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Spanner 14.1: City in Flight

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 14: Plots and Plans
Part 1: City in Flight (Revision 4)

As the stag pants after the waterbrooks,
So pants my mind after you, O gods!
My mind thirsts for gods! for living gods!
When shall I come face to face with gods?

Psalm 42:1-2

I’m a fool for the city. . .
Foghat Honda City Citibank

1 october 2014.
cpmc headquarters.
The Fearsome Foursome—Governor Brinkman, Admiral Fleer, Shepherd-Mayor Everson, and COPCO Section Chief Jack Becket—cower along with Chief Shepherd Drusilla Becket before the image of their patriarch, King Patriot of America. “Father!” Drusilla asks, “what is the meaning of this?”

The King, the former Roger Steele Becket, the man who was Super Patriot, the original World War II superhero, thunders, “The prophecy is at hand.”

They stare at him in horror.


“Yes, Grandfather!” says Brinkman.

“Leila has renounced her name.”

Brinkman screams.


“Yes, Grandfather!” says Jack.

“Your son has failed to stop her.”

Jack roars in rage.


“Yes, Your Majesty!” says Fleer.

“Prepare to declare martial law.”

Fleer salutes. “Yes, sir!”


“Yes, Your Majesty!” says Everson.

“Leila has turned traitor, therefore she must be sacrificed. You must hold the Ceremony!”

Everson gasps in horror. “But we can’t!”

“You must!”

Drusilla yells, “Luke, Father’s right! We have no choice!”

“If she is allowed to live and fulfill the prophecy, Our Nation faces destruction.”

“Your Majesty!” screams Everson. “Don’t you remember TrumpCity? You’ll only bring Spanner here!

“I shall slay the angel of chaos myself. Prepare!”

2 october 2014.
Two young women, cinnamon-skinned and violet-eyed, find themselves awake in the same dream—in otherwise total darkness. They look around and find nothing. The girl with the violet eyes feels her body shudder. “I feel a nightmare coming.”

Shira feels herself go deadly calm. “I get the feeling it’s gonna be real.”

Suddenly a glowing figure taller than the sky rips apart the darkness. From above the parted clouds, giants descend into the figure’s shadow, grotesque forms resembling neither god nor human, swarming around him, filling the sky like invading aliens intent on conquering Earth; compared to them, the two girls are tiny naked and vulnerable. Suddenly Shira shudders in recognition. “I know what these are!”


“The egos of the entire Party apparat!” And the giant figure turns from ectoplasmic green to red white and blue, his Uncle Sam costume forms around him, the long hair and beard materialize beneath the top hat—and the giant figure of Jesus America reaches down with his hand to crush them—

shira’s apartment. —they wake up in a cold sweat, shudder violently (scaring Tanner off the bed), hold each other as tight as they can, pant hard while staring in each other’s eyes. The girl with the violet eyes starts to cry. “Shira?”


“You think they’re onto us?”

“I wouldn’t be surprised.” They kiss violently like it’s the last time they ever will.

Suddenly the light comes on, the covers fly off their bodies, and Catalina jumps on the bed to lick Shira’s neck. Desiree declares, “Girls, we got trouble—and it’s big.”
Brinkman: I hereby declare martial law within the Metropolitan City of Seattle. Any unauthorized personnel still within the city limits will be shot as trespassers on CPMC property. I am mobilizing the full forces of America’s police and paramilitary security companies effective Saturday. This time all you Communist liberal traitors have gone too far. America bless God!
The streets of the city and its suburbs jam with cars as people flee the area as fast as they can, as if it were a category-five hurricane coming toward Seattle instead of the Conservative Revolutionary Party hierarchy. All the expressways, all the arterials, all the back streets out of the city fill first with dangerous speeders fleeing as fast as they can in their panic, then a parade of more patient drivers trying to be the first to leave without risking vehicular suicide, and finally the many who in their haste find themselves trapped in stopped traffic. The morning sun rises to greet a city turned into a gigantic parking lot.

shira’s apartment. Desiree’s on the phone to Charlie. Hope’s in the shower. Leila walks into the bathroom to find Shira squatting on the cabinet, peeing into the sink. “Shira, what the hell are you doing?”

Shira patiently replies, “The quick way Amanda taught me and Kira.”

2010... The cheerful bright-eyed babysitter squats naked on the bathroom cabinet over the sink and opens her nether lips in full view of the twins. “Now watch carefully.” They stare wide-eyed from either side as she pees into the sink, hitting the open drain bullseye. “Wowww,” they say together. When she’s done, she turns on the faucet and begins washing her hands.

“Why the sink?” asks Kira.

“Here’s why.” Amanda takes a soapy hand and washes her crotch. “You should do this every time anyway.” With her other hand she reaches back to soap her anal area. “And after you poop, in the toilet of course, make sure to wash your butt.” She rinses the soap off, turns off the water, and dries herself, first her pelvis then her hands. She drops to the floor and hugs both twins. “Tell your mom it conserves a whole lotta water,” she says conspiratorially, “but it’s really another reason to stay naked.”

The twins grin mischievously. “Ohhhh.”

“Conserves water, eh?” says Hope from the shower.

“That’s what she said.” Shira winks. She dries herself off and jumps to the floor. “Try it.”

The violet-eyed girl says, “Okay.” She climbs on and kneels above the sink.


“Mm!” She opens her nether lips and pees right into the drain. Shira caresses her soft butt. The girl smiles at her.

bangor jail. The beautiful redhead sits in despair, alone in her cell. A man in the next cell says, “Suck my dick!” She snarls contemptuously back in a thick Russian accent, “Fuck you, bitch!” His manhood offended, he screams at her viciously. She ignores him.

The cell door opens. Standing in the doorway, a smirking Chief Mobley and a snarling Russky. “Your girlfriend’s trouble, Mr. Slutsky. Next time, we might have to up the bail.”

“Next time,” Slutsky snarls, “I maybe not to paying.” He storms in, grabs the resentful redhead painfully, and storms back out with her. “Next time, Irina, I punish you.”

shira’s apartment. Shira and her violet-eyed girl walk into the living room in uniform and black ankle-high boots. Willa, Jennifer, and Sparks are already here. “So the bastard’s gone and done it,” says Sparks bitterly.

The girl pulls Shira close. “Just don’t blame me like he does.”

“Don’t forget you’re the reason I lost my partner, K-9, and face.”

“And you’re the one who trapped Rob and me in Pretty City.”

“Trading blame, you two?” asks Shira. “That’s over. Worry about Wally and his revolutionary friends who wanna have their fun at our expense.“

“She’s right,” adds Jennifer. “Stop squabbling and help us work out a way outta this.”

technosphere. Posted to LocaFantoma99’s Profile on 2 October 2014:
[Shira and Jennifer lie together on Shira’s bed facing the camera in full school uniform.]

Shira: Hi again! I’m Loca Fantoma...
Jennifer: ...and I’m Guest Blogger Jenni.
Shira: Today’s subject is future shock.
Jennifer: You can’t have a Conservative Revolution without it.
shira’s apartment. Charlie looks Sparks’ face over carefully. “You took your father out of your face.”

“The surgeon gave me the option of full reconstruction. I chose anonymous standard. Fit in better.”

“Kept you outta the shadow of your father’s mean face?”

“Kept me from getting lynched.”

Shira interrupts, “So what’s our plan now?”

“There’s three,” says Desiree.

“We’ll be helping people evacuate,” says Hope.

“...and we’ll follow our new friend to Lucie,” says Charlie.

“...and we’ll stay in school,” says Jennifer, “and then we’ll have the city all to ourselves.”

“The school’s all ours for two days,” Shira adds. “Ross just declared ’em optional.”

A wicked smile grows onto the nameless girl’s face. “Which means we can do anything we want.”

Shira smirks. “I know exactly what we can do.”

Sparks interrupts. “Free play ends when the Big Man gets here,” Sparks says. “What’s the plan then?”

“We’re calling a meeting Saturday at the Penguindrome,” Desiree replies. “Make sure to get there by eight.”

nameless girls’ apartment. The anonymous beauties and Ayla struggle to get dressed. Taylor says, “Hold it, everybody.”

“Why?” asks Ayla.

“We’re leaving when Lucie gets here, not before, so take your clothes back off and relax.”

They reluctantly wrestle their clothes back off, sit together on the couch, and sigh.

garage. “Hello, girls,” says Shira’s Mustang. “I missed you.”

Shira winks at the passenger-side camera. “We’re ready to go when you are, Rio.”

The engine starts, the AI goes through its full self-test, Jennifer waits till the engine warms up sufficiently to put the car in reverse. “I don’t know, we might be driving straight into trouble.”

“Expect it.”

The violet-eyed girl leans forward between them. “Whatever it is, we’re ready for it.”

“Well, sit back and buckle up,” says Jennifer, “’cos we’re off.” She backs the car out of its stall, then peels out toward the exit, Sixth Street, and Bangor.
Shira: Lessee, how did it get to this? Oh yeah, there was supposed to be this marriage alliance...
Jennifer: The Governor tried to marry off the pretty one. Big mistake.
Shira: How so?
Jennifer: Nobody takes beautiful people seriously in America. I should know. [rolls eyes]
Shira: Anyway, however they started it, Brinkman and Everson kept piling on the blunders till all of a sudden they found themselves face-to-face with all conservatives’ greatest fear—
Both: The future!
biotron labs. In an out-of-the-way wooded corner of Bangor shared with Bremerton and Seabeck, on the edge of the hidden Dictel Research complex, Biotron Corporation rents its Research Institute, where the Bioroid was born from out of the head of Dr. Mina Tatsumi. Then, she was head of research; today, she runs the company as CEO now that Dr. Lars Thorwald is dead. Right now she’s on the videophone, arguing with Chief Shepherd Drusilla AMERICA!, who declares, “I demand my granddaughter back, Doctor.”

“Are you belittling America’s defense industry, Princess? This girl is of greatest use to Our Nation’s defense!”

“What I want is more important, Doctor, and I want my flesh and blood back!”

Elsewhere in the complex, Eri Ejimoto tells her son Akane, “I want you to bring us Shira Thomas.”

“So you used up Kira already?”

“We can’t find Kira. But Shira’s genetic material is the same. Bring her to us, and we can renew her genetic line.”

Akane rolls his eyes. “As Shira would say, be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.”

cpmc headquarters. On the videophone, Richard Becket is still naked, his mouth still covered with blood, in bed beside a dead Shira clone with throat ripped out, lips parted, eyes permanently locked in terror. Annoyed, Brinkman snarls, “You seem awful confident, Uncle.”

“There is no way the rabble can prevail against our race, Walter.”

“Well, what if Shira Thomas finds out about your diet?”

The Chairman grins. “She can’t do a damn thing about it.”

biotron labs. His name is Shane Chantry, a strapping young man who doubles as a rodeo clown. Yesterday he spoke on the phone with one Jim Fonk. Now Jim Sparks is here to take Fonk’s order. “Customers are bored with slave girls these days,” he explains. “Corporates want true lolis, but Nature’s awful sparing with those.”

“We can give your customers exactly what they crave,” Shane says. “Our custom Bioroids are the best available.” They stop at their destination among the containment cells.

Charlie, Desiree, and Melody reach the security perimeter between guard stations. “Take off your clothes,” Charlie warns, “or they’ll burn right off you.” After discarding their clothes, the nude electrokinetics put their hands on the electric fence to absorb its power—they overload and unleash a huge fireball—the explosion propels them backward and blows a big hole in the perimeter. After several seconds of seeming unconsciousness they suddenly sit up. Then they get to their feet and dash through the hole just in time to avoid a swarm of heavily armed guards.

The alarm screams. Sparks shoots the autolock in a shower of sparks; Shane pushes back the door—inside, Lucie stares at them terrified. Sparks says, “Your mothers are here, Lucie. Let’s go.” She lets Shane pick her up into a fireman’s carry.
Jennifer: And now Big Granddaddy’s coming to exorcise the future from a city built on it.
Shira: [looks at Jennifer] Say, the people are the future, right?
Jennifer: Well, he’s trying to kill ’em. That’s why they’re fleeing.
biotron labs. “Freeze!” Five armed guards point their guns at Sparks, Shane, and Lucie. “Drop the merchandise!” The two men look at each other, stall for time, cross their fingers. “Now!” Suddenly their power armour emits enough electricity to electrocute them, destroy circuitry, make the carbonizing corpses twitch violently. They fall, revealing Charlie and Desiree, naked and sweaty, hands smoking from the electricity. Charlie says, “Let’s go.” They turn back, and the men follow, bringing Lucie.

Eri runs toward the clone bank followed by Akane and two armed guards. They reach the door, she punches in the code—and they find Shira smiling ironically in full school uniform in front of them, with Melody standing beside her naked and angry. Melody unleashes enough electric force to destroy the guards’ armour and electrocute them. Shira says, “Be careful what you ask for.” Behind her, all the tanks containing her clones boil violently, unprogrammed clones twitch in mindless agony, acid streams in to dissolve them—Eri screams. Akane spins her around and punches her out.

telesphere. The official news and entertainment continue as normal when suddenly all the television signals go out throughout Metropolitan Seattle. Against a tinfoil background against which rainbow colors are being projected, a man in full Spanner costume and a permanently fixed grin sways eerily right and left, arms outstretched, pipe wrenches in clenched fists, over and over for minutes on end, until the network techs can regain control of their signals and the regularly scheduled programming resumes.

biotron labs. “Ow ow ow ow ow,” says Akane as he shakes his injured hand as he follows Jennifer and the violet-eyed girl out of the main building to the Mustang. Sparks drives away with Shane, Charlie, Desiree, Melody, and Lucie, past panicked guards, out toward Bremerton.

Dr. Tatsumi runs past guard after guard twitching and screaming on the floor. “Kill Shira Thomas!” she commands. “I want her dead!”

She finds the door to her secret clone bank open. She dashes in to check on her beloved green-haired clones. But Shira Thomas stands in front of them with a detonator. “One... two... three!” The clone bank blows up behind her—Tatsumi screams—and Shira is gone.

Jennifer drives the Mustang through the wide halls to pick Shira up; she slips into the back behind Akane and kisses her nameless lover on the lips. “Step on it before we’re late!”

“Roger!” Jennifer hits the accelerator, spins the wheels into a circular skid, then drives out.
Mina Tatsumi watches the clones she made from her beloved Sonoda twins burn. The memory assaults her of how she murdered the twins with the hate plague she engineered herself, the bioweapon that brought Biotron into being. “Ichi, ni, san,” she repeats as her sanity slips away, “ichi, ni, san...”
Shira: You know who’s just itchin’ to take advantage of a screwup this big?
Jennifer: [mocks panic] Oh no, not him!
Both: [gleefully] How can he resist?
dictel park. Six grim-faced young men in Moral Enforcement windbreakers hide in the bushes and stare toward Bangor High, waiting for school to begin. The one in a Ghostface Killer mask says, “You sure that naked girl who killed our comrades with Ollie’s shovel’s here?”

“Not only that,” their leader replies, “she’s living in sin with Shira Thomas.”

“Yo, Ron,” says his sidekick, “let’s get all her friends. That’ll learn her.”

“You can get all the friends you want, Don,” says Ronald Tremayne, “but Shira Thomas is mine.”

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[Revision 4 Final, 12/23/12: Expanded from the much shorter Revision 2 original.]

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