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Spanner 12.4: Pretty vs. Sexy

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 12: Bad Girls Can’t Win
Part 4: Pretty vs. Sexy (Revision 2)

29 september 2014.
before school.
Shira and Jennifer escort Mimi into the school building. Before they reach the other side of the cafeteria, they find themselves completely surrounded by the nine fighting members of Pretty Team. They take their positions on either side of Mimi and lower into fighting stance.

Shira says, “That was a mighty fine act you girls pulled off. You’re all pretty good fighters, but your victim couldn’t hold her own for one round against a karate white belt. Obviously you don’t realize she tried to kill her own best friend, and now you’re attacking her? Harm one hair on her head, and I’m calling Gang Rules. If you want her, you’ll have to go through me first.”

Rachel, Kelly, Lady, and Lucy flinch and fall back. The four Fleer sisters and their cousin and enforcer Debbie form a tighter circle around Shira, Jennifer, and Mimi. Jennifer slips out with Mimi. The sisters let them and face down Shira.

Shira does not move. Realizing what she’s about to do, Jennifer takes off her glasses and watches carefully. Shira intensifies her aura slowly. At first it seems she’s likely to strike first and will go into fight mode the instant any of the Fleers move. But soon they realize that Shira can strike out randomly at any moment. When her fighting aura reaches its highest intensity, the Fleers start to sweat and lose their confidence; Debbie panics and takes two steps back; Lucy and Lady run away. She makes them believe that she can massacre them all in a single blow. First Julian leaps back in a panic and collides into Rachel. Dorian loses her nerve and steps back. Charmian feels her resentment disappear, sighs in resignation, and turns away to join her twin sister. Suddenly, Christian finds herself all alone against a far superior fighter. She looks around, sees the rest of her team staying away from Shira, and screams in frustration. She throws a punch that Shira easily dodges, then stomps in a huff to Debbie and slaps her. Shira stands up.

Deborah Becket! Why in God’s name did you chicken out?!”

Debbie smiles at her and giggles nervously. “Uh, I didn’t wanna kill her.”

Christie stares at her strangely, making her giggle even more nervously. Then she says, “Debbie, I wanted to kill her. Don’t tell me you like her...”


Charmian shouts, “Christian and Deborah, knock it off!”

Incredulously, Christie shoots back, “Charmian, that creature sexually assaulted you!” They stare at each other, then back at Shira, who regards them with an indecipherable look. Christie storms off, and the others follow.

When they’re gone, several dozen other students come out of hiding to give Shira a standing ovation. Mimi runs into Shira’s arms and sobs, “Thank you!”

Jennifer comes up to Shira and says, “You sure put on quite the show at their expense, cousin.”

Shira grins back at her. “Now Pretty Team know what those big Mokes felt a couple weeks ago when they broke in to beat up a kid and found me instead.”

Polly comes by, looks down the hall in the general direction Pretty Team went, and says, “Why won’t they arrest those evil women?”

Shira sighs. “Think of it this way. Would Admiral Fleer arrest his own daughters or nieces? Would Governor Brinkman arrest his own grandchildren if they’re not named Shelley? Would Mayor Everson allow the police to even get anywhere near his stepdaughter?”

“These days,” adds Jennifer, “the system’s set up so that mean girls get slapped on the wrist as long as their parents pay the authorities sufficiently large kickbacks. The punishment fits the bribe.”

Polly stares at Shira and Jennifer in disappointment. “Oh.”

after school. Shira holds Leila tight and kisses her gently on the lips. “I got late business I gotta take care of, love. See ya at my place.”

“Do you still love me” Even after all this... business?”

“Don’t worry, darlin’. I love you more than my life. But there’s some times when you gotta do it out of something other than love. You should already understand that, given what you’ve been through.” Shira kisses Leila again, then winks. “Trust me.” She walks away, into the darkened school, as Leila watches near the front door.

Mr. Smith’s office. The Confederacy-loving history teacher is staying after school, he told Principal Principal, to do some very important business to do on his workstation. He led him to believe that he would be grading papers and recording the scores into the school mainframe. Actually, grading papers is easy for him; fortunately for him, the principal is none too bright and the vice principal is too obsessed with strict discipline to suss out his real agenda, which is on not his school workstation but his personal laptop. He is reviewing Rebel Rebel videos on the laptop as we waits for her alter ego to arrive. His business is with her.

A real Cavalier mixes his business with pleasure. The ungainly Edgar Olney Smith may not look like a Cavalier even in his Confederate grays, but he is enslaved to the romance of Confederate aristocracy. He did not take it well when the insolent Shira declared in front of the whole class that he was forever trapped between the covers of Gone with the Wind.

As soon as the thought of Shira assaults him, the office door opens. He turns to see her framed like a painting in the door frame, bracing herself against it with her hands, her weight on her left leg so that her hip juts out. Lit by not just the office’s half-light but her Charmer’s charisma, she looks spectacular. He takes a sharp deep breath and tries not to faint. “Mr. Smith,” she purrs, “may I come in?”

He giggles uncontrollably like a girl with a crush. “Please do,” he says. “And please shut the door after you.” She spins to take the doorknob, pulls the door shut, and spins back to skip over to him smiling and embrace him from behind.

She looks at the laptop on his lap and sees a familiar dark child silently pronounce her seductive call. “So this is what we’re meeting about?”

He clears his throat and tries not to stutter. “If the rumors are true and this here was you, are you really capable of these kinds of things?”

She leans over and turns his head with her hand so she can look him in the eyes. “Want a demonstration?”

He blushes and sweats as a lascivious leer forms on his face. “Sure. Try me.”

Shira plants a hard kiss on his lips and plunges her tongue into his mouth. His eyes go wide and he flinches and whimpers like a virgin. He does not know that Shira has set her phone to autosync with his laptop and take control of its camera.

thirteenth street. In the Slasher Hunters” van, the scene plays out on Lars Izquierdo’s netbook while he, Brandi, and Peck watch intently. Shira strips off her clothes, then attacks Smith’s. “You know this is illegal,” comments Lars.

“That’s the entire point,” replies Brandi. “She says we’re doin’ this for leverage.”

“Blackmail, you mean.”

“Confederate re-enactors like him gain connections,” says Peck. “It’s how fannish men like Gar Smith show their devotion to the Imperial régime. Once we gain leverage over Smith, we can use it to gain access into some of the higher levels of the régime, where the roots of corruption have sunk in much more deeply. We need a weapon, and Gar Smith is a suspected pedophile.”

“Well! Bait the pedo hunters and use ’em as your weapon, I see. The girl’s clever. So who are we using good ol” boy Gar to get?”

Brandi answers, “She says she’s aimin” one level up, at the school administration.”

“But one level up also leads to his pastor,” adds Peck. “Smith attends the Church of America branch whose Shepherd is none other than the woman Shira calls her ‘Evil Stepmother,’ the notorious Drusilla Becket. Most recently, Miss Becket has been relentlessly promoting her latest celebrity Prophet, one Byron Herbert Scofield, who has lately been revealing some major political ambitions.”

“And what does that have to do with Gar Smith?” asks Lars.

“Scofield first became famous before the coup as one of the more ruthless pedo hunters. Gar Smith has long been one of the more ardent supporters of his cause. It is well known that highly religious people tend to oppose most fanatically the vice they are most vulnerable to. The case of the late Shepherd Ward Tremayne is a perfect example.”

“And Madame Dru herself was nearly destroyed by a notorious child rape scandal that almost brought down the entire Dictel Corporation, involving her own daughters... So the strategy’s supposed to be this: find the pedo among the pedo hunters, sic Rebel Rebel herself on him in the flesh, then use this [Lars gestures at his netbook] as a bomb against ’em...”

“That is the strategy. Like Sun Tzu said, don’t fight your enemy where he is strong, but find his greatest weakness and attack him there. That way victory lies.”

“Damn.” Lars catches his breath. “I get the feeling that if we hadn’t found and recruited her in time, she could have been our most dangerous target. This is ruthless.” He directs the Hunters’ attention back to the netbook screen, on which Shira howls and screams in wicked ecstasy as she sexually attacks a helpless Gar Smith lying naked on his back atop his desk like a dying pig.

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