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Spanner 14.1: City in Flight

In the first draft, this section was merely a Charlie/Desiree/Ayla lovefest. Looking at it again, I found it pretty useless. I’ve preserved only about five paragraphs of it, only three intact. So I consider this almost entirely new. Unlike its more gratuitous predecessor, it’s entirely in continuity. And the second part ties into Chapter 15 and prepares Leila’s major role in it.

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 14: When the Cat’s Away
Part 1: City in Flight

The more I see of man, the more I like dogs.
Madame de Staël

The better the gambler, the worse the man.
Publilius Syrus

1 october 2014.
highway 304.
The Challenge ends, the people who stayed in the park come out from hiding and applaud, and the picnic resumes with Team Bremelo serving all comers. Once it’s over, Charlie drives her shiny red Ford Mustang down Pacific Avenue, Desiree riding shotgun with Ayla in her lap, then turns right onto Burwell Street, away from downtown. Conveniently, the Conservative Revolution immediately repealed all but the basic traffic safety laws: one can no longer get punished for smoking, drinking, texting, phoning, not wearing a seatbelt, not putting a child in a car seat, not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle, and so on. Charlie insists on driving because Desiree is a logophobe. Ayla holds Desiree tight. “Oh, I am so full,” she groans. “My stomach hurts.”

Desiree says, “You earned the right to eat too much today.”

“Do we really have to go away?”

“Only for the weekend, honey. We have to get out of Metropolitan Seattle and find a safe place.”

“Our mother and her family are coming to wreck the town, darling,” Charlie adds. ”When the Beckets come to town, anybody with a brain gets out as fast as possible.”

Desiree winks at Ayla. “We’re going to the beach.”

“Really?” says the excited girl.

“Ocean City, right on the Pacific,” replies Charlie. “We’ve got a special place out there, right on the beach. That’s where we spent our honeymoon.”

Ayla gasps. “I didn’t know sisters could get married.”

“Yes, here, California, and most of Europe.”

“On our last trip to Europe,“ adds Desiree, “one of our gay friends married his own father in Barcelona.”

“We went to the wedding. Oh my god, they’re such a gorgeous couple.”

“They’re both beautiful, and they’re totally beautiful together. They were naked at the wedding, they kissed so passionately and they couldn’t keep their hands off each other and they made sweet, sweet love right in front of everybody. They’re so in love with each other, and we all fell in love with them. It was so beautiful!”

“When we got back from Europe, we decided to get married in Boston. New England’s another marriage-rights state.”

“Not to mention ‘Boston marriage’ has been a byword for lesbian marriage for almost two hundred years, long before it became legal.”

Sugoi,” says a stunned Ayla. Charlie and Desiree laugh.

Traffic has already become slow on the Navy Yard Highway. “Wow,” says Desiree, “there’s a lot of people trying to get out of town already.”

“When we get to your special place, will you spank me? Please?”

Charlie and Desiree look at Ayla in surprise, then at each other. They laugh.

“What’s so funny?”

Charlie smiles wickedly at her. “Shira’s doing it, isn’t she.”


“When Shira and her twin sister Kira little girls,” Desiree explains, “they found they loved getting spanked so much that they got in trouble just so the teachers could spank them.”

“She told me that.”

“Well, eventually they started begging us to spank them. So we did. They threw off their clothes, we spanked their behinds, and they loved it. Then when they were seven or eight, they started asking us to make love to them.”

“Make love?” gasps Ayla.

“Mm-hmm. As soon as they caught us making love to each other, they begged and begged until we finally broke down and did it. Sure enough, they then begged for more.”

“I’m in love with Shira.”

“So are we, darling.” The sisters both sigh.

“But what happened to Kira?”

Desiree’s voice goes cold. “From what we heard, the Conservative Revolutionary Party fanatics murdered her when they took over the country. A lot of people died then.”

“That’s if she was lucky,” Charlie adds grimly. “If she wasn’t...”

“Is that why Shira’s staying behind?” asks Ayla in near-panic.

“That’s one reason,” Desiree replies. ”She says she’s got a little present she wants to give to our overlords.”

“Like when those robots ripped their heads off?”

“Yeah, like that,” says Charlie conspiratorially, “only better.” She winks.

By the time they get to Gorst, where the highways to Tacoma and out of the city meet, the traffic stops. “Will we get out of here in time?” asks Ayla.

“Oh, this is nothing. We’re four days early, so we should get to Ocean City sometime tonight and avoid all the fun in the big city.”

The backup stretches as far as the eye can see, past the airport, all the way beyond Shelton and even Olympia. The sun begins to set. Desiree takes her camera out of the glovebox and takes pictures.

Shira’s apartment. Shira and Leila sit naked on the couch together, arms around each other’s shoulders. Sparks looks at them while he removes his trenchcoat. “Shira?”


“I know you two look beautiful together. But what do you see in her?”

“A lot of things, all of ’em fascinating. What do you see?”

He stares at Shira for a moment, then Leila. Bitterly he replies, “The reason I’m still stuck at COPCO.”

Shira holds Leila closer to her. “You mean you two were lovers too, once.”

“During the revolution. When I lost my partner, my K-9, and my face.”

Leila stares back at him. “And you’re the reason why Rob and I got trapped in Pretty City.”

“Trading blame here, you two?” asks Shira. “I think it’s your misfortune, not your fault. We know where the blame really lies: [looks at Leila] your grandfather, [looks at Sparks] your father, the Perverted Justice pedo hunters who want all three of us dead, and of course all those right-wing nuts who make this revolution so fucking fun.“

Leila looks at Sparks, eyes wide and lips parted. He stares back at her with one eyebrow cocked. She stands up, walks to him, puts her hands on either side of his face. “She’s right. We really should stop fighting each other.”

He sighs. “We might as well. After all, she’s your lover now.”

“So are you,” Shira adds. Both Leila and Sparks look at her curiously. “Maybe I should explain polyamory in detail later.”


Leila looks Sparks’ face over carefully. “You took your father out of your face.”

“Good guess. The surgeon gave me the option of full reconstruction. I chose a more standard face. Anonymous faces fit in better. Good for police work.”

“Your father has a mean face.”

“I always hated it myself.”

They stare at each other. They struggle to decide about each other. Then they give up, slip into a tight embrace, and kiss deeply like old lovers reunited after years. Shira looks on with a beautiful smile.

The three of them take a long hot shower together and talk about random things. After they dry off, Shira throws a bath towel onto her bed; they get on the bed and start making love. Sparks plunges his cock deep inside Leila while she drinks deeply of Shira’s cunt; three times she puts her finger to the base of his penis so that three times he reaches climax; the fourth time, she lets him empty himself into her.

After they finish, Leila leaves for the kitchen. “What’s she doing?” asks Sparks.

“Getting us some water, sounds like.”

Leila returns with three glasses and a pitcher full of ice water. “Something I learned from the French. Sex is a hard physical activity that makes you sweat, so you need to hydrate if you wanna sustain it. Drink up!” Each of them takes a glass and drinks it all down in one gulp. Together they let out a big breath. “We have the city all to ourselves now.”

“And the school is ours for two days,” Shira adds. “Superintendent Ross just declared ’em optional.”

A wicked smile grows onto Leila’s face. “Which means we can do anything we want.”

Shira smirks. “I know exactly what we can do.”

Sparks interrupts. “The free play ends when the Big Man and company get here. So what’s our plan?”

“Think: what does King Rodge do when he takes his travelling show on the road?”

“Yeah, there’s that.”

“Also consider this: when Corpos think of the Good, they think of it in terms of Order.”

“A very common mistake.”

“So they’s obsessively orderly, with military precision, making sure everything’s in perfect order and nothing goes wrong. Since we’re the guerrilla force on the side of Chaos—”

“Which makes us the bad guys, of course.”

“—once we know their plan and their weaknesses, they’re as good as owned.”

Leila asks, “What about the left-wing terrorists?”

“Glad you asked.” Shira kisses her. ”They’ve got their own plans based on the Man’s plan. So once we disrupt the Man’s plan, the left-wing nuts get owned as well. Better yet, we can disrupt the terrorists’ plans to disrupt the Man’s. We’ve already taken the gangs out of the equation. Grok?”

“Perfectly. But until then, we need to do some serious fucking while we still have the city to ourselves.”

Sparks adds, “I second that.”

“Okay!” says Shira. “So let’s fuck!” She gets up, tosses the drenched and sticky towel into the hamper, and lays a clean one on the bed. “Hey, I got an idea!” She dashes to the dresser by the door, takes out her black strap-on, and puts it on. Then she guides Sparks onto the bed in a kneeling position, has Leila sit on his lap so his cock slips into her cunt, then enters her from behind with her strap-on. Sparks and Shira pound into Leila as hard as they can to drive her into an extreme ecstasy they fight to sustain for the rest of the night...

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