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Spanner 22.2: Working for the Crackdown

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 22: There Is No Law
Part 2: Working for the Crackdown

31 october 2014.
Governor Brinkman makes an official announcement over all the official television networks.
Greetings from the CEO of the Leader of Cascadia to all our righteous comrades and loving subjects, in the name of Jesus America, amen. We are confronted today with the revolt of the moochers, who are trying to steal from the deserving what is rightfully ours.

We Americans fought this Revolution to snuff out the last remnants of communism on earth. Socialism is communism. Unionism is communism. Democracy leads inevitably to communism. America’s only salvation is the strict rule of the Producers who have built this country and made it supreme for all eternity. We cannot let the undeserving many take away the Nation that God gave to his deserving Chosen. We must save the Revolution if America is to bring eternal salvation to the world and the entire universe. I urge all my fellow Americans, all my righteous comrades in Jesus America, to join the resistance.

God bless America, and America bless God.
Black Tower. “You think that’ll work, cousin?” asks Jack Becket skeptically.

Brinkman replies, “If we can get the whole Party on our side, then we stand a chance of putting down this strike. To that end, we must appeal to their revolutionary fervor.”

“But we’ve been waging the revolution for two years now,” says Ross. “I fear some of us are worn out. They may have lost their fervor.”

Litton smirks. “We don’t have to rely entirely on worn-out cops and Corpos. You wanna tip the balance our way? I got just the thing.” The others stare at him and wait for his plan.

telesphere. The KCUF News Team carries video of the meeting between Brinkman and the Syndicate bosses to all the channels that had broadcast his official announcement.

Then near the scene of the downtown Bremerton protests, but upwind from where COPCO strike agents are throwing tear gas at gangsters wielding Molotov cocktails, KCUF News correspondents Amanda Currie and Desiree Richter-Thomas appear together for the first time.
How come Governor Brinkman has lowered himself to dealing with lowborn street criminals?

The people have offended him. They refuse to be the obedient little slaves God is said to have intended them to be, and have now taken to the streets allegedly in animalistic greed for everything the deserving have deserved by virtue of being already rich. That makes him miffed.

The Governor doesn’t realize that there is no passions lower and more animalistic than greed and power lust. It seems he’s willing to stoop to any depth to keep absolute power in his hands.

Amanda, he’s been known to commit violent crimes himself, up to and including rape. In fact, the KCUF News Team has received video of the Governor doing just that.

Take that, lamestream media!
Cut to the video of Brinkman raping his young son Arthur, the one who will grow up to become his mortal enemy Arvid Shield. Cut to the video of Brinkman, half transformed into werewolf form, raping both of the Shelley twins at once. Cut to Brinkman in the war-ravaged mountains of Afghanistan, fully transformed, gleefully eating Afghan civilians alive.

Bremerton boardwalk. Jennifer’s phone automates the sending of Shira’s insult texts to the gangs. “I hope that works,” she says.

“It should,” says Shira. “The Slasher Hunters Research Institute studied all the Syndicates’ berserk buttons with great precision, you know.”

Polly protests, “But the Governor told ’em we were making girls out of them!

Shira pats her on the back. “Not so fast, darlin’. You’re forgetting what gangsters are. What the Big Dog is trying to do is herd cats.”

the protests. All across Metropolitan Seattle, all over the city, in the centers of its suburbs, even in some of its exurbs, people gather in large crowds to protest less SPEC’s encouragement of bullying (in the name of “character building,” of course) than CPMC’s all-round tyranny and the omnipotent narcissism of its CEO. They demand that SPEC give paying students and parents power in the company. They demand shares in the Seattle Urban Management Corporation currently run by CPMC under contract.

CPMC does not take this well. COPCO and Syndicate enforcers armed with tasers, cattle prods, electric whips, and sound blasters attack every protest they can find. They arrest and beat every protester they can get their hands on and capture innocent bystanders and news crews.
[wearing scarf over her face to protect herself from the tear gas cloud]
...that the government of Wally Brinkman, by Wally Brinkman, and for Wally Brinkman shall never perish from this earth...
COPCO Seattle. Cheers among the COPCO executives in the control room. Jack Becket pumps his fists. “That’ll show those parasites!” he exults.

“Boss!” cries a panicked Agent 2468. “Look at this!”

Chief Becket runs over to the monitor Agent 2468 is staring at. On it he sees angry Syndicate contractors battling each other, with his own COPCO agents trying but failing to keep control. Then he sees the gangsters unite in order to start a huge brawl with the cops as the political prisoners in the ad-hoc containment camps cower in their cells.

He runs to a vidphone and calls Shira. “What the hell do you think you’re doing, Thomas!”

Shira replies mock innocently, “What do you mean, what am I doing?”

“Our contractors are turning on each other!”

“Your mistake, Chief, was to contract them in the first place. You guys have been turning ’em against each other so long, there’s no way you can keep ’em together before they’re back at each other’s throats again. What you are trying to do is herding cats.”

“Don’t pull that innocent act on me, girlie.”

“I know you, Big Chief One-Eye. Don’t deny it.” She breaks the call.

He goes back to the monitors and watches helplessly as angry gangsters battle their former police allies and release their prisoners purely out of spite.
U.S. Attorney General Nancy Grace has declared the Metropolitan City of Seattle guilty of treason and demands as punishment its nuclear destruction forthwith...
mayor’s office. Shepherd-Mayor Everson and SPEC CEO Ross hold a press conference, with state Transportation Secretary Tim Eyman in attendance, so Building Industry Association of Cascadia chairman Gary Almond can make a public announcement:
I and my fellow CEOs of the BIAC are pleased to announce the Eyman Plan.

[He turns behind him to unveil a huge map of Metropolitan Seattle, crisscrossed with a large number of huge expressways and subdivided into area plans, to great applause.]

As you know, all the problems of big cities are attributable to overcrowding. Our new plan increases the number and width of expressways to prioritize and expedite
auto traffic, while dispersing the population and organizing it into residential subdivisions spread evenly throughout a greatly expanded metro area. They will work in highly structured edge cities with extra room for growth without producing excess density. This will make them more pliable and lower the cost of administration.

[The executives and mainstream media reporters in attendance give him a standing ovation.]
the protests. As soon as someone leaks video of the SUMC/BIAC press conference, the video goes viral on the local phone net and on the Darknet. With the COPCO strike forces preoccupied with battling their former Syndicate allies, the protests grow in strength once more, fuelled by anger caused by the crackdown. Throughout the city, the protesters start chanting: “SAVE OUR CITY!”

Syndicate strike groups attack the protesters screaming “Smash the city!” Increasingly frustrated COPCO strike groups try to disperse the rallies, only for them to suddenly pop up elsewhere.

COPCO Seattle. Chief Becket pulls his hair. “What the fuck is going on?!”

Cyberagent 890 informs him over the vidphone, “Flash mobs.”

“What the hell is a ‘flash mob’?”

“An organization technique the enemy used before the Revolution, America bless God. They used the text messaging capabilities of mobile phones to create sudden riots by what they called ‘flash mobs.’ We eliminated their ability to do that when we consolidated AT&T.”

“So how come it’s happening again?

“Apparently, America save us, someone has devised a means of communicating directly between phones, thus bypassing AT&T’s firewalls. They’ve created what hackers call a ‘darknet.’”

Becket pounds the desk repeatedly with his fists. “God damn fucking shit!

“Pardon, sir?”
Richard Becket:
My fellow Americans and righteous revolutionary comrades, greetings in the name of Jesus America, amen. Behind every apparent contradiction, there is a moral opposition of Good against Evil. Behind every phenomenon, there is a plan. The Force that guides our evolution is now being opposed by dark forces fuelled by resentment and low ambition that would put evolution to an end. The Order that sustains the world is struggling against the man of Chaos whose will is destruction. The Light that illuminates our purpose faces a spreading darkness.

Be vigilant, my brethren. Let not the Light of the World be put out. God bless America, and America bless God.
the protests. By now all the workers have left their jobs to join the protests. Most of them are off work already, but some refuse to report to work anyway. The union bosses demand that the workers get back to work. The workers ignore their command. The union bosses — or union management, as they have come to be called — completely lost touch with the rank-and-file long ago; they are rich, they are fully integrated in corporate management with guaranteed seats on corporate boards, they are appointed by corporate management, and they execute the decrees of management against the wills of the working masses. The workers, unionized or nonunionized, hold a sudden phone-based vote. They vote to initiate a general strike. They vow to strike not just against corporate management, but against their own unions.

When Teachers Guild local president Hope Reston announces her support of the strike, SPEC CEO Ross fires her immediately in a fit of rage and officially replaces her with himself. His next action is to fire all sub-management SPEC employees and hire their replacements by the sole criterion of loyalty to the Party, the Empire, and him personally.
Hey kids! Guess what? The school company has just fired all the teachers in Seattle. That can mean only one thing: school’s out! If you’re ready to sue SPEC, do it now.

Short sellers, do your thing!
To Ross’ horror, right before his eyes, the Seattle Public Education Corporation’s stock price collapses. The Cascadia Public Management Corporation and its part-subsidiary city management companies suffer huge losses on the stock market. Shares in COPCO and the BIAC-affiliated construction companies goes up.
Remember the goals of #OccupyWallStreet three years ago. They tried to drive the City of New York into bankruptcy, only for the city to sell itself out to Donald Trump. We have it better. We’re fighting not governments but mere corporations. We can drive the private government corporations into bankruptcy. We can make it too expensive for them to handle. We can drive them out of existence. But they won’t go out peacefully. We must keep fighting and never, ever give up.
Eventually, the workers and the students wear out, declare they they have sent their message at least for today, disperse, and go home. The Syndicates, the radical terrorists, and the COPCO strike agents have much greater stores of testosterone and battle each other well into the night.

Shira’s apartment. At election central, Colette and the Cockroach Twins sit exhausted on the couch while Karen attempts to rally them with a pep talk. As soon as Shira walks through the door, Leila greets her with a long deep kiss. Hope says, “Say, you lovebirds up to a long fight?”

Leila replies, “I live for this.”

Shira winks. “Have I ever stopped?”

Leila wanders around the coffee table and deposits herself on the couch between Colette and Moon. “I haven’t insulted Oliver enough,” she moans.

“So what’s going on with him?” asks Moon.

“I can feel him laughing at me. He must think I’m just some bitchy little girl who only needs a condescending pat on the head. He doesn’t think I’m serious. The bastard doesn’t realize how much I really, really want to kill him.”

Shira asks, “Jen, can you find Ollie’s berserk button for me, please?”

“There’s a lot of classified stuff in his file,” Jennifer answers, “but I’ll try.”

Leila kisses Jennifer. “Thanks, Jen, I love you.”

Black Tower. The Fearsome Foursome trade blame and stare at Pete Ross. Brinkman says, “Now you’ve done it, Peter. You’ve turned a piddly little get-together into a goddamn general strike!

The fat man snarls back, “Hardly. At least I tried to keep the situation under control. It was you, Walter, you and your overreaction that turned that piddly little get-together into a complete disaster. The third in just this month, I might add.”

Jack Becket points his finger at Brinkman. “You didn’t trust me, cousin. You had to go and hire the Mafias, ’cuz you just didn’t trust me.”

“I know you, Jack,” snaps Brinkman. “If you had been more competent, maybe our grandfather wouldn’t now be dead!

Litton interrupts the argument. “Gentlemen, gentlemen!” Brinkman, Becket, Everson, and Ross stare at him. “Remember, comrades, we gotta keep a united front, ’cuz you and I know if we don’t they’ll pick us apart. You don’t wanna be losers, now, do you?”

They stare at him for a while longer. Brinkman says, “Round two it is. We’re going the distance.”
The great stone castle Fort CPMC is collapsing. It was inevitable. The entire edifice was built on quicksand. But don’t allow yourselves to become complacent. You’ll have to dance between the stones if you don’t want to get crushed.
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