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Spanner 12.1: Mean Girl Murder Case

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 12: Bad Girls Can’t Win
Part 1: Mean Girl Murder Case (Revision 2)

The Abrams Principle:
The shortest distance between two points is off the wall.

Grub first, then ethics.
Bertolt Brecht

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The culprits blurred their faces before they posted this, but their voices will betray them. The victim: Nancy Chandler, psychotic fangirl. She knows her assailants because they have fought before. This time they have teamed up to teach the psycho girl a lesson.

“If you won’t get out,” says Christian Fleer, “I guess we’ll have to teach you a hard lesson.”

“Yeah,” sneers Deborah Becket.

Completely surrounded, a panicked Nancy turns to face each of her attackers in turn: Christie, Debbie, Christie’s sister Julian, their cousin Rachel Brinkman, and the rest of Pretty Team: Kelly McLendon, Lady Penner, and Lucy Wilkinson with her camera phone. Completely irrational, Nancy tries to escape by attacking Lady, whom she thinks is the weakest of them. At once the strongest of them—the Fleer sisters and their cousins—pounce on her from all sides and pummel her with punches and kicks.

In the heat of the fray, Julian trips Nancy without even trying to, and Nancy falls hard onto the wooden floor. Her head hits the floor so hard it bounces with a sickening thud. Rachel screams.

Debbie barely restrains herself from panicking. “Oh my god, we’re in deep shit!”

Christie says, “Calm down, cousin. I’ve already called an ambulance.”

“Well, if she dies on us, we’re ruined!
28 september 2014.
police station.
Mean girls under interrogation. Diana Shockley comes because three of her nieces are among the accused.
Christian Fleer: “How could we know beforehand that Nancy Chandler would end up dead” The girl was so psycho, she broke into my family’s house just to beat me up. We thought we’d teach her a hard lesson. Then everything got out of control.”

Deborah Becket:No, I didn’t kill her! I was trying to throw her out of my cousins” house, and suddenly there she was lying dead on the floor. I had every right to panic!”

Rachel Brinkman: “One of us tripped Nancy and she hit the back of her head hard on the wood floor, and suddenly I realized she could suffer serious brain damage if we didn’t get her some help immediately. Christie called 911, but we didn’t know she was already dead till the ambulance got there. God, I feel so horrible about this.”

Kelly McLendon is unusually subdued. “She barged in, we tried to fight her off, and suddenly she was dead and we panicked. I almost killed Lucy for posting that.”

Julian Fleer cries so hard that she can barely speak. She is the one who tripped Nancy. She refuses to forgive herself.

Lucy Wilkinson: “Of course I shot video! I do that with everything we do! We got so into fighting off that psycho that I completely forgot I had the phone set to autopost...”

Lady Penner: “I can’t say anything. I’m speechless. Besides, my friends already said everything I was going to say. I don’t know if I’ll survive this. Our reputation’s certainly taking a beating. I bet Shira Thomas is laughing at us right now.”
The interrogation ends when Mrs Eden Becket Fleer, the Admiral’s wife and Christian and Julian’s mother, arrives with a large suitcase of Dictel cash, lawyer Marshall Brinkman, and elder daughters Dorian and Charmian. The authorities agree to drop the charges in exchange for paying the hefty fine. Dorian, sweet and responsible girl that she is, promises to pay for the Chandlers’ funeral expenses and pay off their crushing burden of medical debt from their failed attempt to find a cure for Nancy’s psychosis; Marshall tells her that should be Rob’s job, but Dorian tells him to shut up (“This is our responsibility, not his”) and whips out her checkbook.

The girls of Pretty Team leave the police station with a collective sigh of relief. But already they dread the trip to school. Team Bremelo await them there. They expect the club’s girl fighters, Sexy Team, to throw them a Team Challenge, to avenge Nancy for Mimi’s sake.

29 september 2014.
Shira’s bed.
Shira lies on top of her bed, not bothering to cover herself with the bedsheets. Leila sleeps in one arm; Ayla cuddles her from the other side. She notices that Ayla is much less self-conscious about being naked than she was when she ran away to her.

“Will Mimi-chan be all right?” asks Ayla.

Shira kisses Ayla on the forehead. “Well, if your best friend just got murdered even after she became your worst enemy, you’d take it hard too. I know I would. It’ll take a fair bit of time for Mimi to get over the shock, but she’ll heal. But until then, we’re hugging her as much as we can and making sure she doesn’t sleep alone.”

“I love Mimi-chan.”

“So do I, darling. Unlike Nancy, Mimi is a sweet girl with a lot of friends who will do everything to protect her. And the mean girls at our school know that if any harm comes to our friend, they’ll be in even bigger trouble.”

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