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Spanner 12.6: Spank Your Loli

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 12: Bad Girls Can’t Win
Part 6: Spank Your Loli (Revision 2)
“I wish we didn’t have to do this yet again,” laments the teacher.

“Hit the goddamn brats harder this time!” commands the angry principal.

Down come their pants; down come the paddles. Shira and Kira are in trouble again!

These charming and adorable twins were always insufferable brats. They could twist you around their pinkies and make you fall in love with them, and use this to get away with shenanigans that would make a drunken sailor blush. But not at school. The teachers and administrators found the lovely little terrors so unmanageable, they concluded they had to resort to extreme measures: corporal punishment.

Then Shira and Kira made an astonishing discovery: if they could bother their classmates and provoke the teachers enough, they could get the principal to spank them so hard that pain suddenly transformed into a pleasure they had never felt before. So they concentrated their effort on doing rotten things that would get them spanked. When they got caught, they resisted as fiercely as possible. When they got dragged to the principal’s office, they protested as hysterically as they could. When the paddles came down onto their bare quivering behinds, they kicked and screamed as if their life was being ripped out of them.

And it always worked. They could never get enough. The clueless school authorities didn’t realize what the twins were pulling on them till sixth grade.

In middle school, of course, school authorities don’t spank, they detain and suspend. Shira and Kira knew this even before they got into seventh grade, and they knew it would be boring as all-get-out. So they picked up the paddle for themselves and spanked each other. Then they reached for more intense pleasures, doing sweet, sweet things to each other that would have horrified anyone who found out, even before the Conservative Revolution commanded the Law to forbid non-eugenic practices...
29 september 2014.
Shira’s apartment.
After Shira washes off the night’s sweat and paint in the shower, she throws herself into the living room’s plushest recliner and lies back as far as the chair can go. She takes a slow deep breath and lets it all out in a sigh. She puts her hands behind her head, closes her eyes, and tries to think.

After a few minutes, Shira’s undirected reverie is interrupted when Leila decides to lean down and kiss her. “Heya, gorgeous,” Shira purrs. “Whatcha thinkin’?”

“There’s something special I want you to do to me.”

“Hmmm. What’s that?”

“Will you spank me?”

Leila takes the mischievous look that comes over Shira’s face to mean yes.

In her bedroom, Shira sits at the edge of her bed, Leila’s naked body draped prone over her legs, and spanks her bare butt with undisguised glee. Leila shouts and whimpers, but begs her to hit harder. After Leila’s cries of pain transform into cries of pleasure and she’s about to reach climax, Ayla bursts into the room in a panic, runs over to Shira, and grabs her hand to stop her from spanking. “No!” she sobs. “Please stop it!”

Leila shoots a look of annoyance back at Ayla. Shira laughs. She strokes Ayla’s head. “What’s wrong, darling?”

“Why are you punishing her?”

“What?” says Leila incredulously. “Nobody’s punishing anybody for anything.”

Shira winks. “Ayla darling, we’re doing this strictly for pleasure.”

“Nobody spanks people for pleasure!” protests Ayla, confused.

“Leila, will you get up? Ayla and I need a heart-to-heart talk.”

Leila sighs. Reluctantly, she gets up. Shira stands up to kiss her. Leila says, “I’ll go pleasure myself while you two talk.”

“Okay.” Leila leaves and shuts the door. Shira gestures for Ayla to come to her, holds her tight in her arms, and looks deep into her eyes. “Just so you understand,” she says softly, “I want to talk about me.” Ayla nods. “When I was half your age, I got in trouble in school and the teacher spanked me so hard that she ended up giving me a monster orgasm. I found I loved it so much, for years afterward I got in trouble just so I could get spanked, and I thrashed around and screamed just to make them angry enough to spank me harder, all the way to orgasm. Of course they were trying to punish me. But I turned their punishment into my pleasure. That’s why Leila and I were spanking each other. We’re doing it strictly for fun because we love to be spanked.”

Ayla stares at Shira, wide-eyed and open-mouthed. Then she says quietly, “Sugoi.”

Shira laughs and kisses Ayla on the lips. “Does Nenene punish you by spanking?” Ayla nods sadly. Shira smiles at her. “The only reason I would spank you is for your pleasure. That’s why Leila asked me to spank her. Would you like to try it? Just for pleasure?”

Ayla looks at her for a few seconds, not knowing what to think. Then she blushes, smiles, and nods.

“Okay!” Shira helps Ayla onto the bed on her stomach and caresses her naked butt. “But first, I wanna kiss your butt before I spank it, and then I’ll kiss it again after I spank you. Okay?” Ayla giggles as Shira showers her bare butt cheeks with soft kisses for a minute or two. Then Shira gets up onto the bed and caresses Ayla’s butt again, and asks her, “Are you ready?” Ayla looks at her with fear and anticipation, but nods. “The first time, you’ll probably still feel like you’re being punished. Let yourself kick and scream all you want. Ready?”


Shira slaps Ayla hard on the behind. She slaps her again and again. Ayla screams, sobs, and squirms, but does not beg her to stop. Shira spanks her until she shudders and then collapses in exhaustion, stunned. Shira bends down to kiss her now red butt again. Suddenly she senses a presence; she turns her head to find Leila staring at them from the doorway.

“You were spanking Ayla, weren’t you.”

Shira smiles sweetly. “It was her first time.” She looks back down at Ayla. “How did you like it?”

Ayla looks up at her, her flushed face glowing with rapture. “Will you do it again? Please?”

Leila jumps onto the bed. “Can I do it too?” Ayla nods enthusiastically. Shira and Leila happily spank Ayla together.

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