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Spanner 14.3: Optional School Day

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 14: When the Cat’s Away
Part 3: Optional School Day

3 october 2014.
Shira’s bed.
“We’re really going to do it, aren’t we,” says Leila.

Shira holds Leila tight. She can feel her body tremble. “Own Grandpa Evil, you mean” If anybody needs to be owned, it’s the psychopath that owns the whole world. Worried that you’ll get hurt?”

“I don’t care about me. I’m afraid you’ll get caught and they’ll torture you.”

“You don’t care about yourself” It’s you I’m worried about.”

“They’re more scared of me than they are of you. And the one person they fear more than anyone else in the world is Ariel.”

“Well! She in on this too?”

“Not this time. She says she’d be too conspicuous.”

“What does she have on these guys?”

“Everything. That’s why they fear her.”

“So how come you and Rob are helping us with the Man when she’s not?”

“We can hide. She can’t.”

“Are you always this scared before something this big?”

Leila smiles and sighs. “I remember, when I won the Junior Miss Nude Europe beauty contest, I was terrified throughout the whole thing. But when I won, I was overwhelmed by a wave of love. It was the happiest moment of my life, until I met you. This won’t be quite like that, but still I know I’ll lose all my fear once we get started. But, yeah. Always.”

Shira gives her a beautiful smile, then kisses her.

breakfast. Hope and Ayla are long gone. Shira, Leila, and Mikan the red tabby have the waterfront condo to themselves. Shira holds a fork in her left hand and thumbs the phone she holds in her right. While they eat, Leila pets the cat purring in her lap.

“ Charlie, Desiree, Alex, Nick, Peck, Deth Pussy, Evil the Cat...”

“What are you doing?” Leila eats a piece of delicious bacon-cheese omelette.

“Passing on the word. We all gotta be ready for when ol’ kingy drops by and brings the hammer down.”

“Do you have a meeting place set up?”

“You’ll be there when it happens. But we can’t let the Man know.”

school. The student body is gone. The teachers are gone. Only the administration, the Student Council, and Team Bremelo remain. Principal, Falconer, and the two assistant vice principals hunker down in the back of the principal’s office. The councillors and their advisors stick to their meeting room and focus on their evacuation plans for the weekend. The Bremeloes meet in the center of the library, sitting around one table made out of four, joined by council advisor Karen, faculty advisors Dave Whitmer and Sylvia Plame, and librarians Sally Hatfield, Kitty Carlisle, and Chris Jordan. Team members present: Shira, Leila, Rob, Jennifer, Connor, Polly, Cory, Kio, Brandi, Steve, Ken, Seika, and Harumi. Not all of them will be out of town on Sunday.

“Where is everybody?” asks Polly.

Shira smiles ironically. “Trying to get as far away from the big city limits before Hurricane Roger slams this town hard.”

“You mean they’re treating this like a natural disaster?”

“Worse. It’s an unnatural disaster. Wherever the Old Man blows, devastation goes.”

Karen stands at the head of the table with the teachers and librarians behind them. When she speaks up, all conversation ceases. “Okay, everybody! Is this an official meeting?”

“Yeah!” the team reply.

“Since this is an emergency meeting, we won’t have roll call. We all know who we are. Everybody got jammers activated?” Everybody else raises phones and tablets. “So who’s staying over the weekend?” Raising their hands: Shira, Brandi, the Blairs, the Shelleys, and the Tachibanas. “Okay. Jennifer, you wanted to explain?”

Jennifer says, “Thanks, Karen. This emergency has nothing to do with the fight clubs, and yet it has everything to do with Tournament.”

“How is that even possible?” asks Kio.

“It’s actually simpler than you think. The key lies in the nature of revolutionary groups.”

“Like the Conservative Revolutionaries?” asks Polly.

“And the Socialist Revolutionaries, and the Earth Revolutionary Front, Al-Qaeda, the Black Bloc, black nationalists, even the Triads. They’re all groups of elite warriors with one goal, to impose the one true faith on the world. Where they differ is on what the one true faith is.“

Dave adds, “What it really comes down to is which messiah is the real messiah.”

“That’s right! Who is the real messiah? The government, the people, the earth, this guru, that tribe? Whoever it is, its disciples are the chosen people and they have the divine right to rule over everybody else.”

“That doesn’t sound like Tournament to me,” says Harumi.

“But this is how Tournament began. When the Conservative Revolutionaries overthrew American democracy, the other factions got jealous because their messiah wasn’t the one who won. So they unleashed a series of terrorist attacks that almost destroyed the whole Empire. To control them, Richard Becket went back to the ancient tradition of having champions duel for their cause. So he drew up a set of rules, converted the political factions into fight clubs, and had them fight in a tournament, with ownership of the masses as the prize. Soon enough, all the Mafias joined in. That tournament has never ended, because the winners always face another Challenge. In fact, Tournament replaced the entire political system. There’s a reason why Richard Becket was made Party leader.“

“Jen, I still don’t get it,” says Seika.

“Most of us still don’t,” Sylvia adds.

“You’ll need to understand a few more things, too,” Jennifer says. “I’ll pass this one on to Shira next.”

Shira explains, “Once a revolutionary faction gets itself into power, that’s the beginning of the end for the revolution.”

“Now that one I’ve never heard of,” says Rob.

“Here’s how it works. Once the true believers take control and set up their dictatorship, all the power seekers join the winning faction so they can climb to the top of the new hierarchy. This is the Peter Principle in action, meaning entropy increases. Sooner or later, the true believers and the power seekers come into conflict, and the reign of terror begins. The trick is to have the Party spend its wrath on itself instead of us.”

Several Bremeloes gasp, sigh, and murmur, understanding for the first time. But then Kio says, “Now what does this have to do with the terrorists?”

“Wherever the Party leaders go, all the rival Parties are bound to follow.”

“All the revolutionary vanguards are still fighting their revolutions, you see,” Jennifer continues. “Their revolution alone is the true one, and the revolutions all those other factions fight for are false revolutions. Sure enough, the true revolutionaries always attack the impostors in power. Sooner or later, it ends up looking like a gigantic game of ‘king of the hill,’ the one we call Tournament.”

“The terrorists want utopia, the Corporations want profit, the Mafias want a world without law, the tribes just want to be number one; but all of ’em want total control, so they fight to the death for it. They call that the ‘Law of Social Darwinism.’”

“But if you consider it a part of species identity, as the Corporates do, that species is not ours. So-called Social Darwinists believe that the Corporations, broadly speaking, are lifeforms superior to humans and should replace us. If we think of Corporations as lifeforms, they have their own species identity, and it’s nothing like ours. Humans are social animals; Corporations, besides not being animals, are antisocial by nature. We build hypercomplex nests we call cities; they consume only to build themselves at the expense of everything else. Except for primitive cannibals, humans think eating other humans is horrific and gross; but Corporations routinely eat each other, and nobody thinks anything of it.”

“That means what’s good for the factions is never good for us. That’s why everybody’s leaving town yesterday.”

Sally asks, “That was quite informative, but how does that explain eight team members going downtown?”

“We’re not going over to fight,” Jennifer replies. “We’re putting an end to Tournament.” She winks.

pool. With everybody else gone, there are no classes. With nobody to tutor, the tutors can’t teach. Instead, they get recreational.

After the meeting, some of the Bremeloes and the faculty advisors go home to plan their evacuation or wait for John Peck’s call. Polly and Ken help the librarians clean up for the day while Brandi and Kio plan the after-lunch meeting. The Student Council remains in session.

Eight others decide this is the perfect time to go skinny dipping in the pool. Four girls: Shira, Jennifer, Leila, Polly. Four boys: Rob, Connor, Cory, Steve. As soon as they get in, they lock the doors and lower all the shades so no one can see. Then they take off their clothes and throw them into the bleachers.

“Here we are,” says Shira, “four beautiful girls and four equally beautiful boys. I think we should take a minute to admire each other’s bodies.”

Rob says, “That’s a very good idea!” He, Connor, and Cory circle around Steve, making him blush.

The girls join the circle. Jennifer comments, “He’s not as buff as the others, but that just makes him a more delicate beauty.”

“We just need to get him some time in the weight room,” replies Connor, “and then he’ll have a body to die for.”

Polly kneels and caresses Steve’s butt. “Your ass is so beautiful, Steve. Can I kiss it?” Not waiting for an answer, she showers it with ardent kisses. He blushes even more furiously, and his penis goes hard and erect. Leila bends down to kiss its head. He giggles and sighs.

“God,” he says, “I’m in love with every single one of you.”

“And we’re all in love with you, too.” says Shira.

Cory and Polly fall backwards into the water. The others jump in after them.

locker room. Eight wet beauties walk naked into the boys’ locker room to shower off. They pair up to soap each other thoroughly: Shira and Leila, Jennifer and Polly, Connor and Rob, Cory and Steve. They switch partners, boys with boys and girls with girls, to dry each other off.

Steve muses, “You know this is all illegal, don’t you.”

Jennifer replies, “This is a temporary autonomous zone. The Law doesn’t reach here.”

Shira winks. “Right now, there is no Law.”

“So we pair up again,” says Steve, “boy-boy and girl-girl?”

Rob grins wickedly. “How ’bout we start with brother-sister?”

Jennifer and Connor gasp, stare at each other, exclaim in unison: “What?!

Leila and Rob embrace each other tight. ”Why not? You’re beautiful, you love each other, why not share your bodies?”

“Jen, you married your mother,” adds Leila. “You make love to her, don’t you? Why not your brother?” The Shelley twins lock lips and share a long hot open-mouthed kiss.

The Blair siblings look at each other again. They turn to face each other and take a good look at each other’s nude bodies. Jennifer gives Connor a huge sweet smile. “They made a good point. So why not?”

“I guess it’s worth a try,” says Connor. He goes over to the condom dispenser, takes out two condoms, runs back give one to Rob. The brothers get some clean towels, lay them onto the hard wooden benches, get their sisters to lie down on them, and soon are inside them, joined in the forbidden thrill of incestuous union as their friends look on in fascination.

When they’re finished, the two sibling couples sit beside each other on the bare bench, arm in arm. Steve throws the wet towels into the hamper. Connor says, “You know, that really wasn’t too bad.”

Jennifer rolls her eyes. “Come on now, Connor. It was the thrill of your lifetime.”

“I give up, Jen. It was awesome. But you do this all the time.”

“Maybe you should do it more.”

Shira winks. “Hey, I’m always available.”

“He should make an appointment,” Polly groans. Everybody laughs.

Connor kisses Rob. “You two look like you do it a lot.”

Rob grins. “Hey, why not? Just like you, we’re beautiful and we really love each other.”

“We also happen to be hopelessly horny,” says Leila. “We’ve spent long periods of time when everybody stayed away from us like we were freaks. No one else would love us, so we loved each other.“

“At least we all have someone to fall back on now,” Jennifer says. “You two have each other, Leila has Shira...”

Polly says, “You’ve got your mother, and I’ve got mine...”

“...and Steve can have anybody he wants,” Shira adds. Steve blushes.

Cory winks at him. “Hey, he’s got all of us.” Steve giggles in sweet embarrassment. Cory gives him a tight embrace and a long hard kiss.

“Maybe we should take turns.” Everybody laughs.

When they’re back beside the pool, all dressed and ready to leave, they open all the shades. They leave through the door into the school building hallway. Charmian and Kelly are there, waiting for them, ready for a swim of their own.

Shira demands, “What are you two doing here?”

Charmian replies, “We were about to ask you the same thing.”

Kelly gloats in triumph. “Bus-ted!”

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