Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spanner R4 Update: Baby Week #amediting Continues, 23.2 Will Post Tomorrow

The nephew is more or less out of the nursery, and I even got to hold him. Since he goes home tomorrow, that's when I'm scheduling Spanner 23.2 to post. I'm taking advantage of the involuntary breather to catch my breath and take a second look at the work I've done on 23.2 so far; sure enough, I've found extra room for improvement, including some things I managed to forget about in my haste, including the by now necessary duel between the Wrecking Krewe hackers and the drone-operating Tech Knights.

Meanwhile, I've begun writing notes for Chapter 1 and various character arcs of what has already transformed from Revision 4.1 into a full-blown Fifth Revision, the reason for this being one Elle Shears, Fourth-Generation Rocker Child (her self-description). All of a sudden during the 23.2 R4 edit, she blossomed from a collection of details into a full-blown character; then she took the opportunity during the current hiatus to start bugging me to retrofit her into more scenes of the final revised ebook and threw in a few surprises. And so I'll be not just retconning but retrofitting her into Chapter 1 R5, and she'll even replace Karen in many of her Chapter 2 appearances (especially those with Shira) in part because she makes a better contrast to Rebel Styles. Now that she's made herself a major character, she's even bringing in a new character (one from the Project Notebooks whom I managed to leave out) who will serve as a secondary School Arc villain and give me an excuse to shoehorn more "Elle, Mel, Belle, and Lil" scenes into the School Arc, among other things. I'm already writing the notes down.

Meanwhile, 23.2 posts tomorrow and 23.3 will follow on its heels on Saturday.

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