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Spanner 22.2: Lovecrime Conspiracy

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 22: There Is No Law
Part 2: Lovecrime Conspiracy (Final Revision)

1 november 2014.
The MSM breathlessly fall all over themselves to spread Empire-wide the word of a man the Party calls a terrorist, a man who may not even exist:
Spanner: Contradiction is truth. Evolution advances through contradiction and creative destruction. But the new truth that emerges out of contradiction inevitably becomes in its turn the lie that is contradicted.

The lie America calls truth is that there is no contradiction, that only the unitary truth of the nation’s divinity exists. The truths that contradict it, America calls evil. The truth of America is the tyranny of Egoism. The contradiction is the social nature of man.

Capitalism is dead. State socialism is dead. Corporatism will die in China as in America. Theocracy will die in Araby as in America. Syndicate kleptocracy will die in Mexico, Russia, and Equatorial Guinea as in America. Their fate is the trashcan of history.

The lie is faith in a static world without contradiction. All faiths assume it. All government is based on it. It is the denial of nature. For the nature of nature itself is contradiction, evolution, and creative destruction in the service of its own development and not the profit and power of a few selfish men.

The new order is the old with slicker marketing. The sovereign freedom of the Ego exists in contradiction with the existence of humanity. The new old order must in turn give way. It too must fall. Its fall is coming. This is not the decree of the Law. That is but the rules of the new old order. It is the law of nature. Nature will have her revenge.

Amanda: Breaking news! Seattle Public Education Corporation CEO Peter T. Ross, the entire principal staff, and dozens of Patriot Heroes found dead at the site of a spectacular explosion that levelled parts of Bangor High School outside Bremerton! The mysterious Rebel Styles is suspected.
Jack Becket: If I find that Styles [censored], I’ll wring her skinny [censored] neck!
Amanda: Bangor High’s alleged Student Union is taking advantage of the disaster to launch a series of city-wide anti-Revolutionary protests.
Reporter: (view of crowd from helicopter) Wow, Amanda, this thing is huge! (whip-pan to smoking ruins of the Dictel Towers) Meanwhile, the former Dictel Corporation headquarters rebuilt as Syndicate headquarters is in ruins!
Amanda: SPEC stock is going through the floor!
Reporter: (view of the NYSE floor) Panic on the trading floor! The short sellers are having an orgy!
Amanda: In a related development, female members of the winning fight club from last Friday’s tumultuous Team Challenge have been spotted walking around naked. Police and Moral Enforcement agents have somehow been unable to stop them.
Drusilla Becket AMERICA!: (flails arms) First that insolent little whore throws away the name God gave her, and now she wants to use her amazing superpowers to wave her pretty little [censored] in the altogether in front of His people? (hissing) Forget God. The [censored] shall answer to me. (makes clawlike strangling gesture)
Nameless Reporter: This just in: Chinese Corporatist Party (Holdings) Limited has just launched a hostile takeover bid against CPMC!
Amanda: You didn’t hear that.
Brinkman: I said, no [censored] comment! (punches camera)
shira’s apartment. They wake up together in each other’s arms. They barely remember last night. The girl with no name dreamily marvels, “It’s like the E never wore off.”

Jennifer shudders. “No, it’s how intensely we synced against that Blade Knight. I’m still drowning in your love.”

Shira says, “Jen, you—”

“No names,” the girl interrupts. They look at her. “We’re too intimate. Names only get in the way.”

“Descriptives, then.” Shira kisses Jennifer. “Your love has always overwhelmed me, my dear scientist.”

Jennifer smiles. “And your love has always swept me away, my belovèd dancer.”

“And now the beautiful model we worship is one with us.”

The girl gives them each a long languid kiss and gives them a sweet mischievous smile. “Let’s fuck our brains out on the Man’s grave.”

—fierce brutal kiss like combat, suck bite breasts and buttocks, take turns spanking each other into a frenzy, lock cunts mouths breasts into violent victory—

Another nameless beauty, Shira’s niece, stares at them nude in the doorway, sweaty from pleasuring herself at the sight of their frenzy. Shira says, “Come here, little blondie.” She obeys her command and runs into her arms to give her a shockingly passionate kiss. The black-haired girl purrs, “There’s a willing child in our arms.”

Jennifer looks at her in shock. “And you want me to have sex with her?”

Shira and her niece smile sweetly at her. Shira coos, “She’s our lover. If you really are an enemy of the world, make her your lover too.”

“For us,” the black-haired girl adds, “there is no law and anything goes.”

Jennifer narrows her eyes. “Even IP violation?”

Shira grins. “Let’s make Lord Disney’s head squirm.” She winks.

The young girl’s eyes plead into Jennifer’s. She sighs.

—they tickle the girl, kiss her all over, bite hard her soft flesh, spank her together into shattering orgasm, she bites dark clit drinks sweet nectar, pale cunt attacks hers makes her reality collapse—

Jennifer is just out of the shower drying herself with a towel. Shira’s niece squats over the sink to pee. Shira and her girl with no name cuddle. Suddenly Hope and Kira burst in. “Uh-oh,“ says Jennifer, “this must be bad.”

Hope says, “SPEC just self-destructed.”
Nameless Reporter: The Seattle Public Education Corporation has just declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy, hitting all its creditors with a huge loss!
Dr. Jenna Hunter: The acquisition is going through by any means necessary. Anybody who gets in my way, I’ll personally have destroyed.
Hope Reston: Dr. Hunter believes the Teachers Guild needs a CEO but a membership. One of the issues we’re putting up to a member vote is whether it should have a management at all.
red house. “Why didn’t they give me a car?” asks Kira as the Mustang slips into the annex’s garage.

“Kira, I’m your car too,” Rio replies. Shira puts a hand on her leg, squeezes affectionately, and winks.

They get out as nude as they went in: the twins from the front, Jennifer and the two nameless girls from the back. Charlie and Desiree await them at the inside door. The blond girl leaps out and runs into Desiree’s arms and kisses her hard, not caring that her mother is still sweaty from lovemaking. Then Kira is beside them; finally able to reunited with her, Desiree pulls her close, holds her tight, kisses her long and hard.

Upstairs they trade tearful embraces with Sylvia and the bright-eyed girl. When Desiree sits down, her daughter hops into her lap and they cuddle. Shira, Jennifer, and the black-haired girl sit together on the couch. Kira and the bright-eyed girl stay locked in tight embrace, the woman marvelling that Kira’s still alive, Kira that she has no name. Charlie carries in a mixed fruit bowl from the kitchen for them to devour. Sylvia looks at the blond girl. “Desiree, are you okay with her like that?”
“Darling,” Desiree replies, “I never allow my children to wear clothes in the house.”

A grim Melody enters the living room to confront Shira. “You can’t be molesting my sister.”

“But I want her to!” her sister protests. Everybody stares at her, then at Shira.

Shira looks back at Desiree and the bright-eyed girl. “She’s just like me and Kira.”

Desiree, Charlie, and the nameless woman look at each other. Sylvia stares open-mouthed at them. “You would?”

“We did,” Charlie replies. They look at Shira and Kira.

Desiree looks at her now blushing daughter. “Would you?” The girl blushes deeper and shyly nods. “With me?” She grins and nods more enthusiastically. Desiree winks at Sylvia. “We have the powers to get away with it.”

The bright-eyed girl shakes her head violently. “I didn’t.”

“Stick with us and you will.”

Sylvia looks at them strangely. “This sounds like a criminal conspiracy to me.”

“To the Eugenics Institute, love is crime.”

“If love is strong enough,” says Charlie, “it can destroy society itself.”

“If my daughter and I can be lovers, their entire Revolution is a mirage.” Desiree and her child kiss with the passion of lovers as Sylvia watches in shock.

“Welcome to the lovecrime conspiracy.” Charlie winks.
Amanda: Chinese Corporatist Party (Holdings) Limited has announced the hiring of Tim Eyman as vice president in charge of its new Seattle regional division, a position with mayoral status and powers. Eyman immediately held a press conference to show a presentation illustrating his Interstate 605 plan to build a series of new towns along the new corridor to create jobs and serve the company’s profit needs. CCP management signalled its approval...
penguindrome. When Jane Dead the tattooed nude DeadBot comes carrying trays of illegal moonshine shots, nobody can ignore her newly blue skin and missing head. Sparks rubs his hand over it, then turns to Shira. “Jesus H. fuck, girl, what the hell did you do to her head?”

Shira turns a narrow-eyed gaze to her twin. “What did you do to her head, Kira?” Kira answers with that look and a wink.

“What I wanna know is,” says Simon, “where’d all the girls’ clothes go.”

The girl with the violet eyes sidles up to him with a conspiratorial smile. “The dustbin of history, gone with her head.” She downs her whisky and mischievously kisses Jane’s stitched-up headless spot to leave a lipstick print on the blue skin.

Nine nudefight girls sporting gear meet the Wrecking Krewe in the basement studio: Shira, Kira, Jennifer, Polly, Brandi, Daisy, Melody, Fiona, and the violet-eyed girl, who cuddles the adoring young blond girl she brought totally nude; a furiously blushing Liz hides behind them in only hoverboard boots, gloves, and goggles worn above her eyes. The Krewe stare at them in shock. Moon Roach asks, “Like, uh, how come you girls are getting all nekkid?”

The violet-eyed girl winks. “I refuse to wear clothes anymore, and I’m taking this perfectly willing anonymous beauty as my child lover too, ’cos I now have the power to get away with it.”

Deth Pussy says, “Whoa babe, the Man’s got guns.”

“My power nullifies guns. Her sister’s is even better.” She winks at Melody, who answers with a grin.
Shira gives Akimi Tachibana that look. “Aki-chan! Tuesday. Radica’s flying naked with me, Kira, and McPhail. Wanna join?”

Akimi returns the look, which grows into a wicked grin. She tears off her clothes in front of everybody to a chorus of gasping hackers, then with an evil wink joins the cheering nudefighters. “I always wanted to see Epica McPhail naked.” Liz attempts an angry protest, but Akimi pulls her into her arms and silences her with a lascivious hard kiss as the others cheer her on.

“Ready to stuff their ‘Men’s Rage’ back up their fat white asses?” The nudefighters reply with howls and whistles and pumping fists, and the hackers join in.

Alex whistles for silence. She frowns. “Shira. COPCO already know.”

“Dear cuz, I’m counting on it.” Shira winks.
ESPNBC: CPMC has issued its official response to the Chinese Corporatist Party (Holdings) Limited buyout announcement.
Brinkman: (slams fist on podium) Over my dead body!
kitsap kouriers. Expecting increased business over the extended weekend, Sophie puts out the call for new couriers. Three hoverboarders answer the call:
  • David Isabella, from Manila (Filipino not expatriate)
  • Gary Indiana, from Chicago (black but not New African)
  • Tana Bexter, from London (Indian not Anglo-Saxon)
A familiar dark-skinned redhead walks through the door carrying her hoverboard in her summer uniform and her jacket, followed by — herself? Kira’s apparent return from the dead catches everybody’s attention. Following them are Liz, carrying a printout of the ad, and a girl with no name wearing black gloves and ankle boots — but otherwise completely nude? Kei says, “I must be dreaming.”

Shira kisses her. “Long story.” While Kira introduces herself to Kei, Shira goes over with Liz to meet the new couriers. “You must be the new blood.”

Sophie joins them. “What brings you here so early, Shira?”

Shira shrugs. “School’s out, you know.”

“You gonna leave us the crumbs, number one?” asks Gary.

“No, today I’m the client.” As if on cue, Sparks and Deth Pussy come in carrying a large box. Shira hands the new couriers, Liz, Adam, and Warren a list of recipients. “It’s urgent we get these packages to these people before COPCO find out.”

Liz looks at the box in alarm. “Don’t tell me those are secret SPEC documents.”

“You up to it, or are you, um, ‘Epica’?” The other couriers giggle.

She waves her list in Shira’s face. “I’m a working person! I ain’t failing at this!”
Amanda: Cascadia’s Revolutionary leaders denounce the SPEC protests!
Brinkman: They’re calling for everything we fought the revolution against! We liberated America from Communism, and those traitorous peons want it back? They want a fight, we’ll give ’em one.
Dr. Hunter: Those losers don’t even deserve to be educated. That should be reserved only for the deserving.
kitsap kouriers. The couriers switch their boards on and warm up the lifters when who should arrive but Radica Maxx. Liz glares at her. “What the fuck’s she doing here?”

Radica dismounts and leaves her board behind to make the same strange look at the black-haired beauty standing openly nude. “What you think you’re doing without your clothes on, no-name girl?”

Shira says conspiratorially, “Amazing superpowers.”

The girl with no name purrs, “Lets me get away with anything I want.” She winks.

Radica finds herself confronted by Shira and Liz both shooting her that look. “Wh-wha...”

Liz turns narrow eyes to Shira. “She put me up to a dare.”

“Major Achievement, Rad,” says Shira. “Election day, I’m flying dressed just like my girlfriend.” She kisses the nameless girl.

Radica stares at her strangely. “Noooo.”

Liz shakes her head sadly. “Yes.”

Adam Toren and Warren Smith come up to them. Warren says, “If you won’t, we will.”

Shira, Radica and Liz shout, “No.”

Adam giggles. “Just tryin’ to help.” They scurry away.

Radica looks at the nude girl. “You flyin’?”

“No,” she replies, “I’m killing Oliver Thorwald.”

She gives the girl a gotcha grin “Now there’s something you can’t get away with!”

“Public duel. The Corporate equivalent of a divorce.”

“You were married to him?”

“I barely escaped.” The girl leans closer. “Well, Radica? Has Shira already owned you by default?”

Radica’s face turns several shades of red, then turns angry. She stomps up to Shira. “No way I’m letting you outdo me! I accept!

Everybody cheers her decision. Shira directs that look back toward the back door, from which Kira emerges with her board. When Radica sees her, she gets suspicious. “What the hell kind of trick—”

Kira clears her throat.

Radica looks at Kira, then Shira, then back. The realization dawns on her. Her jaw drops to the ground. “Ahhhhh! Weren’t you dead?
Nameless Reporter: The protests at SPEC headquarters resumed as soon as the company declared bankruptcy. Then new CEO Jenna Hunter held a press conference.
Dr. Hunter: The merger and IPO must go on regardless. The freedom of education from government tyranny depends on it.
Amanda: This only intensified the protests and generated a flurry of lawsuits.
Dr. Hunter: I’ll sue those ingrates back!
Angela Coyne: We have evidence Mrs. Hunter has been embezzling Teachers Guild dues for years.
Nameless Reporter: COPCO vows to crack down.
Jack Becket: (pulling his hair) Can’t these people stop this nonsense and just obey their betters like they’re supposed to?
Field Reporter: We’re choking in tear gas out here, Amanda!
Nameless Reporter: COPCO agents are in full-scale riot — what is this? They’re being joined by gangsters!

Tana Bexter delivers her package to the Teachers Guild dissident leaders in Tacoma,
David Isabella to Kent,
Gary Indiana to Airport City,
Adam Toren to Redmond,
Warren Smith to Everett,
Liz McPhail to Federal Way,
Radica Maxx to the embattled group in Puyallup,
Adam Treece (Frank Becket) to Bellevue,
Kira to South Seattle,
and, protected by the nameless girl’s Repulse field, Shira delivers one package directly to her own mother, Hope Reston—
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[Revision 4 Final, 4/9/13: Mostly new material in Fourth Revision continuity. The opening scene originally opened the entire chapter and gave its name to 22.1 (“Contradiction Is Truth”). Original title: “Working for the Crackdown” (no longer relevant to R4).]

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