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Spanner 21.5: Undressed for Action

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 21: High School Banned
Part 5: Undressed for Action (Final Revision)

31 october 2014.
peter ross’ mansion.
His bedroom window has a view of the Seattle skyline from Vashon Island. Right now he keeps the curtains closed. Wearing his old-fashioned nightgown and nighcap, the CEO of SPEC lies awake in his royal bed and broods. No one has stopped the plan for that “rally” Karen Kubota intended to lead. Kubota is in no position to lead it now, yet still the plan is proceeding. They must have a new leader, he thinks. It can only be that troublemaking daughter of his enemy...

He receives a phone call over the land line. Who would call him this early? He answers. The voice chills the blood. Colonel Green says, “Greetings, Mr. Ross. That traitor Kubota’s riot against American Manhood is scheduled for today. You will allow me to destroy it. You will not stand in my way. If you do, I will personally cut your throat. America’s sacred Manhood is at stake. America Bless God.” The call suddenly ends.

Ross slowly lowers the telephone receiver to its base. He continues to stare straight ahead. He feels a twinge in his ailing heart. “God damn you, Shira Thomas,” he whispers out loud, “you’re ruining everything and laughing about it.”

mudlark house. Jennifer has her lover Brandi and slave (technically) Irina lie together on top of her so she can kiss them both and caress their smooth buttocks. Brandi has grown fond of Irina; the love Irina has developed for her borders on hero worship.

But the day has come. One question remains, one all of Team Bremelo must answer collectively. Brandi brings it up. “They’ll attack, won’t they.”

“I’m certain of it,” Jennifer replies.

“So we really will have to nudefight.”

“Our nameless friend plans to anyway. She says there’s guys out to get her over what happened on the fifth. I’m sure Ross is planning something against Shira, and she knows it.”

“That settles it.” Brandi kisses Jennifer and gets out of bed.

Irina says, “You know that all they want is to rape dead pretty girls.”

Jennifer smiles. “That’s what the whole Conservative Revolution comes down to when you think of it. So you aren’t coming?”

“You will not dare leave me behind.”

“Good!” She kisses Irina, and they leave for the hot tub.

shira’s apartment. When Shira wakes up, the girl with the violet eyes is already wide awake and sitting at the edge of the bed; she joins her for a long kiss. “Don’t you need at least some sleep?”

“I don’t feel the least bit tired. I’m more than ready for the grudge match.”

“So you are expecting ’em to crash our rally.”

“It doesn’t take a Patternist to see the obvious.”

Shira runs a finger along one of the girl’s conical nipples she finds so beautiful. They smile at each other. Again they kiss.

—they wrestle drinking biting each other’s cunts, take turns spanking each other to explosive orgasm, lock cunts stick their fingers in war to violent ecstasy—

“You know who’s gonna smash your rally, don’t you,” says Hope at breakfast.

“Doesn’t everybody?” replies Shira. “How are we gonna beat ’em’s the real question.”

The girl says, “If I know ’em well enough, they can’t see outside the Leader Principle. They still expect a Karen.”

Shira snaps her fingers. “That’s the key right there. Karen built Plan A around herself, but she’s in no condition for it so Plan A’s toast. But like she says, they’re stuck in a mindset that expects another Karen. So while they’re attacking Plan A, we give ’em Plan Z.”

mudlark house. They join Willa in the hot tub. Brandi asks, “If you’re such socialists, why do you and Jenni keep talking about Ayn Rand? Isn’t she one of the Empire’s holy prophets?”

Willa smiles ironically. “Well, it was 1982, I was fifteen, psycho fangirls started wanting to kill me, Shithead Ted had just got me pregnant, this Ayn Rand just died and I heard of her for the first time, and I became intrigued. Then I read her essay on why she thought a woman president would be a bad idea. Turns out she hated the idea of female leadership because she believed women were supposed to worship male heroes. In other words, if you’re not a fangirl, you’re not a woman, period, by definition, so saith Ayn Rand. She lost me there. I wasn't the least bit surprised to find out later that she was once a serial killer groupie. But she did have a few good points scattered among the social-denialist bullshit, especially ‘the sanction of the victim.’ Little did she know that’s the very heart of Marxism.”

“So the only alternative left is Corporatism or Marxism?”

“Marxism’s just the theory. The alternative’s really human evolution versus superhuman treachery.”

Brandi smiles knowingly at Jennifer. “Jenni, do you realize you just turned nudefighting from a pragmatic fighting tactic into a revolutionary stance?”

Jennifer’s eyes go wide. Her lips part. She tries to envision the pattern — and it emerges, and she sees it for the first time. She slaps her forehead and chuckles. “I guess I’m not perfect.”

ferry terminal. The cops and Enforcers keep their distance from Melody and the girl with the violet eyes. Their eyes warn them what will happen to them if they try to arrest the nudefighters. Shira says, “Revolutionary stance, huh?” Jennifer, Brandi, and Irina nod. The violet-eyed girl keeps her arms around the twins’ blond niece and smiles.

school lobby. Fearing Angela’s wrath, the guards scurry out of the way of the group of approaching nude girls. Virtual Shepherds, little superegos, appear on the adscreens to loudly condemn them for the unforgivable sins of lesbianism and public nudity; little Rebel Rebel faces appear to taunt them, and they die screaming. An angry Charmian stands in Shira’s way. She looks up and down her naked body. “Still?”


“You came to die naked?”

“We came to fight naked so the rest of us won’t die.”

Charmian looks at their hands and sees them wearing their fighting gloves. “Very well.” She pulls Shira close to give her a long kiss. “For good luck.” She winks.

Shira smiles. “Thanks.”

homeroom. Team Bremelo’s nudefighters stand in front of the stunned foreign exchange students and the remaining tutors. Sylvia surveys them from behind. “Do you girls really think fighting naked’ll save you from all those male-privilege revengers hellbent on raping you to death?”

Jennifer looks back at her. “It worked for me on Blake Island.”

Shira adds, “And it sure as hell worked for us Friday night.” She’s answered by a chorus of whoops and cheers.

“Their hatred of the very idea of nudefighting is our weapon,” says the girl with the violet eyes.

Shira pulls her and Jennifer close. “And our love for each other will keep us fighting, for each other and for all of you.” She kisses them deeply in turn as their classmates cheer.

Sylvia puts her hands on their shoulders. “I’m happy you’re so confident in yourselves.”

“Aw c’mon,” Kira reminds them, “we’re just here to beat off those maniacs. The rest is up to all of you.”

A worried Colette warns, “Just don’t get yourselves killed, please.”

“We do,” Shira says, “that’s their problem, big time.” She winks.

principal’s office. Falconer screams, “The gall of those insolent wenches! They deserve to get raped!”

She pushes Principal beyond his limit of tolerance at last. “Are you willing to rape ’em yourself, ‘Honey Bunny’?”

“I’ll shoot ’em, then I’ll cut their pretty corpses to pieces and burn ’em in the very fires of Hell!” She glares at Mobley and Spiekerman. “Why don’t you? You a couple of faggots or something?”

Just as they’re about to shout her down, the office phone rings. Everybody shuts up. Principal sets it to speaker mode and picks up the receiver. “Hello?”

Ross says ominously, “I am coming. Prepare.” He abruptly hangs up.

The principals say nothing more.

lecture room. All the clubs and groups that make up the Student Union skip homeroom for a meeting on the rally. Charmian, Julian, and Debbie enter just as a worried Mimi protests, “But they’ll still shoot you!”

Jennifer explains, “But we’ll have a better chance of surviving if we do get shot. When you’re wearing clothes, fabric gets into the wound and infects it, and there’s no way you can clean it completely. I saw a lot of soldiers die because of just that.”

Charmian interrupts. “Going to war nude wouldn’t have saved Karen.”

“That’s a different issue, Charmian. You see, Karen was special.”

“And you’re not?”

“Look at what happened to Martin Luther King. And if you don’t get martyred, you fail: South Africa’s a gangland hellhole despite Mandela, and Chávez couldn’t prevent Standard Oil from buying Venezuela. Or you become the oppressor. Right, Charmian?

Charmian glares at her as if slapped. “You can’t do great things if you’re not special!”

Jennifer smiles. “Unless we do ’em together.” Charmian, Julian, and Debbie stare at her uncomprehending. She addresses the Union: “Remember above all that we are not special. To be special is to set ourselves apart from other people as superior. We are common people, the same and not different, and we need each other to survive ’cos we’re social animals by nature.”

“Hmph! You, the legendary Blonde Phantom who slew ten thousand screaming terrorists and fifty-two professional killers, are not special?”

“Life is short, Charmian, and we all die eventually. All our specialness ends in the grave. Our species may even go extinct soon, taking all life on this planet with us. We can’t afford to set ourselves above and therefore against each other. That’s why, like so many others, the Conservative Revolution’s destined to fail.”

Colette adds, “Tournament, remember?”

“Well then,” says Charmian, “what about those Slashers you’re so happy to hunt?”

Jennifer asks her with a twinkle in her eyes, “You know why so many Corporates hero-worship them?”

Charmian frowns. “Why?”

“They’re the most special people in the world. Just ask ’em.” Jennifer winks.

period 1. Miss Stableford goes dizzy and faints at the sight of the nudefighters. With astonishing speed Jennifer catches her before she can hit the floor and hurt herself. The nameless girl slaps her back awake. She stares at them with shock and horror; her head wobbles ridiculously. “You young ladies are freaks!”

Shira says in a soothing voice, “We’re your champions. We defeated Team Valiant wearing exactly this.”

“Without the berets, of course,” the girl adds.

The teacher groans. They look at the class. Some students are laughing at the teacher; some stare at them with absolute adoration, others with undisguised lust; but a few others glare at them with varying mixtures of horror and hatred.

Especially Kelly. When Debbie finally tears her attention away from the nudefighters and looks at her, she notices a look on her face identical to the teacher’s. She throws her head back and laughs.

Kelly chases her giggling rival out of the classroom throwing at her anything she can get her hands on. Everybody laughs, except Miss Stableford.

period 2. Shira says bluntly, “We already learned everything you want us to know, Mr Jones. Over and over and over. You could fit it all in a single Sunday school class.”

But all Mr. Jones can see is the tutors’ nudity. He cannot speak.

Cherry Anne Bernkastel tries to save him with a knife she stole from the kitchen. “I got her,” Shira says. She easily disarms the enraged woman, and the knife clatters to the floor.

cafeteria. Rob hugs a furiously blushing Mimi. Trishie and Ruthie glare at them jealously. “Why won’t you give us a hug, Rob?” asks Trishie.

“Come over here and I’ll give you all a big hug.” Trishie and Ruthie sigh and walk into his waiting arms. He kisses all three of them on the cheek.

Suddenly he spots Charlie walking around nude like a nudefighter. She waves. “Hey, guys.”

“Uh, where’s your clothes?” The girls spin in his arms, look at her, and gasp in unison.

“You want me to burn ’em off? Trouble’s a-comin’, Rob, and we need to get ready.”

Melody arrives behind her, wearing a tutor beret with her nudefighter gear. “Are you guys ready?”

Mimi gasps. “Where’s your clothes?”

“I burned ’em off.” Melody winks.

period 3. Lovie is lecturing in her typically loopy way when Shira and Kira enter. She looks at them and squeaks in mid-sentence. “Oh my god you’re naked — oh my god KIRA YOU’RE ALIVE?!

Kira runs over to hug her. “Lovie, I missed you so much!”

She runs away screaming for help. Then Jennifer enters. She stops cold in front of her. “You too?” Jennifer cheerfully nods. “Oh god oh god oh god, do you realize you’re gonna get arrested?”

“Actually,” says Jennifer, “we aren’t.”

Then Charlie comes in, also nude except for fighting gloves and boots.

Lovie faints dead away.

cafeteria. Rob Shelley and Bob Brinkman wear kilts and berets in the school colors along with the jackets from the standard Bangor High uniform. Flanked by snare and bass drummers from the marching band, they play Scottish military marches on their bagpipes.

A crowd gathers around them to watch them play. They applaud enthusiastically after the conclusion of every march. The martial Celtic music is deliciously exotic to them. Some of them skip classes so they can watch. Some of them even forgo lunch.

Suddenly the SPEC Corporate Anthem drowns them out over a PA system turned to maximum volume. The players stop playing. Rob nods, and Mimi runs to summon the nudefighters.

hallway. Debbie helps Shira, Jennifer, and the girl with the violet eyes put away the last of their school materials, surrounded by the other Team Bremelo nudefighters. “I still can’t believe you guys like to go around like this.”

The girl shuts her locker door and pulls her close. “We especially like getting away with it.” She kisses her and winks.

Then the corporate anthem starts playing at ear-splitting volume. Soon Mimi runs down the hall crying out, “Hey guys, he’s here!”

“And he wants us!” says Shira. “Let’s go!” Jennifer nods, and they all run back toward the lobby.

school lobby. When the Bremeloes arrive, they find themselves confronted by the procession now entering the front door. “All make way and rise for our corporate CEO!” The school band, hastily assembled, plays the SPEC Corporate Anthem. The students rise from their tables.

Like the entourage of a medieval lord, this procession includes black-suited mirrorshaded bodyguards, flag bearers carrying the corporate logo banner, musicians playing along with the band, other heralds. They assemble in front of the door to the principal’s office to guard it.

But the man at the center knows who he intends to deal with. Flanked by two armoured bodyguards, the fat man in the expensive suit makes a detour toward the young beauties standing nearby. One of them carries a flag of her own, blue and silver, bearing the emblem of Team Bremelo.

Peter Tilman Ross, Incorporated, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Seattle Public Education Corporation, stops in front of the three nude teenage girls who usurped Tournament by crushing in battle the company’s chosen men: Jennifer Blair, tall blond beauty and legendary slayer; the gorgeous raven-haired prodigal princess who renounced her name with her tiara:

but especially Shira Thomas of the wild red hair, daughter of the company’s most implacable enemy and a dangerous enemy herself. He looks down at that bare sleek caramel-skinned body, lean-muscled and beautifully curved, coiled force ready to spring. He glares with cold hatred into beautiful green eyes that mock him. Nolan Robson peeks nervously over his shoulder.

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[Revision 4 Final, 4/1/13: The R2 “rape of Ayla” and “rescue of Karen” storylines have been removed from R4 and replaced here with scenes from elsewhere in Chapter 21 plus Chapters 17-20, all heavily revised to fit Final Revision continuity. Original title: “The Endless Struggle”; it focused on the now absent “rescue of Karen” thread.]

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