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Spanner 21.6: Burning Down the House

Those who have read the original Chapter 21 know that the final school invasion scene, the centerpiece of this installment, is also the climax of the posted first draft and the conclusion of the School Arc. Tomorrow, for the first time, Spanner will go beyond this point. The student rally will happen starting tomorrow, despite everything the Fearsome Foursome do to prevent it — and then all chaos breaks loose, and Spanner returns in the flesh...

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 21: High School Banned
Part 6: Burning Down the House

29 october 2014.
Mudlark House.
Because of the protests scheduled on Friday, the girls of Team Bremelo hold their inaugural Halloween costume party two days early. The theme: magical girl cosplay. Jennifer has her female friends come dressed in the power dresses of their favorite magical girls in anime. She greets them in the skimpy getup Fate Testarossa uses at her highest power. “I thought you were supposed to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” says Polly, who gave into her lapsed-Catholic side to cosplay as Mysterious Thief Saint Tail.

Jennifer grins. “Nah. Too Halloweeny. Besides, I’m tall and she’s short.”

Her cousin Samantha comes as Wedding Peach; she certainly has the Care Bear Stare down. (“I figured I may have to use it on Leila,” she says.) Natsumi, Akimi, Fuyumi, and Harumi Tachibana are, respectively, Sailors Venus, Jupiter, Mars, and Mercury; they’ve dressed their pretty-boy cousin Seika as Sailor Moon and declared him kawaii and squeeworthy. Karen, as always, is Card Captor Sakura, and Debbie could only be Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan. Ayla is adorable in pink as Ojamajo Doremi. Colette arrives costumed as a perfectly innocent-looking Madoka Kaname; conversely, Leila comes in the black and gray power dress of Homura Akemi, a sad and determined girl driven by love to wage war against fate, with whom she feels a deep affinity. Her choice causes controversy; but then, any choice she made would. “As perverted as you are,” snarks Debbie, “I thought you’d be coming as Anarchy Angel Stocking.”

Jennifer puts her arm around her shoulders, kisses her, and purrs, “Funny, she was an obvious Shadow Lady to me.”

Colette puts her arm around her from the other side. “Aw, c’mon, she makes a perfectly good Homura-chan!” She kisses her on the cheek.

Harumi sneaks behind her and slyly tells her, “I thought you were Sailor Saturn. I bet you used to be moé just like Homura-chan.”

Fiona interrupts her sister to say conspiratorially, “Yeah! She was moé beyond belief once, just like Homura-chan herself.” Leila blushes furiously.

Shira, of course, is what Shayla-Shayla would be if her personality got switched with Alielle, or so the Otaku tell her. She intercepts Leila to give her a deep kiss. Jennifer sneaks over, tries to pull Shira away, and mock threatens, “Let go of my fujoshi.”

Leila pulls Shira back. “My fujoshi,” she snaps back mock petulantly. All the other girls giggle, especially the Tachibana sisters.

Jennifer hugs Shira from behind. “I thought we were getting married, Shira,” she laments.

Leila kisses Jennifer. “Don’t worry, Jen. We’ll marry you as soon as you’re legal and don’t need your mum anymore, and then we’ll all three be together forever. I really love you too. But first, Shira and I need to elope.” She runs back to her purse, digs out a small jewel box, runs back to Shira, kneels before her, and opens the box to reveal a beautiful diamond engagement ring. “Shira, will you marry me? Please?”


“Hurry up! We’re eloping.”

“Okay. Yes!”

Leila gently puts the ring onto Shira’s right ring finger, then throws herself into her arms and gives her the most passionate kiss of her life.

Jennifer says, “You two stick around. I’ve got something special for you.” She winks.

After the party, when some have gone and the rest have removed their costumes, in the bedroom Jennifer shares with her mother/wife, Shira and Leila lie together sideways across the bed, side by side, legs open, waiting to accept Jennifer’s fists. “Oh my god you’re so beautiful. I wish I could keep you forever. But since you’re eloping without me, I want to give you a special elopement gift. Here it comes.” She kneels down before them and expertly slides her fists into their cunts. They cry out in unison at the extreme sensation. As Jennifer works them harder, the skin of all three changes various colors. Shira and Leila’s orgasm is so intense Jennifer can feel it and has one too. Once they lick their lubrications off her hands and forearms, she collapses on top of them.

Stunned, Leila says, “I’ve loved many men, and not one of them did this to me.”

“Leila darling,” Shira replies, ”I’m supposed to be even more perverted than you are, and nobody did this to me, either.”

Jennifer smiles and kisses them both. “My wife is an expert who’s teaching me everything. She can teach you, too. Just ask her!”

“Oh, how I wish Connor and Rob could make love to each other in front of us.”

Leila sighs. “Then we’ll reward ’em by making love in front of them.”

The three of them sigh together. “I guess we’re all fujoshi. We’re incurable!” They laugh.

30 october 2014.
before school.
High school: a place where evil dwells. But some refuse to allow evil to prevail. Such a person is Karen Kubota. Through example, through leadership, through spiritual enlightenment, she strives incessantly to achieve peace where peace is not, to bring peace to those traumatized by the never-ending strife that is America. She has gone through martyrdom and become a hero.

Students and teachers greet Karen ecstatically. The girls and gay boys hug and kiss her and cry tears of joy. The boys and lesbians treat her like a conquering hero. Karen finds to her surprise that the rally plans have advanced far without her. The kids have begun to trust themselves.

Shira takes it calmly. She says to Brandi, “We’ve got a team that can fight back. We’ve got Karen. And we’ve got Spanner. I think we stand a chance for once.”

“You forgot one thing.”

“Whats that?”

“We’ve got you.” Brandi kisses her and winks. Shira smiles.

Suddenly an explosion rocks the front entrance. “Gang invasion!” yells Steve. “Everybody run!”

Hundreds of screaming students flee toward the back-side exits. Charmian orders the student councillors to help with the evacuation. With a madman’s strength, a man shatters the front entrance with his bare hands. Shira recognizes the man through the screaming madness.


Behind Barton Green, a grinning maniac holding a hand grenade.


Shira unholsters her Go-Yo and spins it up and down, slowly and threateningly.

Behind Bart and Vince, there’s Ron and Don, now Vince’s sidekicks and full-blown gangsters intending to get made. Behind them, a pack of steroid-crazed jocks. Nearby, Vince clocks Bob Brinkman, then throws himself at Scotty Waters and John Paine.

Bart rushes Shira screaming, face contorted by hate and madness. Shira flicks her Go-Yo and slams him in the left temple. He veers past her, stumbles, crashes.
Vince giggles and throws a grenade into the principal’s office. Dean Principal can only smile nervously and sweat as the grenade bounces across the floor and slides to the edge of his desk. It blows up, destroying the office, instantly obliterating him and the assistant principals.

Shira plunges into the pack of steroid boys, deliberately provoking them. She flits between them, dodging the big clumsy men effortlessly, lures their fists into each others faces and bodies. Before long, they’re pummelling each other. The biggest, Joe Fisk, roars like a beast and attempts to kill the others with her bare hands. The others fall away wounded. Joe rushes Shira; she rolls underneath him, leaps over and around him. jumps around like a taunting pixie. He flails away at her, tries to grab and kick and crush her, finds only air where she once was. She launches a rising back kick into his jaw; he stumbles backwards but regains his balance. In the mad frenzy of ’roid rage, he tries to kill her again. But his overworked heart now refuses to work anymore. He feels pain in his chest, clutches it, cries out in wordless terror, falls to the floor, and dies. His last words: “At least I died big...” Shira’s sigh says You are so clueless.

Three gangsters cock their guns and hold them on Shira. Vince grins in malevolent triumph. “I gotcha now, Rebel Styles.” To Ron and Don, he commands, “Kill the fucking bitch.”

Ron and Don hold out their guns gangster style and point them at Shira. She stares at them, mesmerizes them, puts them in a trance. “Drop your guns.”

“Don’t do it! Hold onto your—”

Their guns clatter on the floor. “Slap yourselves.”

“Stop it!” Vince begs. “Don’t—”

They slap their cheeks with their right and then left hands. She stares them down as they stand helplessly before her. Then she says, “Now, fuck.”

As Vince stares on in horror, the two entranced gangster boys throw off their clothes and involuntarily copulate like homosexual zombies.

Shira turns her head back and yells angrily, “Hey, Scotty! I told ’em to fuck! Happy now?” Scotty looks back, then returns his attention to Bob as he, John, and Lance carry Bob down the hall and out of the building.

Vince throws away his pistol and takes out an Uzi. He shoots wildly at her as she darts back and forth in seemingly random fashion, not allowing him to get a bead on her. She flings out her Go-Yo and slams it into his right hand, right on the trigger finger knuckle, shattering it. He screams and drops the gun. Shira rushes in and kicks him in the tender groin. He screams, clutches his groin, and falls to the floor. Shira picks up his discarded pistol and holds it on him.

“No, no, please dont kill me...”

Shira flashes him a wicked cockeyed smirk and chuckles. She fires one shot through his hands, destroying one testicle. He holds his hands up and screams. She grins evilly and fires another bullet, destroying his other testicle, then one more to ruin his penis. She tries to shoot one more time for insurance, but the gun goes click. She stares at it, shakes it slightly, then tosses it aside. She gives him a sidelong contemptuous smirk and says, “I pity you, Vinnie. It so sucks to be you.” And she walks away, leaving the gangster boy helpless.

As Shira puts her hands on her knees and catches her breath, Brandi puts her hand on Shira’s shoulder. “You okay?”

Shira smiles. “Me, yeah. Them? Not so much.”

Bart suddenly grabs Brandi from behind and starts to crush her. Brandi cocks her head back to break his nose, then kicks his knees and stomps on his feet. While he reels from the pain, she struggles free and faces him. She pulls out a pistol from the leg holster hidden beneath her skirt and coldly shoots him in the kneecaps. Bart falls to his knees and struggles not to feel the pain. Involuntarily, he whimpers and shudders. Unable to control himself, he howls, screams, collapses into sobs. He curls up into fetal position, holding his shattered knees. Realizing he has been utterly defeated, he falls silent.

Leila tries to steal the gun from Brandi, but Rob and Connor pry her off. “He’s a rapist!” she yells. “He’s still dangerous!”

Shira kneels over him and says, “Live by the sword, die by the sword. The rally’s going.” She stands up and yells to no one in particular, “Somebody get a nurse!”

Suddenly, a series of explosions goes off throughout the school. Huge blasts destroy classrooms and storage rooms. The newest wing of classrooms, less than five years old, is obliterated.

Forty-eight injured: now evacuated onto the football field. Fifteen people left in the building. Seven are now dead. Ronald Tremayne and Donald Murphy. Edgar Olney Smith. Joe Fisk. Dean Principal. The assistant vice principals known only as Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.

As the rubble and dust settle, the remaining ten come together and surround the one of them who is wounded. Charmian patiently puts gauze around sobbing Bart’s bloody knees. Shira asks her, “Need any help?” Charmian smiles at her and shakes her head no.

Joining Shira are Jennifer, Connor, Brandi, and the Shelley twins. Dorian puts her hand gently on her own sister’s shoulder. Rachel kneels down sobbing, puts her arms around Bart, consoles him in a soothing voice, and kisses him. Everybody realizes at once that Rachel Brinkman has found her true love at last; and for the first time in his life, Barton Green is happy.

“Looks like we’ll be borrowing some portables,” Jennifer sighs.

“Either that,” says Shira ironically, “or school’s out forever.”

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[Revision 2, 10/12/11: The school sequence expanded and modified from the first draft. The cosplay party sequence is new.]
[Revision 3 initial, 10/19/11: added arc words to conclude the School Arc, calling back to 5.1.]

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