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Spanner 22.3: Fight the Power

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 22: There Is No Law
Part 3: Fight the Power (Final Revision)

Richard Becket: My fellow Americans and righteous revolutionary comrades, greetings in the name of Jesus America, amen. Behind every apparent contradiction, there is a moral opposition of Good against Evil. Behind every phenomenon, there is a plan. The Force that guides our evolution is now being opposed by dark forces fuelled by resentment and low ambition that would put evolution to an end. The Order that sustains the world is struggling against the man of Chaos whose will is destruction. The Light that illuminates our purpose faces a spreading darkness.

Be vigilant, my brethren. Let not the Light of the World be put out. God bless America, and America bless God.
2 november 2014.
shira’s apartment.
In their shared dream they are already making love. When the Crusader forces his way in to stop them from defiling the sabbath, the force of their love ejects him back into a body already starting to suffer the symptoms of migraine. The boundaries between them dissolve and their selves melt into each other in an orgasm as much physical as spiritual, so intense it wakes them up squealing in delight. The girl with the violet eyes deliriously coos, “I feel like we can destroy the System all by ourselves.”

Jennifer kills the mood. “No, we can’t be a guerrilla army of naked teenage superheroines.”


“Any revolution based on leaders is inherently Conservative. The socialist revolution that surrenders to the charismatic leader has already killed itself by contradiction and becomes Corporatist in the end. It is the System. The only true revolution comes from below.”

“What makes you such an expert?”

“Willa studied revolutions for years till she concluded it was the ‘populist leader’ contradiction that killed not only twentieth-century socialism but Rock ’N’ Roll too.”

“It’s the Charmer trap,” says Shira. “I try to stay just a herald so I won’t go messiah and become everything I hate.”

“Some of the most bloodthirsty dictators were technically liberals, from Cromwell to Stalin. We can’t let ourselves fall into the messiah trap. The revolution belongs to the people collectively, or it’s just the same damn thing over and over.”

The girl sighs. “Does love belong to them too?”

“If everybody loves like we do,” Shira purrs, “the System is doomed.”

Jennifer says, “Freedom is nothing but love in action.” The girl’s eyes go wide, her lips part, realization dawns on her face. She takes in a long deep breath. Jennifer winks.
Dr. Hunter: I’ll put down this insurrection against our sacred profits even if I have to kill ’em all myself!
Hope: Funny she’d say that. She’s the reason we teachers are on strike against our own Guild.
Dr. Hunter: You’re fired! You’re all fired!
Amanda: Dr. Jenna Hunter, President of the Teachers Guild, has just fired the entire Guild membership to pave the way for its merger with SPEC and the merged company’s initial stock offering.
Hope: Stressed-out low-wage laborers can’t teach, and you know the kids’ll hack the roboteachers to play Angry Birds.
Dr. Hunter: Nobody cares if the little ants learn anything. America was founded to profit the best!
Jack Becket: Don’t make me arrest the lot of you for insubordination. It’s so un-American, it’s Communist!
Dr. Hunter: The Communist bitch doesn’t realize she’s already destroyed herself by messing with her own slut daughter?
Hope: This from someone already infamous for committing adultery with the current Party Chairman. She’s only deflecting attention away from her own scandals.
Nameless Reporter: Pirate Television News has just received Bermuda bank records that prove Jenna Hunter’s embezzlement of teacher salaries and student tuition, provided by the estate of the late Peter Ross.
Dr. Hunter: Guild leaders! Join with the virtuous Captains of Industry to take back control of your own workers and reclaim your God-given American right to profit!
Hope: Fellow workers! Your Guilds have stabbed us in the back! Let’s organize against Corporatist tyranny on our own terms! Join us in the streets! I call for a general strike!
red house. She feels it vanish with shocking suddenness. The absence makes her whole body shudder. She lets out a huge sigh of relief and melts into her mother’s body. Light sweat moistens her skin. The last of the painful knots within her vagina is gone. Desiree continues gently massaging the spot for a minute more and smiles. Her nameless daughter sits on her lap, within her embrace. Together they sway, silently celebrating the final liberation of the small body from the last of its shackles. Desiree gently whispers into her ear, “Are you ready now?”

The girl goes stiff with fear. “How do I know you’re different from those men?”

“I love you more than my life. I’m doing this only for you. Your pleasure is my pleasure; your happiness is my happiness. Now remember that you are your body. Surrender to the feelings and let them overcome you. Okay?” Desiree smiles gently at her; she relaxes and answers with a beautiful grin.

Desiree takes the bottle of warm oil off the nightstand and squeezes a drop onto the tip of her middle finger. She lightly touches the hood of her daughter’s clitoris; the girl shudders and takes in a breath, but her mother’s embrace makes her feel protected and gives her permission to surrender. The gentle finger caresses the hypersensitive spot, fills her body with a pleasurable pain she has never before savored, intensifying it little by little into an intense pleasure resembling the spiritual bliss her grandmother only spoke about...

Time slips away. She feels suspended in a warm sea of pure bliss. But something shocks her out of her reverie — someone is there — she shudders — Desiree looks to see—

Staring at them, equally shocked, is Jim Sparks. Shira’s cop. “What the hell are you doing to her?”

Desiree smiles at him. “Loving her back into her body.” Her caress tells her daughter she is protected; the girl relaxes but keeps her eyes on him. The smile disappears. ”The real question is, what brings you here?”

He narrows his eyes. “You know what we can do to you.”

Her voice goes cold. “Then get the men who did it first. If they’re still alive, of course.”

He raises his voice. It trembles. “How do you think you can get away with it?”

She smiles confidently. “I’ve got the power. Not even all the powers of all the Liberators combined can keep us apart.”

“What about your mother?”

“I won’t let that woman even into her presence,” she snarls. “And when she comes into her power, neither will she.”

He throws out his arms. “How can you even speak of your mother like that?”

She holds her daughter protectively. “If she’s a mortal enemy who destroyed your life, how can you speak of her any other way?”

He paces in panic. “If word gets out about this, they’ll associate it with the strike and discredit it completely!”

“They do it all the time. But crying wolf too many times makes people stop believing. Besides, they’ve already discredited their pro-eugenic morals many times over.”

“I hope you’re not going naked in public like your sisters.”

“You’re talking to someone who’s gone bankrupt replacing burnt-off clothes.”

“Her too?”

“Same problem eventually. Melody’s worse. She agreed to give ’em up entirely.”

“And now you think you can get away with doing your own kid?

She smiles. Pause. A wink. “Didn’t you say once? ‘Love is stronger than justice.’” Her daughter gives her a nervous questioning look; she smiles comfortingly and nods. The girl slips off her lap and lies down slowly onto the soft bed, taking slow deep breaths, skin turning red and body trembling in anticipation, lips and legs slightly parted. Her mother gently and comfortingly caresses the soft moist skin of her small pale body as Sparks watches on, stunned as if witnessing from afar the accident that stole his face. She smiles back at him to silently let him know he’s welcome to watch. He says nothing; he cannot think. She plants a long firm gentle kiss on one small nipple and then the other; then she kisses down the moaning child’s body — and before she can kiss her there, memories flood in and he is lost...
He said those words whenever his father caught him with a girl. By driving away all his friends and loves, by various forms of coercion, Brendan Sparks eventually converted his son James to his view that there are no values other than law and order. James acted on his father’s values and lost his face...

His anonymously pretty replacement face attracted a Charmer with dark skin, wild red hair and beautiful green eyes; glamourous, sexy, flirtatious, uninhibited, fourteen. His youthful war cry stood before him in the flesh and gazed deep into him with that look. And then she took him to bed...
And now Shira’s older sister gently caresses her own young daughter’s cunt with her own in a surprisingly motherly way. They feed upon each other’s pleasure and sing a soft wordless duet. Desiree directs: “Touch my breasts.” Obeying, her child gently caresses them. “Beautiful. Ah, I love you.”

And the true significance of his own youthful war cry hits him like a high-speed train—
this deep physical love turns the key to a lock within his soul
a tumbril turns, his body shudders from deep within
and another large piece of the edifice his father built to imprison him falls away and tumbles into space—
Two women gasp to either side of him, horrified and fascinated by the sight. Sylvia sputters, “What are— why—”

He puts a comforting hand on her shoulder and smiles. “Love,” he replies, “is stronger than justice.” He winks.

The realization shocks the bright-eyed girl: “Do what thou wilt...” The others stare at her, knowing...

telesphere. In 1919, almost a century ago, the city had its one and only general strike. Labor unions were strong then and workers had much more control; but the Russian Revolution was still new, so the Corporates smashed the strike with military and paramilitary terrorism.

The news of that strike and this one is carried only on the private media channels, to inflame the lords of Corporatism to terrorist action again. The official channels
Fox: —deny—
Sun: —deny—
ABCNN: —deny—
QVCBS: —deny—
ESPNBC:officially deny—
leaving KCUF and the Pirate Television Network as the only source reporting news instead of official government, Corporate, and Party denials and imprecations. The striking crowds give the bright-eyed girl, the hot reporter with no name, a hero’s welcome.
Nameless Reporter: The working majority of this city have swallowed their fear to demand what the so-called “Makers” stole from us — not just the money they embezzled or the freedom they abolished, but control of our lives and our labor!
The pictures the MSM peevishly refuse to show: masses of workers out in the streets in protest, refusing to return to their jobs, striking against the proudly antisocial Corporates who treat them like slaves and the Guilds that treat them as disposable temps.
Will Becket: Warning to the seditious rabble of Cascadia: Surrender unconditionally, swear fealty to your betters, and get back to work within forty-eight hours or else.
Ariel Shield: So the vicious little bloodsucker forces me to become this state’s protector? Very well. If he does carry out his threat, I shall Repulse his precious nukes back at him, to Holy City, NORAD, and Echelon. When I put a Repulse field around him and suck out the air, he shall sparkle in Hell. People, continue your strike.
Hope: The emergency dictator is only flaunting the criminal nature of the régime we’re trying to end.
Brinkman: (supposedly off the record) —that [censored] ingrate, I’ll bite her [censored] head off! (officially) We deny we ever made that threat.
Dr. Hunter: Wally, you chicken[censored]!
Spanner: ♪ Wally is a wally, Wally is a wally... ♫
Jack Becket: Unleash maximum force!
Shira: Flash mob!
Using their non-brand smartphones over the distributed wi-fi network, pirating the signals from Echelon’s drone and satellite eyes, the strikers track and predict the COPCO armoured strike forces’ every move and disappear from the attack zones to resume the strike elsewhere.
Jack Becket: They’re not capable of doing that! Well, hunt ’em down, [censored] it!
Ariel: (holds spork) *ahem*
Jack: Ariel, get the [censored] out of my way!
Hope: You and your Party put yourself in ours, One-Eye.
At last, Party Chairman Henry Becket forces himself onto the airwaves in a state of emotional near-breakdown:
Party Chairman Becket: (slams fist) The Takers shall, not, take, from the Makers.
Vice Chairman Rove: —the Takers won’t take from the Makers—
Vice Chairman Norquist: —the Takers won’t take from the Makers—
Co-Vice Chairman Koch: The Takers will not take from the Makers!
Drusilla Becket AMERICA!: Parasites!
Chairman Becket: Communists!
Vice Chairman Beck: Liberal traitors!
Vice Chairman Peikoff: Moochers!
Drusilla: (shrieks) Vampires!
Brinkman: (waves The Black Book of Communism) —bloodsucking pieces of [censored]—
Norquist: —poopyheads—
Peikoff: Looters!
Drusilla: (wide-eyed, grunting) —moral—cannibals!
Vice Chairman Nugent: (cocks AR-15) Kill ’em all!
Beck: (makes strangling gesture) —eeeeeeeeeeee
Party Leaders: The Makers must take back!
Strike Leaders: That’s exactly what we’re doing!
Admiral Currie: (gleefully) Not on my watch.
Willa: (wags finger) Sorry, Reynard, but you people have already lost.
Chairman Weng of Chinese Corporatist Party (Holdings) Ltd.: (translated from Chinese) You have all lost. History has blessed only the Eight Immortal and Forty-Four Exalted Houses of the Chinese Race with eternal dominion over the entire world and the infinite kingdom of space.
All: (in Chinese) You [censored] wish!
Unable to find the strikers, now as slippery as nudefighters in the heat of battle, unable to conscript them back into their bosses’ service, the COPCO strike agents smash any buildings, cars, and trash bins in reach.
Jack: (slams fist) [censored]!
The local branch of FEMEN, the European topless-feminist group, assemble to join their provocative call for women’s rights to the voice of the workers when they hear three voices call out, “You’re wearing too much!” They look to see three teenage girls, nude but for boots, gloves, and AR headgear: Shira, Jennifer, and the girl with the violet eyes, the famous nudefight girls of Bangor High school.

The nameless girl looks at their jeans. “If those are brand-name, you’re in thrall to the Fashion-Industrial Complex.”

“The slingers of bling,” Jennifer says, “no different from cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, television, commercial sex, and religion, all ruthlessly advertised to get you hooked. Go cold turkey, take it off, and get ready to fight!”

One of the more scornful feminists asks, “Won’t you get raped by your precious working men?”

Shira smirks. “They know they’ll get promoted to management if they do.”

“Corporates live to rape the workers day in and day out without cease,” Jennifer explains. “Rape culture begins in the royal courts and executive suites.”

“Just look at the Molotov Twins,” the girl adds. “My brother and I barely escaped their necrophilia.”

“Didn’t Engels say socialism will put the axe to the roots of crime? Workers rights are women’s rights.”

“Rights for all people, except the violators in the suites.”

“We can’t afford to be a replacement élite,” says Shira. “Look in the streets and you’ll find the only ones who can bring down the Liberators.”

Brandi arrives with Irina nude and fight-geared. “Jenni! I knew you’d find a way to turn nudefighting into a revolutionary stance!”

Jennifer pulls her close and kisses her. “Come, bounty hunter. There’s only one way to bring down the criminals in power. Join us.”

Shira pumps her fist. “Which side are you on?” Inflamed by these naked revolutionaries, the assembled feminists strip off their remaining clothes, put on their boots and gloves, and follow them into the heart of the general strike.

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[Revision 4 Final, 4/10/13: Scenes from the original have been heavily re-edited for Final Revision continuity, with new scenes added. Original R2 title: “Brinkmanship” (now the title of a chapter late in Book 2).]

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