlfriend. Shira looks around; several students gape and gossip. “Uh, isn’t this a bit public?”

“Everybody knows we’re in love,” the girl says. “No use hiding it anymore.”

They hear a commotion behind them and turn to see Debbie storming up. She gets uncomfortably close. She casts a hurt look at the nameless girl, then gets in Shira’s and pokes her. “You did it.”

Shira shrugs innocently. “Did what?”

“You sicced the old lady on me, didn’tcha, called her up ’n’ called me an invert.”

She smiles innocently. “I didn’t steal your girlfriend?” Debbie takes a wild swing Shira easily dodges. “Whoa babe, don’t go all psycho ex on me.”

Debbie stands there, staring at Shira in shock and rage. She points. “Shira Thomas, I Challenge you! Gang Rules, even!”

The girl screams, “Debbie, stop it!” Shira throws back her head and laughs at her as hard as she can.

Suddenly they fall silent and go rigid: they sense a malevolent presence that all the newtypes can feel; Charlie sends the silent command to all sync together now. The presence controls some; the rest link up and combine their power to drive him out — all in under a second. Shira directs wide eyes at the astonished girl. “Sender?”

Frank hisses with shock and cold rage: “Scofield.” Debbie gasps.

The Sender hijacks the minds of all the normals and non-newtype supers; the still-synced newtypes eject him in a split second. Some normals look traumatized as if they were raped; some seethe in anger, some cry, all feel personally attacked though some don’t know why. Courtney says, “There’s at least one Coordinator here.”

Charmian asks, “How do you know?”

“We couldn’t have saved ’em otherwise.”

But then they notice five normals still possessed: Dave, Marina, Mimi, Mikey (Kelly: “He’s alive?” Debbie: “But I watched him die!”). Polly panics: “What’s happening?

Shira says, “Control chips.” She looks toward Charlie and Melody; Charlie silently instructs Melody to focus her power with enough precision to zap the chips. The chip-controlled people are quickly joined by all the volunteer guards, no longer perpetually angry, rather hypnotized: Jennifer says, “Bicameral-mind control.”

They shout in unison, with a single voice, not Scofield’s: “I am Jesus America your God! There is no god but Me! Bow down before me in worship! All who do not worship me are traitors and shall be destroyed!” Charlie zaps Dave’s chip; he twitches, babbles, and stumbles epileptically forward onto the grass.

Shira stands up. “Jesus America!” Melody zaps Mimi’s chip first; she goes into convulsions and collapses into Trishie and Ruthie’s arms, and they drag her away twitching.

“What do you want, demoness Styles?” Marina’s back sways rigid, she reaches for the burning chip on her neck; Courtney and Schuyler whisk her away.

“Why are you allowing disunity in your Party?” Shira signals for Charlie and Melody to leave Mikey and Cherry Anne alone.

“In Me there is no disunity! Only faith and patriotism in Me, and treasonous unfaith against Me!” Cherry Anne kneels to the ground in a twisted tarantella. Charlie shrugs.

Shira intensifies her stare. “The ruling Quadrumvirate of the Conservative Revolutionary Party of Cascadia are fighting amongst themselves. I repeat, why are you allowing such disunity in your Party?”

“Disunity is treason!”

“They are disunited. Their accuse each other of unfaith and treason, and all their accusations are right.”

“Speak not against me, Styles!”

“Luke Everson is selling false salvation for profit, John Becket hires eugenically incorrect criminals and commits fornication with robots, Walter Brinkman is sellingout your Holy Land to the Chinese enemy for profit, and Alan Fleer is trying to replace you and make himself God in your place.”

“Styles! Traitor! You lie!”

“The Fearsome Foursome are committing treason against you in your name!”

“No! This cannot be!”

The newtypes link again: Debbie sends a Trace after Scofield; they combine their power, blast his mind, leave him screaming and twitching in excruciating migraine. The control-chipped people all fall to the ground and convulse. In surprisingly orderly fashion, the students carry the fallen to the Nike Arena parking lot where the ambulances can easily reach them.

But Debbie growls at Shira, “It’s still your fault.”

Shira puts her arm around her girl and walks away. “Think what you want. You won’t listen to reason anyway.” The nameless girl gives Debbie a betrayed look and says nothing.

principal’s office. This time the principals are on the defensive as several Team Bremelo fighters stare them down: Shira, Jennifer, Connor, Colette, and the Shelley twins. Falconer stares nervously at Sparks, Spiekerman at Jennifer, Mobley at the brown-haired nameless beauty, and Principal at Shira, who smiles ironically. “You’d better hope that was just Rexie throwing a sore-loser tizzy,” she warns, “or I’ll make sure you’re legally liable.”

Principal cannot hide his fear behind his smirk. He sweats. “I’m afraid, Miss Thomas, that we had nothing to do with this incident.”

“So your CEO hired a psychic assassin. That makes the whole company liable.”

Jennifer shrugs. “See, I told you privatizing the schools was a bad idea. Sure enough.”

Falconer shrieks, “You’re slandering sacred principles!”

She rolls her eyes. “Fact is the Lie, truthiness is the Truth, right.”

“The fact is,” Shira continues, “depriving youth of education means selling out America to Chinese Corporatist Party (Holdings) Limited. This incident’s merely extra proof to the extent your company will go to deny the inevitable.”

Mobley stands up to protest, “Y’all can’t prove a thing!”

The bright-eyed girl smiles. “The network has video.” He gasps in terror.

“And so do I,” Shira adds. Falconer’s lips violently twitch.

The girl with the violet eyes coldly purrs, “You’ll be amazed at what people sell on the intel black market.”

“The next time something like this happens, you people will be talking to our lawyer. Good day.” The Bremeloes leave. Sparks stays at the door long enough to tip his hat, then lets it close behind him.

school lobby. The Bremeloes find themselves surrounded by Team Valiant and the Student Council. Debbie tries to kill Shira with a hateful stare; the girl with the violet eyes stares back jealously and makes her flinch. Charmian silently accuses Shira of ruining everything; Shira responds with a lustful look and makes her flinch. Bart growls, “Y’all’re gonna pay for this.”

Shira flashes them a deceptively friendly smile. “So you’re responsible? Sore losers.” Her smile disappears. She leads her team away. Rob gets dangerously close to Bart and smiles flirtatiously. Bart swings at him; Rob ducks out and joins the others.

church of america bremerton. Byron Scofield glares at the face on the monitor. Shira smiles sweetly and sings, “Hi, By!”

“Don’t call me that! You must treat your Holy Prophet with respect and deference!”

“My, my. Touchy, touchy.”

“After what you and your meddling friends did to the much beloved Shepherd Rexelle this afternoon, we have no more reason to tolerate your impiety!”

“Really. You’ve got power, pull, perks, and an army of zombies. I’ve got money, and I’ve got leverage. I suggest you lay off, O Holy Prophet, or I’ll stop being so nice.”

“We shall get our revenge!”

She sighs. “Your whole revolution’s nothing but revenge, that and nostalgia. But what’ch’all gonna do when reality bites back? ’Bye, By.” She laughs at him, then suddenly cuts the call.

Scofield shoots the monitor with his Colt .45 revolver. He glares at its ruins as if she were still there. Her contemptuous laughter echoes in the depths of his mind.

janitor’s office. The Bremeloes and dissident teachers crowd in and lock the door behind them. Zac Finney asks, “This have anything to do with Debbie?”

“Scofield pulled a mindjack,” Shira replies. “Better get offline, ’cuz we got something we don’t want Echelon to sniff out.”

“That bad, huh?”

“Worse.” Zac shuts off the office router, everybody sets their phones and watches to local only, Shira syncs her phone to Zac’s laptop.

“What is it?”

“Sexcrime videos. Now, quote-unquote ‘legitimate rape’ is a perfectly acceptable expression of macho Conservative values, and Corporates are starting to marry girl children. But gay sex remains taboo ’cuz it turns a man into a woman, and adultery violates the sanctity of marriage. This is our counterweapon.”

“Where’d you get it?” asks Yasmin.

“Arvid Shield. Reward for special delivery. Says it’s better than money.” The girl with the violet eyes gives her a questioning look; Shira answers with a wink.

2013-4... bigalsgirls folder
Alan Fleer takes a series of sexy blond women (mostly celebrities, connected socialites, and the wives of Party and Corporate leaders) into his bed and makes love to them in locations he believes are hidden from his wife but are not. One is obviously Amanda Currie. The surprise comes near the end: the woman he is having the best time with, a young blond with long wavy hair, turns out clearly to be his own daughter Vivian...

2004-6... kidlovinclown folder
A monstrous cackling clown rapes a little girl [next video] and another little girl [next video] and a little boy...

september 2014... lukeandelsa.mp4
The same man, now Shepherd-Mayor Everson, commits adultery with [Courtney and Schuyler gasp at the sight of their mother] Elsa Becket, twin sister of Eden Fleer, in the penthouse suite of the Four Seasons...

october 2014... byronsgirl.mp4
Byron Scofield clearly having sex with a sexy new underage mistress who looks exactly like the girl with the violet eyes... [the girl: “That’s not me!” Shira: “Hmmm...”]

december 2012... invisible.mp4
Locke Holmes commits a bizarre rape: the woman cannot be seen, but her screams can clearly be heard. She’s a super with cloaking powers, and the mistress of the rogue super soldier he’s hunting in Japan, whom he will kill at the cost of severe injury and his FBI career... [Shira: “Gotcha!”]

october 2014... officejohn.mp4
Falconer’s spycam, intended to catch Principal and Mobley in flagrante delicto, instead show Spiekerman — and the man he is fellating is Mark Bernkastel...

july 2008... sporkme.mp4
Grainy early-phonecam video: Jack Becket straddles Charlie Richter-Thomas; in absolute rage, he wrings her neck. She reaches out, desperately searching for something to use against him, finally settles upon a spork barely within her reach. She jams it into his left eye. He lets go of her, stands up, and shouts obscenities at her. When he tries to take it out, the handle breaks off, leaving the spork body still stuck in his eye. He screams. Charlie struggles to her feet; Shira and Kira grab her and pull her away as hard as they can. With Desiree, they run off while the now one-eyed Jack screams curses down upon the sisters...

september 2014... al-b-sure folder [Shira: “Bingo!”]
Five videos. Alan Fleer having passionate sex with one particular woman. She is almost unrecognizable because of her nudity and long hair. But when we finally see her face, it clearly belongs to Honey Sue Falconer...

eightieth street. Everybody flees the screaming alarms: somehow Ron Tremayne has phoned in a bomb threat from beyond the grave. The students and teachers who don’t rush to their cars to leave for home join the tutors on the hill above the street, away from the campus buildings. Shira, Jennifer, and the girl with the violet eyes find themselves the recipients of hugs from sobbing girls and nervous boys. “Wow,” Jennifer marvels, “the disasters have been piling up lately.”

“Three in one day?” says Shira. “This is looking less and less like a coincidence.”

Colette glares at her, arms crossed. “Aren’t you forgetting it was all set up from the beginning?”

“Actually, the CEO’s starting to panic. He knows we can hurt him, and how.”

“Rexelle’s certainly getting desperate,” says Kio.

Jennifer shakes her head. “I never thought I’d ever see a mother be so cruel to her daughter, and so publicly...”

Shira shoots her a sideling glance. “Hey, you saw Dru do this to Charlie and Desi, every damn time.”

“And to think Ross is trying to do the same thing to us. That’s why he let a terrorist sneak in.”

Courtney sighs. “Bernkastel.”

“And that Caliphate agent I’m convinced either Ross or Bernkastel hired to target me.”

Steve says, “Teachers can’t strike anymore ’cuz they get fired immediately, right?”

“That’s the reason for the Student Union,” Jennifer explains. “They can fire as many teachers as they want, but they can’t fire students. No students, no school system.”

Nearby, three hoverboarders sit on the grass by their boards. Liz says, “I’m bored.”

“You’re always bored, McPhail,” Radica complains. “That’s why you’re always causing trouble.”

Frank keeps his eyes on Shira. “You shouldn’t be so bored if so much trouble’s coming to us.”

Liz glares at him. “Like your mommy?” He hisses.

Suddenly they hear a girl’s scream: Shira collapses into the arms of the nameless girl, who looks toward Frank; he yells, “I got her!” and slings her over his shoulders into a fireman’s carry. “Start the boards! Now!” Liz and Radica secure themselves onto their boards and switch on the ignition; Jennifer and the nameless girl start Frank’s board and strap him in, then hop onto the racer girls’ boards (Liz: “Hey!” Jennifer: “Just do it.”). The lifters whine louder, the boards leave the ground, the racers turn toward Seattle and leave the gathering crowd behind.

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[Revision 4 Final, date: The original section now condensed into the flashback sequence with a new setting. Scenes taken from this and other chapters revised for Fourth Revision continuity; new scenes added. Original title in R2: “The Rape Tapes,” changed because of the new R4 continuity.]

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