Friday, March 1, 2013

NaNoEdMo 2013 Begins! Initial Plans for Spanner Chapter 18, Interludes 11 and 12

It's edit-till-you-drop time again! That means NaNoEdMo, and the ambitious plans I have for the rest of the final version of Spanner Book 1. And boy, do I have plans.

First of all, there's my attempt to edit all of Chapter 18 in one weekend. It begins with something I haven't done since around Chapter 5 or so: print out the chapter to be edited, one page per sheet (normally I print on both sides), then attack the printout with a red pen, a pair of which I just picked up for a buck. I will admit that the reason I took so long to edit Chapter 12 had a lot to do with forgetting to print it out. On the front, I'll do all the copyediting (mostly crossing out at this stage); on the back, I'll make most of the new additions. As always during this long edit process, I'll be throwing scenes all over the chapter and even swipe scenes from others. In the case of Chapter 18, I'll be throwing out scenes entirely in order to cram in a bunch of scenarios from the Project Notebooks, most of which I either wrote for Book 2 originally or haven't even used yet.

Then there's Interlude 11, which I'm posting tomorrow (March 2; I was going to post it today). I actually wrote it as a song first with the rudiments of a music video script, inserted it into my yWriter5 project, exported it in RTF format, and converted to HTML. The next step after cleaning up the file is to format is to format the sections of the video (scenes, samples, lyrics) and expand the video script. Once the ebook version is finished, I'll convert the markup into the format I use on this blog so I can post it. The tricky part turned out to be the expanded music video part with its sampled footage (implied to be stolen from various media companies or censored by the MSM) and esoteric footage of the band's "members" (the Memetic Terrorists are actually a one-man band consisting of myself).

Interlude 12 is another tricky one, since it began as some vague ideas I then turned into a song, which I'll then translate into a combination of free verse and prose poetry involving the characters of Keenan Sasser and Amanda Currie in the aftermath of the Conservative Revolution and 12/21. Basically it's Amanda's complete mental breakdown in the form of art photographs, the result being the strangely cheery newsbot who appears in Chapter 1.

My ultimate goal is to finish editing the rest of Book 1, six chapters and three Interludes in a single month, and possibly Interlude 14 and Chapter 24 as well. 50 hours and EdMo victory? All too easy. Here goes...

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