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Spanner 13.3: New Weapons

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Chaos Angel Spanner — Chapter 13: The Battle of Evergreen Park
Part 3: New Weapons (Revision 2)

1 october 2014.
before class.
“Stan’s coming, pass it on, don’t tell Bart,” whispers Jennifer into Cory’s ear. Cory winks and makes haste to tell Kio across the cafeteria.

Dorian steps in front of Shira and Jennifer with her arms crossed. “And why are you two not coming to watch our game tonight?”

Shira says, “Sorry, but that was the only good time we could find to get a gazebo for our team picnic. We’ll keep track online, at least.”

“You’re missing a good thing, I swear.” She flounces off.

library While the rest of the student body talk, eat, flirt, and rush to homeroom, the Team Bremelo picnic planners meet in one of the study rooms.

“Copbots?” asks Jennifer skeptically.

“Yeah,” Shira replies, “copbots. Out for testing, running Windows, oh so hackable. JT even sent me rootkits.”

“Question is, how do you get ’em in?”

“You think you can take care of that?”

Jennifer grins. “That’s the easy part. Leave it to me.”

Cory says, “Now for the hard part.”

“Fending off Stanley, his gang, their Shepherd, and his church ladies without causing a big to-do in the Party,” Shira replies.

“We’re confident you’ve got the right spin for that,” adds Kio, “right, Shira?”

Shira looks up and sideways in thought. “Let’s see... how about Scofield stole those bots from the cops to carry out a petty personal vendetta against a certain final girl who laughed at him when he ordered her to have his babies?” Jennifer blushes and giggles uncontrollably; the others laugh. “As for Stan and his moral bullyboys, we’re expecting ’em to throw us their Challenge, and as a self-respecting championship fight club, we can’t possibly turn those losers down.”

“I have my doubts about Scofield, though,” says Leila ominously.

“How so, darling?”

“Remember Oliver, who you stopped me from killing? Scofield’s his pastor, and he’s got close connections to my grandfather. You took out his most beloved slasher with your beautiful arse — which was a thing of beauty in itself — and we should expect him to take it out on us.”

Polly gasps. “You don’t mean he’s got the Travelling Shovel of Death, do you?”

“Oh, that’s just a tool,” Shira assures her, “and tools can always be taken away.” She winks.

“What about Team Valiant?” asks Rob. “Will Bart be joining his brother?”

“No. Game tonight, remember? They got their positions in the hierarchy to keep up, after all.”

Leila says, “Okay, back to the copbots. How on earth are we going to fight those?”

Shira looks into her eyes for a pause. “We could steal your ex’s shovel from his pastor and use it on ’em in creative ways.” She looks at Jennifer. “But I think we need to use more clandestine means.”

“Strike at the brain,” says Jennifer, “and the body goes with it.” She winks at Leila.

Suddenly the homeroom bell rings. Shira blurts, “Whoops! Meeting adjourned!” The Bremeloes hastily pick up their backpacks, rush out of the library, and scatter to their homerooms.

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