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Spanner 20.4: Scandal Wars

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 20: Things Fall Apart
Part 4: Scandal Wars

22 october 2014.
KCUF studio.
Crew, Krewe, and Bremeloes cheer the network coverage of the violent Perverted Justice protests at COPCO Seattle. They cheer even louder when Fox’s Megyn Kelly announces Nancy Grace’s interview with Jack Becket’s estranged ex-wife, Shepherd Rexelle Steele.

21 june 2010...
After she won the Miss Junior Nude Europe beauty contest, someone told Leila that lesbians who follow the contest religiously were asking to make love to her. She smiled and said, “Let them in.”

The lesbians were not pretty: their hair was choppy, their faces haggard, their bodies covered with feral tattoos and pierced everywhere. But they were experts. They sucked her, bit her, penetrated her, tortured her most sensitive parts. Leila begged for more.

Last came her own mother. Taylor Brinkman was tattooed and pierced much like the others, but unlike them she was sleek, smooth, beautiful. “If you don’t want me to do it,” she said, “just ask.”

Leila was excited by the prospect of passionate incest. “Please do. I beg you.”

Hungrily she pressed her lips to her mother’s and caressed her tongue. Hungrily she took Taylor’s breasts into her mouth, bit them, drew blood, licked it mixed with sweat. She drank deep of her cunt nectar, eagerly guzzled her piss and devoured her shit, let her pierce her body with her hard black strap-on phallus and ride her to shattering orgasm as the lesbians cheered them on...

Leila’s house. Taylor watches her daughters with pleasure as they make love to each other. Shira, beside herself with excitement, pleasures herself while she watches. Fiona, skin red with sweet embarrassment, kneels before Leila to suck her breast gently. Leila moans softly and begs her to suck harder and bite. When Fiona is done with her sister’s breasts, she kneels down further, kisses her cunt, opens and caresses her frilly nether lips, puts her mouth on and her tongue inside; Leila’s moans turn to screams and cries of hot pleasure...

The four of them cuddle tightly together in the cramped bathtub afterwards: mother, daughters, and elder daughter’s girlfriend. Fiona, still furiously blushing, kisses her sister on the lips. “I’ve wanted to do that for the longest time.”

Taylor says, “I’m marrying ’em both after the chaos.”

“Willa and Jennifer got us the Exception!”

“Make sure you save Leila for me,” says Shira.

“Save some room in your bed.” Taylor and Shira kiss, then Shira kisses Fiona.

“See, Leila? I promised.” Leila gives her a beautiful smile, then kisses her deeply.

23 october 2014.
Supreme Shepherd Drusilla Becket AMERICA! orders the release of an official Church of America public service announcement intended for mass broadcast:
Fellow Americans, now is the time to come to the defense of your country. Our Nation is constantly faced with the threat of insurrection by the undeserving rabble out to get something for nothing. In their resentment of the dictatorship of the deserving, they are revolting against all basic moral principles, above all the sanctity of family marriage. They wish to be free to indulge in the animal lusts that will destroy the moral order underlying the universe.

The moral foundation of our Republic is in mortal danger. Remember, freedom is not free. America bless God!
Posted to MyTube by LocaFantoma99 on October 23, 2014 at 6:00 a.m., in response to Shepherd Drusilla AMERICA!’s official announcement:
There they go gay-baitin’ again. They don’t like that I’m in love. They think true love violates their family marriage arrangements and pollutes their eugenic purity. They’re right, because they’re wrong. The real bestiality is the lust for domination.

I don’t see how they figure they can diss me for being in love with the politically incorrect girl. I mean, to them the problem is being in love at all. Love distracts from the Party synarchy’s precious eugenic program, after all. Between love and eugenics, I’ll choose love any day. [blows kiss at camera, winks]
before school. Polly accosts Shira, Leila, Jennifer, and Colette to beg, “Don’t stay for the opening bell, guys. It’s a prison!”

“So what happened?” asks Shira.

“Spiekerman fired the principals and took over! He says he’s gonna turn this place into a boot camp!”

Shira and Jennifer look at each other. Shira calls up Sparks and turns up the phone’s volume. “Yo J.T.! You got anything blackmailable on a Party official named Morton Spiekerman? Lieutenant Morton Spiekerman, Army. He just fired the school principals. All of ’em.”

“Hmph. A Party official, you say?”

“Yeah. Some of ’em can only remain raving fanatics for so long before they burn out and turn corrupt, so the Party finds something on ’em they can leverage against ’em.”

“We can try. Stu, can you find me something on one Morton Spiekerman?”

“Sure. Let’s see...” Kowalczyk searches the Party database for... “Hee hee hee heee!

“Sounds like a doozy,” says Shira.

Kowalczyk sings, “Ollie-Ollie Oxenfree!”

Shira gasps. “You don’t say.”

Jennifer asks, “What is it?” Shira silently mouths: “Ollie.” Jennifer exclaims, “Well!”

“So what’s it about?”

“Eggs. Human.”

“Say, I was supposed to be delivering some human eggs to Ollie’s old man when he blew up!”

“It gets better.”

“Tell me.”

“Fresh from the ovary, ripped from the corpse.”

“You mean—” Colette gasps in horror; Jennifer goes cold; Leila’s face darkens. All the girls stare at Colette. “I’m sure DeadBots are infertile.”

Sparks says, “You mean your friend Colette.”

“She’s right here, in fact. I’ll call Angie right away.”

“You do that. Later, babe.”

“Mwah!” Shira breaks the call.

Leila says, “Maybe I’ll have to kill Spiekerman as well.”

“No need. Leave that to Ollie.” Shira winks.

principal’s office. Shira faces Spiekerman alone. “What’s this about rumors, Miss Thomas?”

“I hear you’re a friend of a friend.”

“And just who is this friend of yours?”

“A certain Corporate princeling I know. No-good son of a corporate raider who blew up on me mid-delivery. He’s got no talent for business, so he makes do with murder. He loooves murder. And his late daddy arranged him a shotgun wedding with my girl. Sometimes I trash his lair just for the lulz.”

“And what is my connection supposed to be with this murderous princeling?”

“Eggs. Human eggs from the freshly extracted ovaries of murdered women. Eugenicists pay extra for prettier kills. And here you people thought liberals were soft on crime, the wimps.”

Spiekerman says coldly, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Shira grins in triumph. “Thanks for the Plausible Deniability, Comrade Spiekerman.” She winks at him and slinks out.

school lobby. Colette is still stunned. “He stole the eggs right out of my body...”

“Sounds like a good reason to just blow up the Eugenics Institute,” says Jennifer.

“Let’s leave that to Godwin’s Law, O Final Girl,” says Shira.

Polly protests, “But what do we do about the boot camp?”

Leila asks, “Better yet, what’s the best way to hurt Spiekerman?”

“Hmmm...” Shira rubs her chin. “I think there’s a way we can kill two birds with one stone.”

“And what’s that?”

Shira grins wickedly. “Bomb threat.”

home period. Suddenly the fire alarm goes off. Huge crowds of panicked students flee the school. The rumor spreads like wildfire that Bart planted a bomb in the library.

A hysterical Bart screams in Shira’s face, “Why would I put a bomb there?

“’Cuz you’re the sorest loser in the whole world, Bart! Why else would you try and blow up the Student Union, huh?”

The rest of Valiant Team pull him away. Shira follows the evacuating students out of the school building. By the time she gets out, COPCO agents swarm the school and bring in the bomb squad with their bomb-sniffing dogs.

telesphere. Litton’s mainstream-media weapon of choice this time is the gossip reporter. “Make it juicy,” he orders.
Rumors sweeping the streets! [video of Shira and Leila together] Self-proclaimed rebel blogger Shira Thomas has been seen with scandal-plagued model Leila Shelley. In a recent video post, she all but admits they’re sleeping together!

Shira: I stole the girl.

Could it get any worse than that? There’s laws against that, y’know.
Posted by LocaFantoma99 to MyTube on October 23, 2014:
Hi there! It’s the Teflon Kid here. So they’re trying to turn me into a scandal? Here’s a scandal for you. How about the insane speculation in human eggs driven by the Eugenics Institute? Rumor has it that fertile young white women are actually being murdered so that greedy eugenicists can make a killing on the egg market. You know what the real scandal is? [moves closer to the camera, whispers] It’s perfectly legal.

I bet there’s bad guys out there who’d just love to take my girl away from me. Well, bad guys, if you think you’re faster than a speeding bullet... [takes out semiautomatic pistol, cocks it] ...you can always try. [winks]
Washington Avenue. “This is where Fleer kidnapped Karen,” says Colette.

“Him and Falconer,” Shira adds. “I wonder how Honey Bunny’s handling the brig right now.”

“Probably sitting pretty in Club Fed,” says Leila contemptuously.

“Not hardly. Adultery, remember? Her murder was a sex crime.”

Suddenly a van skids to a halt next to them and empties itself of klownz. “Where’s your gun, Shira Thomas!” gloats Little Badd, the Killen Jokerz’ midget boss.

Shira speed-suplexes him. “Didn’t say I needed it.” She whips her loaded Go-Yo™ around, Jennifer hammers klownz with her extended kubotan, Leila launches herself into gangsters, steals their weapons and tries to kill them. Overpowered by angry young Amazons in yellow sailor fuku, the wounded klownz climb back into the van and speed off.

Shira and Jennifer run to Colette. “You all right?” asks Jennifer.

Colette catches her breath after the scare. “I’m okay. I don’t know about Leila.”

They look toward Leila and see a thin line of blood stream from a cut on her temple. She touches the blood and licks her fingertips. “Oh no, I hope it didn’t ruin my uniform...”

Shira’s apartment. While Jennifer comforts a spooked Colette, Hope cleans up and bandages the cut on Leila’s temple. “You feel all right?”

“No concussion, if that’s what you mean.”

“Good thing it looks worse than it actually is. You’d better be more careful next time.”

Shira says, “It wasn’t a matter of being careful so much as fighting off a gang of homicidal maniacs our good fiend Bart hired to rip my girlfriend’s head off. Some guys you just gotta fight.”

“Now you have a homicidal maniac coming after you both. What’re you gonna do about that?”

“Well, I’ve got just the nuke for that. Leila darling, remember what Bart did to you a month and a half ago?”

Leila gasps. “Shira, no—”

Shira silences her with a kiss. “Yes. Please be strong for me and help me destroy him once and for all. Okay, love?”

Leila sighs in resignation. “Okay...”

24 october 2014.
Posted by LocaFantoma99 to MyTube on October 24, 2014:
Barton Green, Head Boy at Bremerton High, has a problem. He’s the son of a Honky terrorist. He’s totally over. He’s trying to murder my girl. She knows too much. And now, thanks to my drug-busting security cam, so do you. You see, he raped her. See for yourself.

[She plays the security video of Bart raping a drug-paralyzed Leila. He keeps his pants on and merely lifts her skirt, but his act is one of rage and revenge. He continues for several minutes until he goes impotent; then he starts beating her...]
school. Bart orders Team Valiant to beat up the guards at the front door. He personally takes out three of them. They smash through the glass and pass the ruins of unreplaced advertising screens. Across the cafeteria, where the main hallway begins, they find the members of Team Bremelo.

Shira holds her arms crossed and waits for them to approach. Leila and Rob take their positions on either side of her. Jennifer, Connor, Cory, and Kio turn to face them. Bart storms up to Shira, gets in her face, and roars, “That’s the last straw! I Challenge you, Shira Thomas, to an official Team Challenge!”

She grins. “I was wondering when you would finally come around.”

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