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Spanner 11.4: Making Plans

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 11: Talk of the Town
Part 4: Making Plans (Revision 2)

26 september 2014.
Shira’s apartment.
Morning tutors don’t have to come to afternoon classes, and neither Shira nor Leila have college classes on Fridays, so they decide to spend the afternoon making love. Today, Leila didn’t even attend high school classes. Shira finds her napping nude on her bed. Her right leg is hanging off the bed, giving Shira a clear view of her genitals from the doorway.

Shira quietly walks over to Leila and looks up her sleeping body. She gently moves the left leg slightly more open so she can get a better view of her genitals. She slowly caresses Leila’s hips and buttocks and admires the beauty of her cunt. Then she lowers her face toward Leila and gently kisses her nether lips.

Leila suddenly jumps awake. Shocked, she stares at smiling Shira. “What are you doing?”

“Kissing your beautiful nether lips, my love.” Leila shoots back an offended look. Shira smiles at her sweetly. “What I mean is, you have a beautiful cunt, Leila.”


“Your cunt. Your beautiful frilly cunt. It’s gorgeous! You’re so lucky to have a cunt as beautiful as this. I’m so glad those Pretty City surgeons didn’t put their cruel knives to it!” She plants a long gentle kiss on Leila’s nether lips, then gently grasps the protruding inner lips and slowly opens them like the petals of a flower. “Your inner lips are so frilly. And I love the way they stick out an inch.” She looks into Leila’s eyes. “Don’t you dare get ’em cut, Leila. They’re much better the way they are.”

Leila stares back at Shira for a moment, then says softly, “I never thought about that before.”

“Have a lot of people said you have perfect nipples, and beautiful breasts they wanna caress and kiss?”


“But nobody’s told you your cunt is just as beautiful?” Leila shakes her head no. “They haven’t looked hard enough. You’re so lucky to have such an incredibly beautiful cunt. It’s just as beautiful as the rest of you. One more reason why I’m so totally in love with your body.”

Leila says sadly, “But do you only love me for my body?”

Shira plants a sweet soft kiss on Leila’s nether lips. Then she climbs up onto Leila, holds her tight, looks deep into her eyes, and says softly, “Leila, you are your body.”

“But then what about my soul?”

Shira kisses her. “That, too. But that’s a deep philosophical question we should save till after we make love.” She gives Leila a hard passionate kiss, sticks her tongue into her open mouth, caresses her nether lips with her fingers and then sticks a finger through them and deep into her cunt, making her squeal and moan through the kiss...

pool locker room. After the stress of the last few days, everybody except the mean girls are relieved to be done with school for the weekend. For some, the weekend begins when the final bell rings; for others, it starts the next day, for their parents have reserved Fridays for homework and chores. Shira comes to Marina and gives her the formal invitation to the gathering of friends at Jennifer’s tomorrow night, and formally accepts her request for help against Ollie-Ollie Oxenfree.

After Shira leads Marina to the nearly unused locker room, Mimi is the last invited girl to make it to the secret meeting. “Do any of the boys know about this?” she asks nervously.

“If we’re careful, no,” says Jennifer. “So far, it doesn’t look like any of the mean girls found out, either. But we can’t be too vigilant.”

“Our boys know,“ says Shira, “and they have the sense to keep quiet about it.” She watches images from the school’s surveillance cameras on her phone. “So far, looks like all the mean girls went home in their chauffeured stretch Hummers, ’cuz I don’t see anybody.”

“Anybody else staying late?”

“Just the brains on the computers as usual, and Mr. Whitmer. He knows, but I made him take a vow of silence unto death.”

“Whose death?” asks Polly.

“Whoever tries to extort it out of him, whenever I can get my hands on ’em, that’s who.”

Jennifer looks at the time on her phone. “Shira, Leila, and I will be going with Brandi, Marina, and a few of the boys on a little mission with the Slasher Hunters as a favor for Marina. We figure we’ve got enough time to take out our old fiend Ollie-Ollie before the party starts at eight.“

Polly gasps. “You mean you’re taking on a killer?

“I nearly took out his butt buddy Johnny-Johnny singlehandedly last week,” says Shira. “This time I’ve got friends. We’re bringing backup, blackmail plans, and Leila too.”

“Well, don’t come back dead! We’ll all be worrying about you.”

“Don’t. Let Ollie do the worrying. Anyway...”

A blushing Mimi asks, “Jen, is it true that there’s lesbian orgies at your slumber parties?”

“Did you read the card?” replies Jennifer. “Read it, and then read between the lines. If you want to pull out now, you still can.”

Mimi takes a deep breath, pulls the card out of her backpack, reads it, and blushes a deeper red. “It says ‘no pajamas.’ You mean it’s a nude slumber party?”

Jennifer smiles and nods her head. “Nothing wrong with leaving your clothes behind. You still wanna go?” Mimi holds her breath and nearly turns purple, then lets out a huge sigh and nods yes. Jennifer rushes over to her and gives her a big hug.

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