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Spanner 11.6: Saturday Night Slumber Party

The original version of this scene was kinda yuri. My muse sometimes throws me raw material like that. But once I applied reason to it in the editing phase, it ended up as a somewhat “anvilicious” story about the benefits of social nudity, the kind of thing “Willa-obachan” herself would write. The yuri part got omitted; even the third revision might not bring it back. Go figure...

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 11: Talk of the Town
Part 6: Saturday Night Slumber Party (Revision 2)

27 september 2014.
Jennifer’s house.
When Willa opens the front door, Karen has brought Ayla and is holding her by the hand. Ayla wears a cute lacy white dress the cousins have bought her. “Hi, Aunt Willa!” says Karen with a huge smile.

Willa winks. “Hi, darling.” She smiles at Ayla. “And you must be Shira’s new friend Ayla. Please call me Willa.”

“She’s my obachan.”

Ayla says shyly, “Hi, Willa-obachan.” Karen and Willa laugh. Willa lets them in and closes the door.

Inside, three children are playing together. Their skin is as dark as Shira’s, but their hair is black and curly. The oldest is a girl about Ayla’s age; the youngest is half their age; in between is their brother. They wear nothing, yet they are completely unselfconscious. Aira blushes. “Willa-obachan?”


“Why are they naked?”

“Why not? There’s nothing wrong with it, certainly not in this house.”


Willa smiles and nods. The three children, hearing, them, come over to see. Together, they wave at Ayla and say, “Hi!” Ayla smiles, blushes, and waves.

The older sister says, “I’m Angelina, and this is my brother Marlon and my sister Erika.”

“They’re Shira’s nieces,” says Willa. “Her oldest brother is their father.”

“Wow. You look a lot like Shira.” They smile at her. “I’m Ayla.”

Karen says sweetly, “Ai-chan, how do you introduce yourself in Japanese?”

Izumi Aira desu. Douzo yoroshiku!” Aira bows.

“Can you swim with us?” asks Angelina. Her siblings echo, “Please?”

Aira looks up at Willa. Willa smiles and nods at her. She looks back at the dark children and blushes furiously. “Do I have to take my clothes off?”

“People shouldn’t wear clothes in the pool,” Angelina says.

“Okay...” Ayla takes off her clothes, and prepares to go with them to the swimming pool when a vacuum cleaner switches on, and a small dog begins to bark and growl. “What’s going on over there?”

Angelina giggles. “Oh, it’s just the cat.” Ayla looks behind the chair to see”

Riding a cat-sized Roomba is a big beautiful tortoiseshell Maine Coon cat. As the robot moves back and forth to vacuum the carpet, a surly Pekingese harasses her. She rides her mechanical mount like a knight with sword unsheathed, angrily swiping at the dog in hopes of sinking her claws in and doing serious damage. Ayla is enchanted by her beauty. “Oh, I’m in love!” She runs over to sweep the cat right off her mount. At first the cat struggles and complains. But Ayla holds her tight and soothes her with gentle caresses. Eventually the cat gives up, surrenders to her new admirer, relaxes, closes her eyes, and purrs. Ayla turns to Willa. “What’s her name?”

“Boadicea. We named her after an ancient Celtic warrior queen. She loves people and likes to torment dogs.” She winks. Ayla grins happily.

Shira, Leila, and Jennifer return with Marina, Brandi, and Arisa. Already waiting for them along with Willa are cousins Karen, Clover, Courtney, and Schuyler, along with friends Polly, Mimi, Leila, and Fiona. When everybody’s inside the house and Jennifer locks the front door, Willa gives the signal for everybody to throw off their clothes. The three newcomers stare wide-eyed as the others gleefully liberate themselves from their clothes and then hug and kiss each other. Jennifer stops in front of them and puts her hands on her hips. “I see you girls have never been naked in the house before.”

“Y-you’re nudists?!” stutters Arisa.

Jennifer grins. “Why not? Social nudity’s good for you, no matter what the Law says. So take off those silly uniforms right now! Everybody’s waiting for you out back already.”

As Jennifer leaves for the the open glass back doors and the smell of barbecue hits their noses, the three look at each other, wide-eyed and blushing.

“Social nudity’s good for you, she said?” says Brandi.

“That’s what she said,” replies Arisa.

With grim determination, Brandi and Arisa quickly strip naked and throw their clothes aside. Marina stares at them, eyes even wider and blushing more furiously. They stare back. Marina takes a deep breath, closes her eyes, and fumbles her way out of her clothes.

The others are already eating when Brandi, Arisa, and Marina reach them. The children run around and play happily, seemingly oblivious to their unclothed state. Ayla is deliriously happy. Jennifer comments, “She looks like she’s never had real friends before.”

Shira winks. “There’s always a first time.”

Brandi and Arisa learn quickly to adapt to the unusual new custom. But when Jennifer sees Marina wobbling deliriously and blushing horribly red, she runs over to her with concern. She puts her hands on Marina’s shoulders to steady her, looks into her eyes, then says to Brandi and Arisa, “I think she’s suffering from acute culture shock.” She takes Marina into her arms and holds her tight, caressing her back to comfort her. Marina starts to cry; Jennifer kisses her on the cheek.

Behind them, Shira says, “I guess it was a bit much to expect her to get used to something so radically different after living for so long under that man’s thumb. Can I hold her, Jen?”


Shira holds her arms out wide. Marina runs to her and holds her as tight as she can. Shira kisses her on the cheek. Through her tears, Marina asks her, “Are real Stylers like this?”

“You probably know the first rule of Style,” Shira replies, “which is that fashion can be used as a weapon. Well, the second rule is that you can Style naked or even drab. It’s all in the attitude, really. So yeah. If you can’t Style naked, you probably can’t Style pimped out. Now you know the Deep Dark Secret of the Radical Stylers.” She winks. Marina gives her a huge smile in return.

Brandi and Arisa look at each other with huge grins on their faces. “She says real Stylers Style even when naked?” says Arisa.

“Then what are we waitin’ for?” answers Brandi. “Let’s Style!” She and Arisa strike a cool pose for each other.

Jennifer pumps her fist. “Yeah!”

Brandi and Arisa throw themselves into each other’s arms and bounce together in circles, giggling like little girls. Shira and Jennifer make it a group hug.

After the barbecue, everybody goes inside for a swim. The children, the Richter-Thomas cousins, the Shelley sisters, and Polly take to the pool as if they were born to it. Mimi and Marina sit together at the edge of the pool with their legs in the water. Both of them are blushing.

“So you’re new to this too?” asks Marina.

“Mm-hmm!” replies Mimi.

Marina moves close to Mimi puts her arm around her shoulders. Mimi puts her arm around Marina and kisses her gently on the cheek. Ayla surfaces next to them, waves, says “Hiiii!” and dives like a fish back underwater.

After they exhaust themselves swimming, they shower and dry off, then take their seats in the plush couches and chairs of the living room. The Richter-Thomas cousins, the Shelley sisters, and the children form a large group hug on the long couch facing the now closed and curtained back door. Another group embrace forms with Polly, Mimi, Marina, Brandi, and Arisa on the shorter couch.

“Are we spending all weekend like this?” asks a dizzy Arisa.

Polly nods happily. “We certainly hope so. We try to do this every weekend.”

Marina says, “Is there any truth to the rumors that your naked weekends turn into all-girl orgies?”

Everybody stares at her. Jennifer says, “Uhh.. why? Did the boys tell you that?”

Shira flashes her a What you talkin’ ’bout? look. “Not with children around.”

Marina blushes redder. “Well, I asked because if the rumors were true, I might wanna join in.”

A chorus of relieved sighs answers her. “Well, we’d have to put the children to bed first,” says Jennifer.

28 september 2014.
Thirteen young women in Willa Richter-Thomas’ guest room sleep in till early afternoon, exhausted after the previous night’s activities, clumped in groups. They’re awakened by the insistent ringtone emanating from Shira’s phone. Groggily, she reaches for it, tries to find it, finally touches it and grabs it. She presses the talk button and puts the phone to her ear.

“Hello?... Oh hi, Cory!...” Suddenly she sits bolt upright, alarming the others. “What?!... Oh shit. This is fucked. Love ya. ’Bye.” She presses end and drops the phone onto the bed.

“What’s wrong?” asks Schuyler.

Shira pivots so that she sits on the side of the bed. Her eyes are wide open; she does not smile. “Girls, I’ve got bad news. Really bad news.” The others ask her what it is. Once she’s certain she has their full attention, she says grimly, “Cory just sent me word that Nancy just got killed.”

Mimi gasps in absolute horror.

“What’s more, there’s video of the murder. Seems some of our mean girl friends beat her to death while the phonecam was running. I think we got us a war.”

Mimi screams and screams.

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