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Spanner 14.2: Fujoshi Paradise

If there's anything even harder to get right than fight scenes, it's love scenes. It can be quite hard to avoid such narrative afflictions as IKEA Erotica (Jennifer: “Insert pink rod into sticky slot, pump in and out repeatedly till rod squirts. Sounds fun, eh?”) and “Penthouse-y” fetishism (I’m looking at you, Satoshi Urushihara) that spoil the story. Just ask any writer of erotic romance, or for that matter any yaoi fangirl. In this case, I found much careful editing necessary. As for fight scenes, so for love scenes...

Also, I should mention that “sex versus violence” is a major theme of this story. It is my long-held belief that violence is the Puritan (read: American) form of sex, which explains the Slashers. Chapter 15 will demonstrate it on the larger scale of politics and society. But right now, the kids must have their fun while they still have a chance...

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 14: When the Cat’s Away
Part 2: Fujoshi Paradise

2 october 2014.
morning, Shira’s apartment.
According to the official news outlets, nothing happened in any Bremerton park yesterday afternoon. No police reports were ever filed. Drusilla Becket AMERICA! paid them to suppress it after receiving a phone call from lawyer Angela Coyne on behalf of her clients, Charlotte and Desiree Richter-Thomas.

Leila says, “What’s wrong with these people? Don’t they have any sense of objectivity?

“No, not the way the investigative reporters mean it, and certainly not in the pre-coup corporate-media sense. But you have to admit they’ve got a lunatic devotion to truthiness.”


“If it feels true, it’s true by definition, especially if there’s no objective truth in it. But if it doesn’t feel true, then by definition it’s untrue whether it’s objectively true or not. We call their standard of truth ‘truthiness.’”

“Can’t they even deny what happened?”

“Now there’s a whole other can of worms entirely. One of the laws of tyranny, you see, is the Law of Plausible Deniability. If the government and its official media outlets deny something, what they deny becomes true by definition. You can pull off some serious social engineering if you can get the government to deny it. That’s how the Soviet Empire got kicked out of Czechoslovakia two years before it died.”

Leila snuggles up against Shira. “That was ten years before we were born, lover.”

“The Roman Empire collapsed fifteen hundred years ago and they still make TV shows about it. Long after Holy City and Pretty City are ancient ruins themselves, they’ll be making holovids and stimsims about the decline and fall of the American Empire. Thing is, empires have been dying the same way for six thousand years and so the lessons are always the same, but still nobody with any power learns anything. Which is why all those empires suffer the same fate.”

“Well, if you say so. Now let’s go make love.”

school. Nothing interesting happens on the next to last school day before the king descends on the city. The school is unnaturally quiet. People have already started fleeing the Seattle metropolitan boundaries, to Portland and Vancouver and the exurbs in between. Half the students are gone; so many teachers call in sick that the school runs out of substitutes. Those remaining keep to themselves or talk quietly and in code as if the king’s spies were already there.

The distractions make it easier for Shira to sneak in lovemaking sessions with Leila, Jennifer, and Cory. They have sex in classrooms, janitors’ closets, locker rooms, study rooms, music practice rooms, and empty teachers’ offices with little chance of getting caught, though they remain watchful.

after school. Throughout the American Empire, there exist underground secret societies of women known as Fujoshi. The Otaku Japanese name literally means “dirty lady.” The uninitiated tend to understand the term by its surface meaning, which suits the Fujoshi just fine. But to the Otaku, of which they are a branch, Fujoshi are the women who love to watch men love each other. The homosexual underground find them bizarre, for two reasons. First, they are a female cult of feminine male beauty, alien to a male culture that worships the masculine. Second, they are the last surviving protectors of the forbidden erotic ideal of love between man and boy, lost to the gay world when the last scattered fragments of the infamous North American Man-Boy Love Association were publicly and brutally crushed by the cruel merciless vigilantes of Perverted Justice, in the act that made the pedo hunters heroes of the Conservative Revolution.

The Fujoshi at Bremerton High School universally acknowledge Shira as their leader. For Shira is special. Alone among all the Fujoshi, she has the Charmer power that allows her to seduce beautiful boys into making love to one another for the pleasure of squeeing girls. The city’s dire political situation gives them the perfect chance to make the boys act out their desires.

In the boys’ locker room next to the pool, sixteen students of both sexes shower together with little chance of getting caught. In the gym locker rooms, the football team are changing into their bulky uniforms and the cheerleaders are switching into the workout clothes they will wear in their practice in the gym, while in the girls” pool locker room Charmian showers alone. No one thinks to check for anybody in the pool locker rooms. Girls present: Shira, Jennifer, Karen, Leila, Fiona, Polly, Brandi, and Mimi; boys present: Connor, Cory, Rob, Kio, Steve, Kenny, Eddie, and Dexter. They all stare at each other’s beautiful naked bodies. Most of them are gleeful about it or treat it as a perfectly normal situation, but a few are still quite embarrassed.

“Why are you looking at me, Cory?” asks Dexter, blushing.

“You’re beautiful, Dex. Everybody’s looking at you.”

“C’mon, Dex,” Shira adds. “Everybody looks at you in the boys’ locker room, and you were never embarrassed at that, not that I could tell. I think it’s the girls.” She winks. Dexter rolls his eyes and blushes deeper.

“I love this,” says Polly. “We should do this a lot more often. Everybody here’s so beautiful.”

“It’s not that we’re so pretty, it’s that people need to be naked together a lot more.”

“So how come we’re not?”

“If we were, armies of priests and vice cops would be out of work and probably joining gangs.” Everybody laughs except Shira, who remains deadpan.

Dexter turns off his shower nozzle and hastens to the towels. He picks a towel and starts drying off. “Sorry I gotta ditch this party, but there’s football practice today and I gotta get in uniform before coach finds out.” He throws his wet towel into the bin, goes to his locker, and dresses in T-shirt and athletic tights.

Karen finishes her shower and takes a towel. “The cheerleading squad’s got practice tonight, so I’ve gotta run too.” She changes into her gym clothes and meets Dexter at the door. They embrace, share a kiss, and walk arm in arm out the door.

“Woo!” squeals Cory. Everybody turns their attention to him as Eddie runs his soapy hands up and down Cory’s bare backside and makes him giggle like a girl. All the girls cheer him on except Mimi, who stares wide-eyed and blushes furiously.

“Oh my god what are you doing?” she squeaks. She flees the shower, grabs a towel, and hides from the sight.

Kio stares at them suspiciously. “This is too much.” He turns off his shower and leaves to dry off with Mimi. They dress as fast as they can, then quickly walk arm in arm out the door.

“Well, I guess that leaves the rest of us,” says Shira. “Now that they’re gone, let’s pair up.”

Eddie holds Cory tight from behind. Cory’s erect penis tells everybody it turns him on. When Eddie kisses him on the cheek and shoulder, he says, “Turn me around. You’re kissing me wrong.” Eddie lets him spin around so they can hold each other tight. They look into each other’s eyes for a second. Then they kiss each other lustfully. The girls scream their approval.

Connor says to Rob, “I wanna pair up with you.” Jennifer is especially ecstatic to see her brother soapily caress his body. Rob melts into his arms. Connor washes his genitals so the squealing girls can see it, scrubbing his erect member and uncut foreskin and gently caressing his tender testicles. After washing the soap off, he soaps up and washes his backside, making sure to give extra attention to his beautiful butt, caressing and squeezing it.

Shira and Leila, Jennifer and Brandi, Fiona and Polly, Steve and Kenny all pair up and wash each other eagerly. The others giggle and squeal and play with each other’s bodies, but Shira and Leila wash each other and make love to each other with their hands like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

After they dry off, Shira takes Leila into her arms and holds her tight. She winks at the boys and says, “Now, boys, you have to kiss each other just like this.” She puts her fingers gently through Leila’s hair, looks her deep into her adoring eyes, and then gives her a long passionate kiss. The delighted boys hoot and howl. Then the girls turn to face the boys arm in arm. “Now it’s your turn. Who’s first?”

Everybody looks at Rob. Rob blushes and flinches. “No. Oh, no...”

“Oh yes, yes, yes!” Leila begs.

“You have to,” says Jennifer.

Shira clasps her hands and jumps up and down. “Please do it for us!”

Polly ducks behind the next bank of lockers and covers her eyes. “Oh my god I can’t bear to watch—”

Connor puts his hands on Rob’s shoulders and smiles into his eyes. “Please, Rob? Let me kiss you, if only for the girls.”

Rob breathes deep and sighs. “Okay.” He grins wide and blushes. “But make sure you kiss me like I’m the hottest girl in the world.”

Connor looks at Rob’s body and says, “God, you’re so beautiful. I think you’re prettier than most of the girls.” He holds Rob tight and gently kisses him on the lips. Rob returns his kiss with passion, startling him.

Jennifer squeals, “Oh my god, yes!” Leila sighs ecstatically at the sight of her and Jennifer’s brother as the two beautiful boys kiss. Jennifer comes up to them and says, “You two are my dream couple. You’re so gorgeous together! Will you be a couple” Please?”

“Please do it. We’ll worship you forever,” Leila pleads.

Rob blushes; he looks at Jennifer, then Connor, then Jennifer again. “You mean... you mean we should be lovers?”

“You already are lovers now. Connor,“ Jennifer replies. “If you promise , you’ll make us the happiest sisters in the world.”

“But Jen,” Connor protests, “I’ve already got a girlfriend.”

Rob takes him into his arms and says, “Connor, I’m your girlfriend now.” He kisses Connor with all the passion he can muster, making him blush furiously, and the girls scream again. “Yes! Yes!” the girls exult.

Cory protests, “But I thought he was my girlfriend!”

Connor holds Rob tight and looks at Cory with mock jealousy. “Our sisters want us to be a couple, and since we worship our sisters without reason, what they say goes.”

Rob winks at Cory, then says to Connor, “From now on, I’m your girl forever.”

Cory shrugs. “Have it their way, then.” As Rob and Connor kiss each other passionately again to the girls’ delight, he goes back to Eddie, who has Steve and Ken lying face down on the benches and squeezes a tube of lubricant into Ken’s behind. “Can I have a virgin?”

Eddie tosses the lube tube to him and winks. “Go ahead.”

Steve trembles in fear and anticipation. Cory asks, “You ready?” He nods. Cory kisses him on the lips, then caresses his soft pretty buttocks and bends down to kiss them.

Jennifer, Leila, Shira, and Fiona smile at Connor and Rob wickedly. Polly peeks out from behind the next bank of lockers. Shira says, “Now you need to make love to each other, right here, for us.”

“If you do,” purrs Leila, “we’ll give you a special reward.”

“We’ll make love to each other just for you,” adds Jennifer, “if you make love to each other for us.”

Cory and Eddie have inserted their penises all the way into Steve and Ken’s butts. Eddie coaches, “Now squeeze as hard as you can whenever we pull out.” Steve and Ken nod. The boys on top slowly pull out, making the boys on bottom scream from the overwhelming sensation; then they push back in...

Connor and Rob look at the other boys, then each other, and finally the girls. Connor says, “Okay.” Rob nods. He offers Connor his beautiful arse; Connor slips in his cock and gently works it all the way in. The girls scream their approval. Cheered on by the ecstatic girls, Connor pounds into Rob, Rob joyfully crushes Connor, they drive each other screaming into intense ecstatic climax. Once it’s the girls’ turn, Shira and Jennifer drop to their knees to kiss and suck Leila’s pretty breasts and nibble her hard conical nipples, making her moan softly, as Fiona runs off to find Polly...

When the twelve of them get dressed and leave the boys” pool locker room, they do not embrace or hold hands or go arm in arm. But Charmian confronts them unsmilingly by the pool with folded arms and accusing glare, assuming they’ve had some kind of forbidden liaison. “You guys look like you’ve been having fun you’re not supposed to have. What was it?”

Jennifer crosses her arms and scolds, “You listen to too many silly rumors, Charmian.”

Leila scornfully sings, “I think she’s assuming again.”

What is it?!&rdquo demands Charmian.

Shira leans too close to Charmian and gives her a lustful sidelong look, making her blush and back away. “Charms darling,” she purrs, “if we tell you, we’ll have to kill you.” She kisses Charmian on the cheek and winks.

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