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Spanner 18.4: TerrorVision (The School Invasions Part III)

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 18: White Riot in the Streets
Part 4: TerrorVision (The School Invasions Part III)
(Final Revision)
Amanda: It’s been a weekend of shocking violence for the second week in a row! The death of Seattle’s city Party leader on Saturday, in the wake of his predecessor’s murder in Spanner’s latest rampage that took the life of the Empire’s revered King, has led to an orgy of violence among ambitious men waging Tournament for the opportunity to be his successor.
13 october 2014.
shira’s apartment.
They wake up clumped together: the cinnamon twins, the bright-eyed girl, and the girl with the violet eyes. The bright-eyed girl holds Kira tight. “I’m so glad you’re still alive,” she says deliriously. “I love you so much.”

Kira winks. “Anything to bring me back to you.”

The bright-eyed girl sighs. “I don’t know if I’m up to this pirate news thing.”

“If Desiree is,” Shira says, “you are too.”

The violet-eyed girl asks, “What about the IP Defenders?”

“You’re in luck. Angie’s got just the thing to tie ’em in knots.” Shira winks.

In the bathroom, the bright-eyed girl squats over the sink and expertly pees into it as Ayla, Melody, and Luna stare wide-eyed. “That’s not the way you’re supposed to do that,” says Melody.

The nameless woman confidently replies, “It’s the way a woman should do it.”

“Only if she’s naked,” says Ayla.

“Exactly.” She winks at the girls’ surprised reflections.

In the living room, Hope warns her now dressed daughters, “Now that you’re back together, you’d better expect more trouble than ever before.”

“Don’t we always?” says Shira.

“They’d better expect the unexpected,” says Kira.

west bremerton. At the pay phone Sparks first called Shane Chantry from, a Yakuza hitman with a large katana has a long-distance conversation in Japanese. “Aya Shibata is here,” says Boss Mizoguchi. “I have sent a specialist to take back my precious loli-chan. You will kill Shibata, and anyone who stands in your way.”

“Yes, sir. I will.” He hangs up.

telesphere. The Conservative Revolutionaries expected to clean up the airwaves. No one expected reality television to only get sleazier. Right now the hottest of the sleaziest is TerrorVision, in which the world’s most infamous criminals compete to kill high-profile targets for prizes and glory.

Previously on TerrorVision, the celebrity crew of cutthroats and terrorists pulled off the most spectaculr hit of the season on their latest target, name and face redacted for your moral protection. This longtime enemy of American supremacy and Conservative Truth insulted American Manhood by questioning the American Man’s God-given right to rape. The Sinister Skeever Brothers™ took that traitor out in a pyrotechnic showcase. As a bonus for the viewers, they raped his wife and daughters right on camera and collected a huge profit from their sale into slavery. And thus another liberal traitor against America’s God-commanded supremacy was erased from history forever, to the series’ highest ratings yet.

Stay tuned to TerrorVision, hosted by Dave and Deb, America’s Most Beloved Slasher Fans™, only on Reality TV Sports™, TV For Real Americans, Not Wimp-Ass Bitches™! America Can’t Stop Watching™!

Today’s celebrity target: the mysterious and deadly child terrorist Rebel Styles. What could possibly go wrong?

school lobby. As if Shira weren’t attention-getting enough, two of her enter in identical school uniforms and matching mismatched thigh stockings in the school colors. Thinking they’re seeing double, students crowd around them and pelt them with questions. One boy asks, “Shira, did you get cloned?”

Kira answers, “Actually, Shira was cloned from me while we were still in our mother’s womb.”

“You were just born first, Kira,” says Shira.

“So I get first dibs. Nyah.”

Shira smiles at her fans. “Forget everything you heard about Star Wars villainesses or nice Jewish girls. I was actually named after her.” At the speed of rumor, a new ’ship called “Shkira” comes into being and its gleeful fangirls scatter to their secret writing places to write fics.
Charmian sees the commotion and knows what it means. Her heart sinks to the floor. “Oh, no.”

“You mean there’s two of her?” protests Kelly.

“That can only mean double trouble,” Bart darkly growls.

Frank pops in behind him. “Does that mean you’re joining the TerrorVision stars, Bart?”

“Shut up, pretty boy.” Frank harrumphs and walks away. His nervous sister Debbie is nowhere to be seen.

principal’s office. Principal Principal’s nervousness is obvious behind his permasmirk. “So the twin has arrived at last.”
“Which can only mean that everything’s about to go straight to hell,” says Robson.

Falconer grimly declares, “That’s why I summoned the TerrorVision crew here.”

The other principals stare at her in shock. “What?” Spiekerman blurts, “Honey, are you out of your freaking mind?”
“You didn’t dedicate your life to defending Our Nation, Mort. You don’t know these people. If Shira Thomas knows about me, she sure as hell knows about all of you. And if this is indeed Kira...”


“That is why they must not be allowed to live. Do you read me?

“Yes, sir!”

school lobby. The milling students start to flee in panic when the sight of that trademark pair of blond ponytails signals the arrival of Bunny Strakeljahn, armed with katana and AR-15. She finds her path blocked by the girl with the violet eyes. “I hear you ditched your name, Shelley.”

The nameless girl whispers conspiratorially, “I hear you’re about to waste another clone body. Isn’t it getting expensive?”

“You’re about to lose your partner in sin, Leela, and I’m gonna get your husband.”

“Discuss it with Christian Fleer, Bun-Bun. I don’t think she’ll agree.” She sashays away. “Scheisskopf.” Bunny resentfully watches her leave.

Outside, the MSM and Reality TV Sports copters begin to swarm in, attracted to the scene like giant flies. The construction workers trying to rebuild the front entrance flee yet again, and the newest batch of guards with them. Armoured transports speed, skid, and crash into position around the campus and disgorge their crews. Gangsters flood in from Dictel Park. The Skeever Brothers leave their stretch Hummer and enter an eerily empty lobby. “I got a bad feeling about this, bros,” says Tony.

“Swallow it, chickenshit,” says Johnny.

“We’re talkin’ ’bout Rebel Styles, butthead,” says Jordie.

“I see Li’l Becky fagged out on us again, the faggot,” says Eddie.

“The band comin’ with?”

“Wouldn’t wanna miss the party.”

“Aw fuck,” says Johnny, “it’s fuckin’ Bunny.”


The scopes march in with their camera lenses over their eyes. MSM reporters like the ones who died in the last school invasion rush in, eager for the thrill of risking their lives on live TV. Spiekerman and Falconer peek their heads into the lobby. The Party man says, “Are you sure this plan’s gonna work?”
Falconer smugly smirks. “There’s a man, there’s a problem. No man, no problem.”

homeroom office. Dave Whitmer rubs the bump on the back of his neck. “Are you prepared yet?”

“All the tunes are ready,” says Steve.

“All the chemicals are ready,” says Sana.

“Evacuation plan’s ready,” says Jennifer.

“Plans B, C, D, and Z are ready,” says Cory.

“All the fighters are more than ready,” says the girl with the violet eyes.

The trickster twins grin at each other. Shira says, “We’re ready.” She taps her head with a finger. “And so’s Rebel Rebel.” They wink in unison.

Sylvia smiles. “Good. But remember that the celebrity target isn’t the only target on TerrorVision. There’s many political targets, including all of us and any of you, so be careful.”

The Bremeloes raise thumbs of approval in unison. “Right!”

Suddenly the telltale boom of an explosion at the front entrance goes off. Kira: “Plan A?” Shira: “Civilians safely out.” Both: “Let’s go!” Team Bremelo follow them out.

Dave shuts the door behind them and hugs a nervous Sylvia tight. “It has begun.”

school entrance. Even the gangsters flee the debris and the cloud of dust from the explosion. When the dust settles, the gaping crater where the front door used to be reveals a commando of fanatics from the Patriot militia known as Minuteman. Leading them: Colonel Braddock Green, the man who would be Party leader.

From out of the darkness, with a sexy sashay and a knowing smirk like a film-noir femme fatal, Shira steps into his view. He shouts, “I know you’re the evil demoness Rebel Styles, you filthy whore! I shall have my power and my glory at any cost! Traitorous bitch, prepare to die!”

Her smile silently answers, You have no idea what kind of shit you just stepped in.

hallways. The emergency alarm sounds throughout the school. Students and teachers try to evacuate, but find killers aiming for them wherever they go. Steve and Kio take over the security office from a lone panicking bureaucrat and start playing Hawaiian music over the PA to annoy the contestants. Bremeloes attack and distract contestants and gangsters so the civilians can escape; they flee through the brawl enveloping the main building.
After beating down a group of Badd Boyzz, Kira and the nameless girl find themselves confronting — “Gang?” says Kira. “What are they doing here?”

Eddie “Evil” Skeever points at her and grins in evil triumph. “We’re gonna fuck you up on national TV, Rebel Styles, and then we’re gonna kill ya!”

Barney SATAN! yells, “You’re fucked!”

The girl with the violet eyes flicks a shuriken into Eddie Evil’s forehead. He goes rigid, slowly topples forward, and lands on his face, driving the shuriken further in.

janitor’s office. Bunny and Johnny burst into an empty room. “Don’t get distracted, Johnny. She’ll get you for sure.”
“Aw, shut up.”

“I know you, Johnny.”

“Fuck you.” They pass computers running programs they cannot understand. Radio-control cars race around heedlessly, yet avoid the intruders’ feet. The luau music affects Johnny like fingernails on a blackboard. “What the fuck is this shit? It’s driving me nuts!”

“Hmph! You and your fucking hate metal crap. That’s what makes me puke.“ Before he can reply, the door to the storeroom opens. She dashes to the door, looks in, and waves for him to come. They go in.

school entrance. Colonel Green whips out his gun. Shira whips out her Go-Yo. She is already swinging it when he fires — the bullet speeds on its mission of death toward her head, the Go-Yo whirls at superheroic speed to meet it, the bullet nears its target, the Go-Yo makes contact — and deflects it!

The entire Minuteman force gasps in shock. Shira is sure Minuteman boss Shawna AMERICA! is watching and imagines the look on her face. They raise their rifles at the angel of chaos.
Deb: Did you just see what I just saw?
Dave: Are you kidding? It was too fast for me to see!
Deb: It looks like we’re gonna have a real fight after all! I can’t wait to see what’s next!
storeroom. “Styles has gotta be here,” says Bunny impatiently. “The bitch is always coming out of some hiding place to ruin our day.”
“Stop your bitching, Bunny,” Johnny snarls. “Rebel Styles gots a reputation, sure, but she’s still just a girl.” Bunny shoots him a murderous look. They stare each other down. Then they resume their search.

They catch sight of Kira. She vanishes. They chase her frantically, blindly. “You get enough trophies, Skeever. This one’s mine!”

“Tryin’ to get kilt again, ain’tcha.”

“Fuck you! I’m whacking her and her girlfriend.”

“Still pissed over Ollie? I hear he’s got a new princess.”

Suddenly a blade slices Bunny in half from behind. She falls in two halves to either side in a shower of blood. Johnny shoots and shoots till his Colt clicks, but the sword deflects all his shots. He flees in unaccustomed terror.

dictel park. They run across the busy arterial in a crowd, blocking traffic and provoking drivers to honk angrily. Polly asks, “Why are going here?”

Jennifer says, “Dictel Park’s the most counterintuitive place, I know. But since the gangs are over there, we’ll be safe here, at least till the show’s over.”

The student body assemble in the big clearing at the center of the park. TV network helicopters fly overhead. Once Jennifer decides the kids are safe enough, she runs back across Eightieth Street to rejoin the battle at Bangor High. But then some of them notice that Colette is missing, and they start to panic.

school entrance. Colonel Green commands: “Ready!” His men cock their rifles. Shira stands still. They cannot read her, but she reads them very easily. “Aim!”
Deb: She’s making it look like an easy kill!
Dave: Rebel Styles is a crafty Player, Deb. Who knows what she has up her sleeve.
“Fire!” At the same moment a cloud of smoke appears where Shira was. The Minutemen empty their entire clips into it. The cloud dissipates, and — she’s gone! — replaced by a wickedly grinning Charlie Richter-Thomas, her arm around the neck of a struggling Bart Green. “Bart!” the Colonel blurts.
Deb: That’s Pulse!
Dave: I knew it! Rebel Rebel found a way to make this show extra exciting!
She sends an electric arc through Bart’s helpless body; he convulses, screams, and cries out for help. Green rages, “You let go of my son or I’ll kill you!” She laughs and continues her electric torture.

nike arena. The Klownz storm the sports arena and make it their fortress. They swarm in, crowd it, make it their own; they pull out the stage and make it their altar; Badd Boyzz boss Li’l Badd and Gang bassist Sikki Sykopath set up a Satanic altar to give the Evil One their offering in exchange for supernatural assistance against the dreaded Rebel Styles.

Huge Klownz bring in the struggling hooded victims, slowly like a solemn procession. The gangsters chant eerie formulae in some language they are incapable of understanding. The giant warriors carry their prisoners to the altar, all the way up to Sikki. He takes off the hoods.

Sylvia and Colette.

Sylvia spits in Sikki’s face. He slaps her viciously on each cheek. He turns to his criminal congregation. “Strip ’em naked,” he commands, “and let the sacrifice begin!”

Green smoke begins to descend from the HVAC.

school entrance. “Kill her!” The Minutemen reload and shoot with fury and desperation at Charlie. The bullets bounce harmlessly off her Repulse field; Bart and his father both scream.

Her eyes glow red. She concentrates her focus to a high degree of precision.

Suddenly, everything explodes — the transports’ gas tanks, every weapon in sight, ripping warriors to bloody shreds, consuming flesh, burning everything around them and sending out a murderous shockwave, sparing only Charlie, Bart, and Colonel Green. The man who would be dictator flees the scene in irrational panic. Charlie drops Bart where his is and leaves him sobbing and soiled.

storeroom. The first thing Kira and the girl with the violet eyes find is Bunny’s corpse, expertly sliced in two, and an expensively dressed hitman standing over her with his bloody katana. “Greetings, Shibata Aya-san,” he says in a gravelly voice full of murder. The accent: Osaka. Yakuza. Boss Mizoguchi sent him to kill Shira over Ayla.

Kira laughs. He stares at her, offended. The nameless girl whispers, “Bunny’s sword is mine.” Kira winks.

“Baka! Boss-sama send me to you person’ry! I am Slice, warrior who save Nihon from evil Chink! Shibata-san steal precious loli-chan from Boss-sama. You take from Boss-sama, Boss-sama take from you! Prepare to be punish!” He points the sword at Kira and projects his warrior rage and killing spirit like a weapon. “Shibata Aya, welcome to die!”

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[Revision 4 Final, 3/7/13: revision notes here. Newly added from the Project Notebooks: the assassination reality show called TerrorVision, the Minuteman assault, and the arrival of the Yakuza hitman Slice. Original R2 section title: “All State Lockdown”; the final title situates this section firmly in a major thread.]

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