Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spanner Hiatus Week: Finishing FAWM, Preparing for NaNoEdMo

While I try to whip out 14 song lyrics for this year's February Album Writing Month, I'm taking a few days off from the Spanner posting schedule to work on the difficult Interlude 11 and prepare for National Novel Editing Month. In fact, I'm combining the two by writing Interludes 11 and 12 as song lyrics (the concept behind Interlude 11 is an industrial-rock music video, like Skinny Puppy directed by Emergency Broadcast Network), and translating a few other Interludes into song lyrics as well (Interlude 9 would make a particularly perfect New Romantic synthrock tune).

The revised schedule: I'll post Interlude 11 on Friday and the Chapter 17 index page on Saturday. Then, to push my NaNoEdMo editing harder, I'll return to the original daily publishing schedule and publish a complete chapter each week:
  • Chapter 18: week of March 4 (starting Monday)
  • Chapter 19: week of March 11
  • Interlude 12 and Chapter 20: March 18-23
  • Chapter 21: week of March 24 (starting Sunday)
  • Interlude 13: March 31
  • Chapter 22: week of April 1 (starting Monday)
  • Chapter 23: week of April 8
...which means the Final Revision of Spanner Book 1 will be complete on April 14, when the Chapter 23 index posts. Another goal is to finish editing and hand-coding the Book 1 ebook; after that, my next task will be to design the logo and covers (I have the design and the software, all I need is the time and a graphics tablet).

But it's not just the last 6 chapters of Book 1 I intend to edit next month; I've got ideas for Interlude 14 and Chapter 24 that will start Book 2 with a bang. I won't post them just yet, not until I've got a complete first draft of Book 2 written and at least the first third (Chapters 24-31 and their Interludes) edited.

Meanwhile, it's Panic Time for FAWM, and I intend to get those 14 song lyrics written no matter what it takes.

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