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Spanner 11.1: Psycho Fangirls

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 11: Talk of the Town
Part 1: Psycho Fangirls (Revision 2)

It’s hard to keep your shirt on
when you’re getting something off your chest...

24 september 2014.
Mimi cries out in pain. Shira, Cory, Rob, and Brandi rush over to help her. Nancy runs away. “What happened?” asks Cory.

“Nancy just tried to pull my hair out,” sobs Mimi. “She told me she doesn’t wanna be my friend anymore!” Rob takes her into his arms so she can cry on his shoulder. She blushes furiously.

“Why would she do that?” asks Brandi.

“I’ll answer that question,” says Rob. “Nancy’s been stalking me more obsessively, and she’s even attacking my female friends starting with Shira. Mimi’s been trying to stop her...”

Shira says, “I’ve been involved in online fangirl flame wars before, but I never thought I’d have a deranged fangirl as a classmate...”

25 september 2014.
While Shira and Leila are making love in the girls” locker room after school, Christian Fleer is stalking Rob in the parking lot as he waits for Connor and Jennifer to drive him and Steve home. She doesn’t yet know that the even more deranged Nancy is stalking him too.

As Steve organizes his books, homework, and computer equipment in his backpack, Rob walks idly toward the stadium. Before he can get halfway there, Christie glomps him hard from behind. He shrieks.

Steve turns around and is about to tell Rob’s assailant to go away; but when he sees it’s Christian Fleer, he cries out, “Oh, no!”

Nancy screams in rage. She runs toward Rob and Christie, hastily rips open her backpack, takes out a large textbook, and throws it straight at Christie, getting her in the side of the head.

“You rabid little cur!” Christie rushes Nancy to beat her up. Nancy has taken out another textbook and advances on her to brain her with it. As Nancy brings the book down, Christie dodges it and brings up her outstretched arms, hands together, to knock the book out of Nancy’s hands. She knees Nancy in the stomach and punches her in the nose. Nancy falls down and rolls over backwards, but she quickly gets up and charges Christie like a madwoman.

Rob and Steve pick up their stuff and run inside to find Jennifer and Connor. When they find Connor, Steve yells, “Connor! Get Jen! Nancy’s picked a fight with Christie over Rob!”

“What?!” Connor fumbles to get out his phone without dropping it. He speed dials Jennifer. “Hey Jen! It’s an emergency!... Nancy’s fighting with Christie!... Yeah, I will. Thanks! “Bye.” He presses “end,” switches to the phone’s address book, finds Brandi’s number, calls her.

Jennifer, Brandi, Cory, and Kio run to meet Rob, Connor, and Steve. Together, they all run back outside to find that Nancy is gone and Christie is a mess. Jennifer tries to brush the dirt off Christie’s uniform. Christie tries to slap her, but she dodges. Connor inserts himself between Christie and Rob. “Christian, stalking’s not a good idea even for you.”

“Hmph!” Contemptuously, she picks up her backpack off the car she put it on, then flounces away to her own SUV. She gets in, slams the door, and angrily drives away.

“What gratitude,” says Jennifer sarcastically.

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[Revision 2, 8/5/11.]

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