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Spanner 13.3: Breaking Amanda

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 13: The Girl with No Name
Part 3: Breaking Amanda (Final Revision)

30 september 2014.
shira’s apartment.
Sparks’ siren ringtone wakes up Shira and the girl with the violet eyes. Shira groggily picks it up. “Jim?”

“Hey, red,” says Sparks. “I got a little somethng you might wanna know.”

Curiosity awakens her fully. “What have got for me this time, J.T.?”

“You know the story Amanda was working on when the Revolution hit?”


“Someone else was on the case as well, FBI agent named Naomi Misora.”

“One of Holmes’ girls?”

“Was. While he was involved in the Alabaster case, she conveniently disappeared.”

“Hmmm.” A mischievous cockeyed smile grows on her face. “You don’t say.”

“Remember, this is between just you, me, and Amanda.”

“Gotcha.” She puts the phone back on the nightstand.

Her violet-eyed companion rolls over with a sensual moan. “Can you wake me up?”

“As in?”

She gives Shira a wicked smile. “The Mobley way.”

Soon she’s sitting on the side of the bed gleefully spanking her grateful masochistic mistress lying across her lap. Just as the girl’s sobbing body approaches climax, Ayla bursts into the room in a panic, runs over to Shira, and grabs her hand to stop her from spanking. “No!” she sobs. “Please stop it!”

The violet-eyed girl, angry at the interruption, glares at Ayla. Shira laughs. She strokes Ayla’s head. “What’s wrong, darling?”

“Why are you punishing her?”

“What?” the violet-eyed girl says incredulously. “Nobody’s punishing anybody for anything.”

Shira winks. “Ayla darling, we’re doing this strictly for pleasure.”

“Nobody spanks people for pleasure!” protests Ayla, confused.

“Sweet lover, Ayla and I need a heart-to-heart talk.”

The violet-eyed girl sighs. Reluctantly, she gets up. Shira stands up to kiss her. She says, “I’ll go pleasure myself while you two talk.”

“Okay.” Leila leaves and shuts the door. Shira gestures for Ayla to come to her, holds her tight in her arms, and looks deep into her eyes. “Just so you understand,” she says softly, “I want to talk about me.” Ayla nods. “When I was half your age...”

second grade... “I wish we didn’t have to do this yet again,” laments the teacher.

“Hit the goddamn brats harder this time!” commands the angry principal.

Down come their pants; down come the paddles. Shira and Kira are in trouble again!

These charming and adorable twins were always insufferable brats. They could twist you around their pinkies and make you fall in love with them, and use this to get away with shenanigans that would make a drunken sailor blush. But not at school. The teachers and administrators found the lovely little terrors so unmanageable, they concluded they had to resort to extreme measures: corporal punishment.

Then Shira and Kira made an astonishing discovery: if they could bother their classmates and provoke the teachers enough, they could get the principal to spank them so hard that pain suddenly transformed into a pleasure they had never felt before. So they concentrated their effort on doing rotten things that would get them spanked. When they got caught, they resisted as fiercely as possible. When they got dragged to the principal’s office, they protested as hysterically as they could. When the paddles came down onto their bare quivering behinds, they kicked and screamed as if their life was being ripped out of them.

And it always worked. They could never get enough. The clueless school authorities didn’t realize what the twins were pulling on them till sixth grade.

In middle school, of course, school authorities don’t spank, they detain and suspend. Shira and Kira knew this even before they got into seventh grade, and they knew it would be boring as all-get-out. So they picked up the paddle for themselves and spanked each other. Then they reached for more intense pleasures, doing sweet, sweet things to each other that would have horrified anyone who found out, even before the Conservative Revolution commanded the Law to forbid non-eugenic practices...

Ayla says quietly, “Sugoi.”



Shira slaps Ayla hard on her bare behind, again and again; the girl screams, sobs, and squirms, but does not beg her to stop; Shira spanks her until she shudders and then collapses in exhaustion, stunned. Shira bends down to kiss her now red butt again. Ayla says deliriously, “Sugoi...♥“

The violet-eyed girl stands in the doorway. “Did she like it?”

Ayla nods enthusiastically at her, her flushed face glowing with rapture. “Mm!”

She jumps onto the bed and kisses Ayla’s red butt, making her giggle. The two young women are about to spank her together when Angela’s ringtone sounds on Shira’s phone. “Hello?”

“I’d like to speak to the girl with the violet eyes.”

Shira holds out the phone to her nameless lover and grins. “It’s for you.”

nameless girls’ apartment. When the brown-haired girl answers the door, she finds Shira and Leila in uniform. Leila looks more radiant than she has ever been before. Shira has that mischievous cockeyed smirk. “May we come in?” asks Leila. “It’s important.”

“What’s it about?”

“My name.”

In the living room she stands before them. The nameless beauties sit forward on their couch. She announces to them, “I’ve found a way to escape my name. It’s trademarked by the Brinkman clan, so Shira’s lawyer cousin just put an intellectual property lock on my name so it’s illegal for me to use it.” They gasp. “Now it’s official and legal. I’m free. Your girl with the violet eyes is now nameless.”

The nameless beauties leap up and squee, they jump her, group-hug her, kiss her and cry; all five together leap up and down overjoyed that the girl with the violet eyes has become one of them, an anonymous beauty.

telesphere. Once again, a surprise awaits the faithful viewers of the five network news shows. Instead of the usual propaganda, they get mood-altering newsertainment starring the cute, sweet, bright-eyed and bitchy presenter Amanda Currie, hair GIMPed pink, image jittery scratched, voice autotuned to a slammin’ Chi Sah Gang hip-hop backing track. And it goes like this:
Good evening everybody,
this is | the shit.
Hello everybody |
this is | the shit.
Everybody’s talkin’ ‘bout |
Spanner’s | back!
Everybody’s talkin’ ‘bout |
Spanner | he’s back!

music stops

This is the news.

drum roll, music resumes

Spanner’s back! |
He’s back in town |
When | he’s | in town |
he | don’t mess around |
He’s evil | ass | wicked!
he | be | the shit
He’s | so hot |
I wanna | fuck the bitch!

music stops again

You know you wanna do her. |
This is the news.
When the underground hip-hop resumes, the Amanda Currie sex tape begins. Before a digital camera set stationary in the manner of the old amateur porn sites, she’s on top of her male lover, aggressively attacking him. The The smiling pipe-smoking icon of “Bob” Dobbs replaces his own. (“Praise ‘Bob’!” exults Deth.) She taunts him, tortures him, acts like a complete and utter slut. His name has been redacted to protect his identity (but you can be damn sure Nenene knows).
This | This|This | This|This |
This is the news.

FoxNews | FoxNews |
You’re full of shit!—
Suddenly the piratecasted video is replaced by an old-fashioned Indian’s-head test pattern, stretched to 16:9 aspect, complete with annoying high-pitched electronic tone. A male voice announces, “We are currently experiencing technical difficulties. Please stand by.”

When the news stream returns, the presenters sadly announce that Amanda Currie has been fired from the ESPNBC News Family for “moral improprieties.”

library. Elsie calls a secret conference in the meeting room. Present: Sally, Kitty, Chris, and Charlie. Shira says, “I gotta be here for my bright-eyed girl no matter what.” The girl with the violet eyes says, “I know her. I can help you.” Elsie says, “Let ’em in.” The girls lock the door behind them and sit at the table.

Sally says, “So the world’s cutest evil newsbot just got nuked. Serves the bitch right.”

“Sally!” protests Elsie.

“Somebody wants Amanda out of a job,” says Charlie. “We don’t know if they wanna help or hurt her, but they got Spanner in on it somehow.”

Shira says, “We finally got the chance to save her, but we gotta hurry ’cuz the Moral Enforcers are bound to butt in, so the clock’s ticking.”

“If we can do away with ‘Amanda Currie’ in time,” says the violet-eyed girl, “we can save our bright-eyed girl.”

Sally glares at her skeptically. “You mean same way you did ‘Leila Shelley’?”


Shira stands up. “Girl, Elsie, let’s do it now!”

kcuf studios. Hidden within the shanty neighbourhoods of Bangor known as “the squats” that have grown up in the largely abandoned warehouse district along Seabeck Highway next to Bremerton, the pirate television station KCUF has its studio. Shira storms into the main office with an accusation on her face. “Simon, what the fuck are you doing!”

“She’s getting too close to us,” says Simon Remington. “We had to do something about it fast.”

“Like destroying her life?”

“She’s one of them now, Shira. Give up on her.”

Deth Pussy circles around her. “C’mon, Simon, remember who you’re talking to.” He grins; she winks.

Simon stares at her skeptically. “Well, then. What’s your Plan A this time?”

She gives him her mischievous cockeyed smile. “Bring her to me.”

bangor city limits. Closer to Bremerton, off the roundabout where the busy Seabeck Highway becomes Northlake Way on its serpentine path to the city, there is a venerable country-and-western bar whose current name is the Poo-tee-weet. Amanda Currie, back home in the outermost suburbs, sits at a table in one of the darker corners crying, drinking beer, and hoping to fend off the inevitable advances from drunken would-be seducers. She is relieved to discover the house style of country music is not Patriot but cry-in-your-beer. She figures she needs a good cry after what Spanner did to her. She drains the mug of its remaining contents and waits for the waitress in the short denim skirt to bring her more.

Two tables away, a man and a woman, Californian and Texan, are talking. She does not like the distraction; she wants to drink herself unconscious in peace. But the subject of their conversation makes them impossible to ignore. “Yo babe,” he says, “you hear about that news chick just got fired today?”

“Serves her right. I just can’t stand the chirpin’ lot of ’em.”

“You know those creepy twins she used to babysit?”

“The ones she got busted over?”

“Only one left now.”

“Why’d she do somethin’ like that?”

“I dunno. Revenge, maybe?”

Amanda is horrified by what she hears. She stands up, downs her second beer in several gulps, makes sure the gun is in her purse, and staggers out to her car.

Deth and Sally high-five.

shira’s apartment. Shira flings her copy of the latest Civet novel aside. “So how was it,” the girl with the violet eyes asks her.

“Let me put it this way: any monkey with a typewriter could write fifty of these a day with one arm tied behind its back, and probably does.”

The violet-eyed girl sits on Shira’s lap so they can gaze into each other’s eyes. Just as they’re about to kiss, someone starts knocking on the door a bit too insistently. “I’ll get that,” says Shira. The girl gets off her lap so she can stand up. They share a quick kiss. Shira flits over to the door and opens it.

A drunk and deranged Amanda Currie in a wet raincoat is pointing a gun at her.

Shira gently moves Amanda’s gun arm aside, locks her gaze with her eyes, puts her hand on her cheek and gently caresses. Leila embraces Shira from behind and softly pleads, “Please stop... bright-eyed girl.”

Amanda gasps and freezes in shock. Slowly she lowers the gun. She stares into those beautiful violet eyes, now so reassuring. “Bright-eyed... girl?”

Shira says gently, “You are and will always be the bright-eyed girl of my heart.”

The violet-eyed girl smiles sweetly and reaches out to her. “Come inside and forget your name.”




“Forget my name too. To you, from now on, I am the girl with the violet eyes.” The two girls gently pull Amanda in. She drops the gun.

“You found them? How?”

Shira directs a thumb toward the nameless girls’ apartment. “Three of ’em live next door.”

Leila smiles. “They still want you to be their bright-eyed girl.”

Amanda shakes her head violently. “No... they hate me...”

“Elsie told them the truth. They forgive you now.”

She gives Leila a questioning look. “You’re one of them now?”

“Yes. I’m a nameless beauty now. You know deep in your heart that you are too, bright-eyed girl.”

“I am...?”

“You are.” The girl with the violet eyes pulls Amanda into a tight embrace; Shira hugs her from behind; the bright-eyed girl lets her body melt into them and surrenders to the urge to cry.

telesphere. A male presenter reads ESPNBC management’s official reversal of the action they had taken this afternoon.
Newsreader: The management of this network has determined that the sex tape included in the pirate broadcast illegally posted here by the infamous Spanner earlier this afternoon could not be proved genuine. They have decided to reverse their decision. Amanda Currie returns to ESPNBC tomorrow morning.
shira’s apartment. “Why would she want just me?” the slender Asian beauty asks herself. She knocks. Shira answers.

“Glad you’re here.” Shira lets her in and moves out of the way to reveal—

the slender girl gasps when she sees—

“Bright-eyed girl?”

Amanda is shocked to see someone familiar, a slender young Asian beauty with long silky black hair, completely nude: “N— Na—”

“No.” The black-haired girl throws herself into Amanda’s arms and kisses her as hard as she can.

“So it’s true,” Sparks interrupts.

She glares at him with fury. “You—”

“Yes and no. Losing your face and almost dying have a way of forcing you to grow up.”

“What do you want.”

“Everybody here’s free: you, Shira, the girl with the violet eyes, even me. Except one. She desperately needs us.”

Shira embraces the black-haired girl from behind and puts her arms around Amanda. “Why didn’t we know each other before?”

“You were the one I wanted to save her from. I... didn’t want you to know...”

“I was just the bludgeon they’re using to beat her with. I wanna take it out of their hands.”

Suddenly the phone rings in Amanda’s purse. She breaks their embrace, fumbles through the phone, freezes in terror when she sees the caller ID—“Oh no, I gotta go!” She grabs her coat and dashes out the door in a panic.

The three girls run after her. “Bright-eyed girl,” the slender girl wails, “please don’t go!”

Sparks restrains her from behind. “No, let her go.”

“We’ve gotta save her...”

With determination Shira says, “We will.”

Heartbroken, the slender girl slowly slips down to her knees. “What do you want me to do?”

The girl with the violet eyes kneels behind her, holds her tight, and kisses her shoulder. “Help us bring our bright-eyed girl back.”

“I’ll do it.”

Shira kneels onto her lap. “Thank you.” She kisses her. “I love you.”

“Meanwhile,” says Sparks, “we switch to Plan B.”

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[Revision 4 Final, 12/14/12: Contains material from Chapters 14 and 16-18 Revision 2. The opening scene (with embedded flashback) was originally 12.6 R2, now both condensed and expanded, modified to fit R4 continuity. Everything else is new to the Fourth Revision.]

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